Vintage Style Spring Dress with Bold Floral Prints

Vintage Style Spring Dress with Bold Floral Prints


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Vintage Style Spring Dress with Bold Floral Prints

I have long longed for dresses that defy everything about modern fashion. Spring time feels like the perfect time to wear gorgeous vibrant dresses to celebrate the warmth in the air and finally coming out of layers of clothes. Its the time to rejoice, the bloom of spring flowers and the budding pf everything new. And I love celebrating it with a pretty dress. And Yes, even though my style is classic modern, I have always fancied the vintage style of dresses. And I know we probably are not strong enough for those dresses, hahaha! You know what I mean! I love the silhouette of the dresses, the feminine style but with so much power in it. You feel feminine and powerful with your poise and elegance. This is my definition of a perfect dress which brings the best of all worlds, capturing the true essence of a woman. When I saw this dress, thats how I felt, I have to be honest, when I saw this dress online, I didnt think I would fit in it perfectly, the dress had an hour glass silhouette which I totally dont have. But when I put the dress on, I knew I am going to be in love with this dress and it has to stay in my closet. The dress fit like a glove and more so, the prints reminded me of the vintage style dresses that I so craved wearing.

The dress actually brought out the feminine aspect of my style, and I was so excited for it. I was looking for lavender print for spring which is such a big trend right now but I still wanted to have a little neutral tone to my look so that, I can wear the dress in different ways. And the cream base color of the dress does that. I love the frills at the bottom which creates a more of an illusion of curves that I need. The Square neck pattern adds more vintage drama to the outfit which also helps if you have more female parts than hips. It balances the whole silhouette of your body. I am always attracted to the square neck or neck styles that look similar. The buttons from hips to the top makes it really easy to wear and sometimes really painful to button and unbutton, but there is security in thinking that through the fit, the buttons will keep everything secure. And I think the stitching works amazingly because of the buttons.


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This dress demanded, an updo, hahaha! I had initially tried it with my hair loose, but it didn’t do the justice that the hairdo did, so I created a messy hair pony tail and added a beret and I was ready for Sunday brunch or a garden party. I was really excited for the first time for a dress and my husband might have heard a lot of it. Its the mix of feminine silhouette and the bold floral prints that got me excited to purchase this dress from Asos. I normally, doubt the quality of a dress from ASOS, and not because of the brand because of it not being too expensive for the quality. But then, its rare that you would hit a jackpot with a clothing piece that is just correctly priced for its quality. I think, the style of the garment really complimented the pattern and thats what got me excited and also sold on the piece. I know we hear a lot of time that we should ignore big prints that make a garment cheap, I think this garment completely defied that which means that in terms of prints, you really have to be picky and decide if the print itself looks pretty and High quality, which I have to say some of the dont.

The simple daisy print of this fabric makes it super luxurious with its simplicity. And it also helps that the prints have just one color with a hint of another in it rather than multiple colors that usually creates a clutter and makes the outfit look busy and often times bulky, which you should completely avoid. And the lavender color of the prints make it perfect for spring! My only regret was that I was missing a hat which have complete the whole, but then I guess I would have been worried about my hair getting messier. Hahaha! Overall, I would be wearing this dress quite a lot and shopping for some similar patterns.


What Do you guys think about this silhouette? Are you a spring dress person? or Would you prefer staying in separates? I have linked some gorgeous spring dresses with bold patterns for you. Let me know which one is your favorite.

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