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Dressing Guide for Women in Tech: What To Wear For Success At Work


Dressing Guide for Women in Tech: What To Wear For Success At Work

Are you joining a tech company or switch your career into tech? And wondering what to wear to work so you don’t feel out of place. Or you don’t look sloppy and not taken seriously. 

In this blog post, I am sharing what to wear to work in a tech company. A simple essential guide depending on what your exact industry and type of company is. 

Yes, you heard that right, not all tech companies have the same dress code. 

So, let’s get into it. 

Know What is The Tech Company Industry Type

Not all tech companies are the same. And it’s important you need to know what your tech companies industry type is. 

Lets me explain:

  • B2C Tech Companies: Companies like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and companies like them who sell products direct to consumer would come in this category. These companies rarely actually meet their clients /customers in person. The only encounter would be in retail space. And most of retail employees wear uniforms. 
  • B2B Tech Companies: Companies like Intel, Nvidia, Adobe and so on have consumers who are also companies or businesses. Most employees in these types of the companies have a way of talking to the customers directly.
  • Tech Consulting Companies: Companies like  Mckinsey, Deloitte, Cognizant, Wipro and so on are the companies who advise and provide services to companies. And the dress code for these companies are usually business casual to smart casual.

Most B2B tech employees dress more conservative smart or business casual. Because they do meet customers, or engage with press or media. 

Most B2C tech employees have a fluid smart casual dress code. Checkout the blog post I wrote on the difference between smart casual and business casual

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Know What Organization You Work For In The Company

While we can generalize the dress code based on the type of tech company you work for, the dress codes also vary between organization.

  • If you work in marketing or sales, you will need to dress up a bit. 
  • If you work in engineering, or support you may get away with more casual dressing. 
  • If you are in Communications, you still need to dress up to be presentable.

So, the dress code or what you can or cannot wear will depend on the org you work in as well as the type of industry. 

You definitely should consider all of the above when deciding what to wear or even shop for work. 

Tech Company Capsule Wardrobe For Women

If you are here, you want to dress to build a great work rapport with your co workers and executives. 

So, you need to still dress to look smart, sophisticated and conservative so people take you seriously. While conservative is a subjective term, and a lot of you won’t agree with me here. I want to emphasize that in most tech companies, specially in engineering roles, you have a majority men vs women amongst your co workers. 

You don’t want to wear something really revealing that will draw attention to your body not the hard work you are doing. Yes, I am policing you, but once you rich that height in your career, you can then decide what to wear. 

Button Down Shirts

Pick relaxed fit button down shirts not oversized. This way you can wear them casually or create a sophisticated look as well.

Straight Leg Jeans

These look way more professional in spring, summer fall than skinny jeans. And if you pick ankle length, you can wear sneaker easily.

Wide Leg Jeans

These are perfect for a more elevated look. But you don’t need a lot of these.

Short Sleeve Sweaters

This is perfect for interim weather like spring and fall when tshirts are too thin, but full sleeve sweaters will make you to hot.

Collared Tshirts

These are perfect for elevated style and you can easily get away with wearing a tshirt and looking professional.

Crewneck Sweaters

These basic sweaters are great base and layering piece for cold weather. Just make sure you buy a relaxed fit one.

Wide Leg Pants

While these look very corporate formals, they can be dressed down with tees and tops and you can wear them with shirts for important business meetings.

Pleated Skirts

This is not a must have, but it can add variety to your wardrobe. And you can wear them with sneakers for a casual but chic look.

Relaxed Blazers

Single breasted or relaxed double breasted blazers are perfect for a smart casual look.


Loafers are a great alternative to all the casual footwear as they add some structure to even a basic outfit.

White Leather Sneakers

These are great for daily wear and also look professional for work. (No Running shoes please).

Ankle Boots

You can pick black, brown and white ankle boots that will go with everything in your work wardrobe. 

Loafer Mules

These are perfect casual alternatives to ballet flats but they don’t look casual. 

This is like the basics of your smart casual capsule wardrobe. You can pair it with some fun pieces that still looks professional. Like a printed shirt or a silk blouse. This way you change your outfits while still look elevated and stylish. 

Without looking over the top. 

Why Trust Us:

I have been working tech industry for more than 18 years and have worked on all kinds of tech companies. And met people in the company in different organization within these companies. So, its simple as that, as a fashion enthusiast I focus on some of these things.

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