4 Best Black Boot Styles For Women – & What’s Not Worth It

We already know if there is something that we all own a lot of that is black boots. I think I always go for black boots if ever given an option and I always buy more. We all know why is that, they are the basic color that looks good in everything.  Dont you agree?

I love that I can wear it with anything and it goes well without doubt. Especially in winter we tend to go for darker colors, and black boots accentuate that style. While there are so many styles that you can buy for black boots, I want to share the best 4 styles that you should invest in and are value for money.


What I am covering in this post:

Chelsea Boots

I am so glad that these were my first pair of boots that I bought and I cant tell you how glad I was. These are the most comfortable and flattering styles out there and you honestly can never go wrong with a good pair of Chelsea boots. I currently own these Acne Studio Chelsea boots and I haven’t needed to buy anymore, they are really flattering and elongate my legs to make me look longer. 

Chelsea boots are slip style with elastics on the side which makes them comfortable to put on and slide out of. This is also a classic style of boots that have been there since the Victorian times, well I honestly can imagine a queen tying her boot laces. 

They go well with any kind of outfit, and hence they are the most versatile and a really essential pair to own.

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Pointy Heel Booties

You can also call them kitten heel booties. I honestly cannot wear really high heels anyways, so for me 3.5 inch is the max. This style of boots are perfect special occasion wear. And I love the feeling of having a bit of heels that always looks dressier compared to flats. 

The side zip details adds a little luxurious look to the boots and makes it even more stylish and perfect for any special occasion. I call these my party booties, I wear them with leather skirt and tights to make it really chic and still keep my feet warm. 

And since these are blacks they go well with anything, so a girl cant complain. I find that pairing them with black skinny jeans, legging or tights makes my legs look really longer. I think its also because of the stiletto style heels.

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Combat Boots

These are yet another popular pair of boots that have become an essential in every Womens’ wardrobe. Now with designer brands also incorporating this style, its take a whole another level. I honestly dont own a black flat pair of combat boots, but I own one which is heeled. 

Why are they called combat boots. Pretty simple there were boots that soldiers wore to go to battles. And the design of the shoes speaks to that. There is a lot of exposed hardware details on the boots that gives it the style of the combat boots. The other distinguishing factor is the platform heels. Because of the platform heel, its more comfortable to walk on and also being able to do other activities. 

I really love mine which I bought last year from Steve Madden, they look really badass, and stylish and mean business. The silver buckle detail gives a strong masculine touch to the boots and the platform heel is really comfortable to walk in.

I have walked so much in them and I haven’t complained at all. Now, I like to look really tall in boots, so these are perfect for me. But if you dont mind flats, then combat boots are definitely the most comfortable pair of boots to own and wear.

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Tall Boots

These are not over the knee boots, I will get to those in a bit. But these are tall boots that sit lower to your knees, but cover all of your calves, so give optimal coziness. And these are the only style of boots that I truly love for tall boots. 

The length makes them comfortable to walk, run and sit and do other activities. And when I look at and footwear, comfort is the first thing that comes to my mind. And this length of boots are really comfortable and are functional as well. You can wear them with skirts, dresses, skinny jeans and wide leg jeans as well, which clearly signifies the versatility of the boots. 

You can either pick flat boots, but when I do buy tall boots, I go for a little heel and these ones from Sam Edelman have around 3 inch platform heels, but because of the wider bottoms, these are absolutely comfortable and stylish. The front portion does not really matter in this style as much. 

I picked these ones which are square toe styles, but I also love pointy toes. They would elongate your leg even more. 

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Black Boot Styles that You Really Dont Need

These ones are the ones that I have bought, made some expensive mistakes as well, but well we all learn from them dont we. 

Over the knee boots

These are really a waste of money. Dont get me wrong, they look really stylish and sultry. But that is about it. These boots are really annoying to put on and walk around all day.  Most brands make them in just a specific calf width, but our legs are not the same, so they often slide down and lets me be honest, its not worth thinking about your boot lace all day long or all night if you are at a party.

Even if you do decide to go for those skin fit ones, you can only wear them with skirts and dresses, which does not make them an essential. 

Sock Booties

This was a huge trend last year, and probably will come back this year. They do look really good. But again a style which is really limits your outfit choices. There is another weird thing that I noticed after making an expensive purchase. They make your feet look smaller. 

I already have a proportionally smaller feet, and it looks worse with those booties. They only way you can balance out that is by wearing flare jeans, which well defeats the whole purpose. 

If you have a different thought about them, I would love to know.

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Hope this post was helpful, let me know how many of the essential pairs do you own. As I always say, A girl can never have enough black shoes.

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