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What To Wear To Look Chic On the Slopes for Ski Resort Trip


What To Wear To Look Chic On the Slopes for Ski Resort Trip

Ski season is here, and whether you ski or not, you might still find yourself in a ski resort. And why not! It looks so perfect and beautiful this time of the year. If this is your first time on a ski trip where you might head to the slope and trying your skiing skills or you just want to hang out watching skiers in the resort, this post is your style guide on what to wear on the ski trip as a first timer. 

Unlike other vacations destinations, a ski or snow destination requires proper clothing and gears that will keep you feeling cozy throughout your trip so you can enjoy it the most. There is nothing more worse if you cannot go out of your room in the night after ski trip because you only packed for skiing, or you can’t join your family for some fun beginner skiing because you don’t have the proper gear. 

This post will help you with that. 

What To Wear For Skiing First Time

Whether you are going skiing first time or this is your 10th time, these items are essentials to get on the slope and ski to stay cozy and comfortable. Because even though it might feel really effortless to see advance skiers, they are all wearing the right gears to look that way. 

So, let’s see what you need to wear if you are skiing the first time. 

Base Layers

It does not matter whether you are skiing for the first time or you are a pro, base layers are key to comfortable non freezing skiing experience. It gets really cold in the snow and for someone like me who does not have a lot of cold tolerance, base layers help keep the body warmth intact and also protect you from sudden sweating while you are skiing.

In the snow, it gets bone chilling while skiing as the breeze hits you when you are skiing. The base layer would help keep the cold breeze getting in. 

Base layers have to be opaque, this is my rule of thumb so they keep all the body heat in and not let any external cold breeze in.

Depending on what type of skiing or how much cold you can endure, you can either wear light weight, mid weight or heavy weight base layers. LL Bean makes some awesome base layers which are neutral and easy to style and layer. And they also come in petite, regular and plus sizes.

LL Bean Lightweight Base Layer - Top & Bottom

These lightweight 100% recycled polyester base layers are moisture wicking, so they dry quickly and are odor resistant. So you can wash and wear as many times as you want.

LL Bean Midweight Base Layer - Top & Bottom

The mid weight base layer is a blend of 54% polyester, 40% recycled polyester and 6% Elastane. It wicks away moisture and dries quickly for on-the-move comfort and treated with an anti-microbial finish to resist odor.

LL Bean Heavyweight Base Layer - Top & Bottom

The heavy weight base layer is made of 220-gram blend of 48% Repreve® recycled polyester, 48% polyester and 4% elastane. But they are also moisture wicking and odor resistant. 

Ski Pants

Ski pants are much easier to wear and layer compared to ski overalls. Its really uncomfortable to take out your jacket while wearing ski boots if you need to hit the restroom when wearing overalls. 

But if you wear ski pants, they are so easy to wear and take off as well and there is no difference in coziness between them. And yes, I recommend buying ski pants and not renting them. While a lot of people prefer rented ski pants since they think its not worth the investment if they never ski again, these ski pants are so uncomfortable and you will never find something that will fit you perfectly. 

Amazon and Asos has inexpensive Ski pants that are durable and stylish.

In terms of style, I prefer fit and flare style of ski pants which look flatter and also can be worn above the ski boots that are really bulky. And buy insulated ski pants. You won’t need to wear another layer underneath.

If you are thinking of picking the right color, black and white would be perfect, they will go with most ski boots you will rent and will look with colored jackets as well. You can keep and rewear these pants for years. 

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Light Weight Sweater

Instead of a chunky turtleneck, you should wear a lightweight sweater, you can still pick a turtleneck or a half zip up sweater that you can close to stay warm while skiing. You can add more interest to your outfit by trying fair isle sweaters or a fun ski sweater, but make sure its not oversized. Oversized sweaters can trap cold air and would be hard to move in when you layer a jacket on. Something that’s close to your body will make it easy to stay cozy and ski longer. 

You can also make it fun and fashionable, pick a ski specific sweater with fun prints or logos, and they will look so chic in photos. 

Ski Jacket

Don’t wear long puffer coats while skiing. Now if you are an advance skier, you can wear whatever you like, but if you are new to skiing or this is your first time, wearing something that is longer than hip length will make it uncomfortable to move around.   A hip length jacket will keep you warm and your ski pants will keep your legs warm. 

