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Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother Review: How to Use it


Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother Review: How to Use it

Hi Ladies, I wanted to share an honest review of the Olaplex No. 6 that I have been using for the past few months now after my hairstylist recommending it to me. And in this post, I am sharing my thoughts on the product and at the end sharing some common mistakes you should avoid, and how to use it properly to get the best results. 

I also use Olaplex No. 3 in my hair care routine, so I do trust the brand to come up with great products in general. I had also shared my thoughts on Olaplex No. 3. If you are interested and looking for an at home hair repair treatment. Then definitely check it out.

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What Made me Buy It?

After almost a year of not cutting my fine hair thanks to we know what, I didn’t see much growth in my hair which was unusual. My hair always grew fast, but then it didn’t. I started blaming getting older.

But when I visited my hairstylist finally, she did point out that because I style my hair daily, the heat protectant is really not doing me any good. This is causing my hair to break. And she recommended the product. 

Since, I believe in the brand, I immediately ordered it off Sephora, so I can start incorporating it in my daily haircare routine.

How Does The Product Feel?

Unlike Olaplex No. 3, No. 6 is thicker in consistency. Its like tooth paste in softer texture. I usually take out only a little bit and apply it in my hair. The color is whitish, and I thought it would show, but it actually blends very well onto my hair. 

I was also surprised that the bond smoother has a stickier consistency compared to other leave in conditioners or heat protectants that come in sprays or liquid form.

But after reading the instructions , I understood why, the recommendation is not to over use the product. Hence to minimize that, they probably came up with this consistency.  

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Value for Price

The Olaplex Bond Smoother costs the same as Olaplex No. 3 at $28 for 3.3 oz (100 ml) bottle. So, this was no surprise for me. But since I have medium hair and I only use as much as I need which is not a lot, and I haven’t even gotten to the half of the bottle. 

So I can say this bottle will last me for at least 4 months, which is an awesome deal for $28. Now, this again depends on the frequency of your use and what is your hair density and hair length.

The Result

There were a few things I wanted to be addressed or this product to help me with. 

  1. My hair is really frizzy, hence I use leave in conditioners even after using conditioner. So, I really wanted a product to do that for me. 
  2. My ends were breaking because of all the heat styling I do. So, I wanted it to protect my hair.
  3. I wanted a better hair drying experience. My hair takes a lot of time to dry and the roots puff up after every session. Its really frustrating, so I wanted the bond smoother to fix it. 


Before Using Olaplex No. 6

Below is the shot of my hair right after I blow dried my hair after washing it without Olaplex No. 6.  I used a regular heat protectant and leave in conditioner. I am also sharing the look after I comb my hair. 

Clearly, I could not leave my hair like that even if I wanted to, so I style it, pretty much everyday.

After Blow Dry


After Using Olaplex No. 6

After Blow Dry


Overall Thoughts

For someone who struggles with frizzy hair, this is amazing. I love how my hair instantly smoothens and it feels much better. My split ends have also reduced quite a bit. It does look and feel healthier for sure. 

I also have oily scalp, which means that my hair gets oily pretty fast, that has gotten worse. Not sure whether the reason is me being at home and not in AC at work all day. Or me touching my hair a lot. 

After curling my hair, it still feels smoother and soft and I do see a shine in my hair which I had lost earlier. I still style my hair almost everyday, so I can say that this product has only helped me. 

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How I Use It

Step 1

After wash and towel drying my hair, I take a little bit of the olaplaex no. 6. The bottle is pretty tight, which actually helps with controlling how much you should take out. This is a bonus for me, because I am always in a hurry and sometimes don’t bother paying attention to all this.

Step 2

I rub the product in my hand to spread it and apply it half way from my hair to my ends. I do not apply this to my scalp or to the hair closer to my roots. This is exactly what is recommended. 

Step 3

I blow dry my hair till its completely dry. This usually takes a few minutes. I usually blow-dry from root and then towards the end minimizing the exposure to the end. 

Step 4

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Apply on Wet Hair Only

This product is meant to be applied on wet hair only, because  of the consistency. The thick paste when applied on wet hair will spread out while blow drying with the water in the hair. 

If it was in liquid format, then we could probably get away with using it in dry hair. 

You Don't Need a Lot

As I mentioned earlier, the instructions specifically mention that you cannot use a lot of it. This probably because of the thickness of the lotion which can make your hair stickier or not so smooth. 

It is also quite oily in texture, which means if you apply a lot your hair will get oily. 

Don't Use it if You Don't Blow dry

The name itself says that its a styling product. So if you are using it, you need to dry your hair. Now, I haven’t used it otherwise. But I feel like it will probably not feel as smooth if you just air dry your hair. 

If you absolutely want to use it and don’t want to use a blow dryer, I suggest use a simple fan which will have no heat so you are not worried about heat damage. 

Where To Shop

Here are some places you can shop and you can also setup a subscription so you never run out of the serum.

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