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What To Wear To Hide Muffin Top Without Baggy Clothes


What To Wear To Hide Muffin Top Without Baggy Clothes - Blog Banner

Wondering how to hide your muffin top in your outfits? Or are you wondering why you even get them in the first place? You might be styling your clothes wrong, or wearing the wrong clothes to begin with.


In this post, I am sharing all of the styling tips and what to wear to hide muffin top or stop creating muffin tops in the first place. And you don’t have to wear oversized clothes at all.

What Causes Muffin Top?

Muffin top is the excess fat as they call it around the lower waist area that gives the appearance of a muffin. Hence, the term muffin top.

Having a natural soft belly area is absolutely fine. No one is born with six pack abs. And it’s not really sustainable either. As an average woman, I also have a soft stomach section. 

Now because I have that, there are two ways I can get muffin top in any outfit:

  1. If you are wearing a really tight top that hugs your ribcage area really tight. This will cause all the excess flesh to be pushed down and can get you the muffin top look even if you are wearing a properly fitted bottom.
  2. This also happens the other way round. If you have a tight bottom like pants or skirts, even if it’s high waisted, it could create muffin top. 

It does not matter whether you are skinny or fat, these style mistakes can make you have a muffin top in outfits.


How to Hide Muffin Top Without Shapewear?

You don’t need to always wear shape wear to hide your muffin top. Here are some ways you can avoid creating a muffin top.

Ditch the Elastic band underwear

This is the biggest reason you might be getting muffin tops. I simply hate underwear who have elastic bands. They are uncomfortable and often at the end of the day leave marks around your hip because of the tight elastic. 

And if you have a little bit of belly pooch. They will create the muffin top.

Wear seamless underwear instead. There are plenty of brands that have it.

I have been wearing the Calvin Klein seamless underwear for years now. And they almost feel like nothing. They are soft lightweight and come in so many colors as well. They also come in brief and thong versions as well.

These are a game changer.

Stop Wearing Low Waisted Jeans

I know low waisted trend is back, but if you don’t have the perfect flat abs, they will create a muffin top. 

Once you buckle up the jeans, all the excess flesh is going to show up above the waistline creating the classic muffin top. 

The best alternatives are mid waisted or high waisted jeans. These will keep everything intact and since they sit higher on the waist, there is no muffin top situation. 

Now, I have also some cool tips of how you can wear high waisted jeans even if you have a belly pooch, which will help you not feel uncomfortable in high waisted jeans.

Low waisted jeans creating muffin top

Don't Wear Skinny Jeans

If you have a lot of flesh around the stomach area and you wear skinny jeans, no matter how stretchy the jeans is, its going to create a section somewhere around your waist that will have a pooch. 

This will happen even if you wear high waisted jeans. No instead of the low waisted muffin top, you will have a mid waisted muffin top. or a ribcage muffin top.

The better solution is to wear a straight leg jeans or wide leg jeans that are comfortable and not going to squish your bottom part of the body.

Don't Wear Tight Crop Tops

I think you don’t do this, but if you do, then you now know why you are getting the muffin top.

Now, this does not stop at crop tops, if you blouse or top does not fall below your hip or it hits right at the waist, it can also cause belly pooch or muffin top.

This is a common reason, really fitted tops or shirts make you look fat too.

How to Hide Muffin Top In Jeans, Pants or Skirts?

I have already shared tips on what jeans you should wear if you want to avoid a muffin top all together.

You can use the same principle for skirts and pants as well.

Now, if you naturally dont have a muffin top and you experience this when you wear any kind of bottoms, then you need shape wear tops.

Wear Contouring Bodysuit

Express has the best styles of contour bodysuits that will keep everything snatched and intact and your waist will look smooth and nice. 

This is the perfect alternative to summer denim or bottom looks where you want to wear tops that are breathable with jackets.

The best part is that you can wear them like regular tops.

Wear Contouring Tanks

If you want to wear a cute blouse of shirt but want to hide your belly pooch, try shaping tanks. These are specially made to smooth out sides and eliminate any visible muffin top or pooches.

Honeylove is known for its famous shaping camisoles and tank tops that you can wear underneath any t-shirt or top or even dresses to give a defined shape to your body.

How to Hide Muffin Top In Dresses?

If you are getting a muffin top in dresses, you are probably not wearing the right style of dresses to begin with. In that case, checkout my guide of summer dresses that will hide your muffin top.

But if you want to wear a tight dress, then you need to wear a shaper. 

I found a tummy control shaper from Amazon that is comfortable and does not dig into my skin because its seamless at the top.

This will help keep everything underneath seamless as well.  You can easily wear it under knit dresses and shirt dresses that are more fitted.

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