Chloe Woody Logo Slides Review – Why They Are The Only Summer Slides I Will Ever Need

Chloe Woody Logo Slides Review – Why They Are The Only Summer Slides I Will Ever Need

I am so excited for spring and summer because I really want to wear my Chloe Woody slides again. I have been wearing it for more than 2 years and wanted to share my honest review and my thoughts on why after wearing these, it might be the only summer slides you will ever need.

If you are in the market for a nice decently priced designer summer slides to rock and stumbled upon the Chloe woody sandals, then this review might be something that will help you make the decision.

I am a tropics person. I love everything about warm weather, beaches. It just is something that I absolutely enjoy. So, for me summer footwear is an essential and something I get really excited about. 

But everyone is different and their interests are different, so I wanted to make this post also informative so that you make the most of your money. That is my motto here. 

What I am covering in this post

Should You Spend Money On a Designer Slide?

This is a question I honestly like to ask myself when I am making any substantial fashion purchase and not just designer ones. But if you want to be mindful about your designer shopping then I have a dedicated post for it.

Your Personal Taste

If you love wearing summer outfits and love pairing them with summer footwear and frequently wear slides or open toe sandals a lot, then you can definitely shop for something more expensive that will last you for more than just one year. 

For me, sandals are mandatory for summer. I completely pack away my boots when the weather gets a bit warm and start wearing all my summer sandals. This is just my style, so when I looked at the Chloe slides, I decided to upgrade my existing slides and have never looked back.

Your Personal Style

This is a bit different that what your taste are. Our choices and tastes change all the time, but for our day to day lives, we tend to have some go to styles, if your go to styles is always wearing sneakers, then you might not enjoy buying something super expensive and it will actually take you years before you can get your money’s worth.

My style is effortless chic, and I always end up with a feminine pair of footwear, so it completely made sense to upgrade to the Chloe woody slides.

Designer Price Comparison

Whenever, I want to buy any designer goods, I like to do a price comparison to check which brand is the most cost effective to buy and you SHOULD TOTALLY DO THIS.

Most Designers have similar style of manufacturing and quality control, and if you are going for European brands, they might be manufactured in the same factory. So why just go for the name.

So, when I bought the Chloe woody slides, I compared them with some top brands that had great slides. But since we are talking about it right now, let’s compare it with the current designer slides.

These were the only canvas slides I could find and you can clearly see the price difference and design difference. The Gucci one does no even look like a canvas slide. 

Make & Style

The Chloe Woody Slides soles are 100% leather and and looks really sturdy in terms of design. The slides have a very slight heel, but not a lot that will make you feel uncomfortable in the long run walking all day. 

The straps are 100% cotton and look really comfortable and sleek. I was pleasantly surprised by Chloe’s clean design of these slides. Usually as a bohemian brand they have more intricate details on most of their footwear as well, but this one is a very simple and clean design with the Chloe logo embedded on the canvas.

This is mot an embroidery but probably embossed, because the fabric itself is very lightweight and there are no weird bump.

Design Feel For Me

Because of the clean design, the footwear is easy to wear and maintain as well. I have had no issues so far in terms of any fabric pulling or anything. And I have taken it to places in the past 2 and 1/2 years. 

Complimenting Style

Since the design is really simple, and because I chose the white canvas, I literally wear them with anything and everything. It goes with all my summer outfits, beach looks, bikinis. But, I also think if I had bought the black one, it would also be the same for me. 


Hands down the best make of any designer pair. I have worn other designer footwear whose soles have worn down with more and more wear, but these slides still look new to me even after wearing the for more than 2 years. 

And that is why they are my most favorite pair.

They still look brand new after 2 and 1/2 years of wearing them on multiple travel destinations and beaches.

I have never gotten them fully wet, but I have walked in the after stepping out from the ocean or a pool, but the leather has had no problem. 

There are marks of my feet, but overall the leather looks fantastic and the sole has barely worn out. 

And the Canvas has also stayed intact without any fading in the sun.


I have walked miles in them, biked as wells for me they are really comfortable. But if you have a wider feet, I would recommend wearing them down before you can walk in them for longer time since the edge of the canvas may bite.


I am a size 7.5 US for sandals and 8 for boots, but I picked EU 38 for the slides and have no problem at all. I believe at the time Chloe was not manufacturing half sizes, but I think that has changed now. So, if you feel you are on the smaller spectrum or on a narrow side you should opt for 37.5 EU.


Honestly, if you have to be really delicate with any footwear, my suggestion is not buy them in the first place. The only thing I usually do after I am done wearing them, is to wipe the with a dry cloth and put them in the bag that it comes with to pack it away. I also do the same when I am traveling, which is a good way to keep your shoes packed compactly. 

Color Suggestion

If these are your first designer slides, I recommend buying the white one which will be really versatile in any wardrobe. 

My next choice of color would be the black one again because of the versatility of the piece.

I got mine from Farfetch where you can buy these slides Duty Free, so if you are interested in a pair and want to save some money, try them.

Shop Them Here

If you already own a pair, I would love to know what are your thoughts on them and which color you bought?

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