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What To Wear On A City Getaway In Winter To Be Warm And Stylish


What To Wear On A City Getaway In Winter To Be Warm And Stylish

Winter city getaways can be a stylish adventure, but figuring out what to wear can be a challenge. We’ve got you covered with chic looks and a packing guide to keep you warm and fashionable during your winter escape. Whether you’re exploring the streets or sipping hot cocoa at a café, we’ll help you put together the perfect winter wardrobe for your city getaway.

If you are someone who thinks sneakers and joggers or leggings are the extent of travel outfits? This post will help you elevate your travel style specially for city break trips.

You want to blend in to actually enjoy your surrounding. And if you are going to a city, you are just not doing site seeing, you also want to go do things that city folks do. Some of them would be fancy dining, museum, theaters, local clubs and so on. And you want to dress for the occasion.

A Structured Wool Coat

If you have been going on these city getaway trips, you know how folks dress there. Their outfits are much more sophisticated and not laidback. And a structured wool coat can instantly give you that look. 

And the best part, you can wear this as an outerwear in the airplane too. So no need to worry about packing the heavy coat. And they will also elevate your airplane looks

Now, you can either wear a black, or white coat that goes with everything or, you can wear a plaid coat that looks even more sophisticated. If you are someone who loves solid sweaters or goes all black, a plaid coat can elevate your outfit.

You can wear this coat for all fancy dinners, theatre visits or museum visits where you want to look sophisticated. Even though you are wearing casual clothes, it will help you elevate your outfits and give you a city look. 

This way you can enjoy your time and not be worried about whether you are dressed appropriately.

Packable Puffer for Snow or Rain

City Break Essential - Packable Puffer Coat
by @tuesdayparazo

Base Layers - If Its Too Cold

This is really important if it’s snowing. But even if it’s not, if you are roaming outside in the cold a simple pair of jeans will not keep you warm. You need to be able to feel comfortable to actually enjoy your time. 

I have been to cities where it’s snowing and after a few yards of walking I could not feel my legs. So base layers are important to keep you cozy. 

Now, depending on how many days you are staying, you need to keep enough. Since these base layers keep you warm, they can get sweaty and you wouldn’t want to smell if you keep repeating them. 

Black Turtleneck

A good cashmere black turtleneck will not only keep you warm but it also looks classy. And all your casual outfits will instantly look luxe and sophisticated. And you look way more put together than you thing you are. 

That’s the beauty of a turtleneck. You can go all black, or wear it with colored bottoms and create so many different outfits.

Black Turtleneck Sweater
by @mariebnnz

Lightweight Sweater

You should also pack some lightweight sweaters that are not turtlenecks. This will give you more options and if it’s not too cold and you can get away with lightweight sweaters, wouldn’t you be glad you had them. 

This is where you can also incorporate your favorite shade to add some personality to your boring winter outfits. This will make you feel great about yourself and you would enjoy your time more. 

Sweater Dress

City Break Essential - Sweater Dress
by @ almost_readyblog

Leather Pants

Leather pants are perfect bottoms for cold weather and they also look really chic. They are warmer than jeans. And they look stylish. What can be better than that. 

And you don’t have to wear real leather pants for your city break outfit. Simply peak a good quality faux leather pants. And you would be good. 

Accessorize them if there are belt buckles and add boots to look sophisticated and stay cosy. And they can also become great bottoms for night time outfit.

Wide Leg Jeans - Classy Jeans

Instead of wearing skinny jeans, pick wide leg jeans. Your base layers will not be too tight. And you can wear bulky boots without  riding up your jeans. 

They also look classy and sophisticated. Now if you pick faux leather pants, you already have something black. So pick blue or even white depending on what you want to wear. 

They are also versatile shades and will look fun.

Weather Proof boots - Lug Sole

Whether it’s snowing or raining, you need weather proof boots that are non slippery. This way you can walk around the city comfortably and not worry about falling down. And lug sole boots either in combat boots style or Chelsea boots style would be perfect for the trip.

The grooved sole will make them non slippery and they will also look stylish. Honestly they are better than snow boots. 

I have walked in them in Park City, Utah without slipping a bit.

City Break Essential - Weather proof boots
by @caitlinarigreen

Cashmere Scarf

A good cashmere scarf that is going to keep you warm is essential for city travel. This you can not only use during the day for additional coziness, you can also wear it with your night time looks. They will keep you warm in the chill of the night. 

Plus they add more detail to your outfit. It’s hard to accessorize in the cold weather, but a scarf adds a much needed detail. 

City Break Essential - Cashmere scarf

Beanie - Fancier One

Leather Gloves

Instead of regular gloves or those ugly chunk gloves you should own a pair of good quality leather gloves. These will add a luxe touch to your overall outfit. And will give your city break outfit an urban look. 

And you don’t need to spend a fortune, a lot of shops carry good quality ones in a good price point.

If you are like me who always suffers with cold hands and feet, you need these for sure. 

City Break Essential - Leather gloves
by @fashionbymnp


Even if it’s snowing out there, you will need sunglasses. Winter sun is usually harsher and your eyes need protection. But sunglasses also elevate your overall outfits. They will hide any under eye bags. 

And all the photos you took in the city getaway will look nice.

City Break Essential - Sunglasses
by @leasy_inparis

Black Crossbody Bag

While shoulder bags, tote bags and even backpacks would seem great options, you need a bag that can be secured and will stay in front of you most of the time. No matter where you go in the city, there is a danger of theft. And we all know this. I am telling the from personal experience.

A good quality envelope style black crossbody bag will be perfect for all your site seeing. And because it’s black, you can wear it with all your outfits, day and night. 

So no need to carry another handbag. 

City Break Essential - Black crossbody bag
by @sam_sarah

Checkout the best designer crossbody bags that are timeless.


Whether it’s raining, snowing or its sunny umbrella will come in handy when you are walking for miles and miles. And you don’t need a grandpa umbrella. 

Just pick a compact one that you can fold and keep in your crossbody bag. 

Thermal Socks

No matter how cozy you are you need thick socks. You can wear them in the hotel room to keep your feet cozy. And you wear them with your boots to keep your feet cozy. Trust me they come in handy. 

Thermal socks are made to keep your feet warm. They are not chunky, so will work with boots.

Outfit ideas with these city break essentials:


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