Its also good to pick a jacket with a detachable hood since you don’t want the wind to catch the hood and affect your skiing. You will be wearing a helmet or a beanie to protect your head anyways. And more importantly what if it snows while you are skiing, your hood will catch all the snow and get you wet. Yup, it has happened to me. 

I know personally that after wearing all those layers as a full chested woman, I look big, and my photos make it worse since I just look like a giant ball of mush. 

If you don’t want to look like a snowman while skiing, then wither pick a cropped length jacket, that gives you a waist definition or pick a jacket with waistband that will add a waist detail and make your ski outfit look stylish. 

Another trick that you can try is wearing contrasting jacket to your ski pants. It also works. 

What Ski Gears to Pack

As a beginner skier, you don’t need to invest in ski boots which are the most expensive. Most ski resorts will have boots and ski poles and skis to rent. So you dont have to worry about carrying them. But make sure that you arrive early, so you can get your size. 

Right Ski Socks

The right socks are really important for ski and if you are beginner, then its even more important. Ski boots are not comfortable specially if you are a first timer. They are worn tight from foot to low calf so that your feet is protected while skiing. If your shoes are loose, then tighten them or find the right size. 

Because these ski boots are tight and longer ankle length, its important that you wear socks that are mid calf length otherwise you have a chance of them falling down and you getting a nasty cut from the boots. 

And no your base layers won’t help. 

You also want your feet to stay warm and stay dry. Its the worst feeling when your foot gets sweaty and wet and you are freezing in those boots. So, avoid wearing thick fuzzy socks, instead pick athletic long socks that are moisture wicking and are meant to keep your feet dry. 

Columbia makes awesome socks that will keep you warm and dry while skiing. And I have been wearing them for years now. 

Ski Helmet

Another ski gear, I highly recommend buying specially when you can find some awesome quality from Amazon on good price point. But that is not the only reason. 

You want your ski helmet to fit you correctly and stay put. And if you are trying to rent one, you might not be always lucky in getting the right size. These ski helmets also have microbe padding for your ears and head to keep you warm, and dry if you sweat. Yup, you don’t want to wear someone else’s sweaty helmet do you. 

The one I have been wearing for years now are from amazon and they have kept me safe throughout my many falls while trying to ski. Found a similar one as its sold out in amazon. It has built in ear muffs and a ski goggles holder to keep your ski goggles from slipping.

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Ski Goggles

Ski goggles are an essential for skiing, no matter what you need them. The cold air will make your eyes watery and the sun will make it hard to see as the light reflects in the snow.  And even though you think sunglasses can do the trick, you want to make sure you protect your eyes from debris as well. 

Ski goggles have also become a style statement as brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chloe, Prada come up with their ski goggles every winter. 

But you don’t have to spend so much money on them, you can find some really chic ones from Amazon. Just make sure you pick the ones that reflect light and are anti fog

Odoland from Amazon makes really good ski goggles and they come in so many shades. I am wearing their White Frame Rose Lens.

Ski Goggles

You can’t wear just regular knitted gloves or leather gloves because they will slip. You need ski gloves that are padded for warmth and water proof material so, if they fall or you fall, they can still stay dry so you continue to ski. 

They also have hooks to hold your ski poles that comes real handy if you are a beginner skier and taking ski lessons. 

I would recommend go for basic black pairs that goes well with any kind of outfit. But if are wearing all white or wearing white ski pants, you can also pick white ones. 

Sharing two top sellers from Amazon. 

Here is a common mistake to avoid, please don’t wear mitten gloves. They are not at all functional and it makes skiing harder for beginners. 

What Do You Wear On A Ski Trip After Skiing

You don’t have to just ski in a ski resort and if you hate the idea of slipping and falling, there are plenty of other activities to do around a resort which involves snow without skiing. 

You can go sledging, or even play in the snow if you want and its equally fun. If you have really young kids who are not ready for skiing or you just want to relax and enjoy the snow instead of taking a ski lesson, then there are other activities the resort will offer too. 

But what do you wear for all these activities. 

What to Wear If You Are Playing In the Snow

You don’t have to just ski in a ski resort and if you hate the idea of slipping and falling, there are plenty of other activities to do around a resort which involves snow without skiing. 

You can go sledging, or even play in the snow if you want and its equally fun. If you have really young kids who are not ready for skiing or you just want to relax and enjoy the snow instead of taking a ski lesson, then there are other activities the resort will offer too. 

But what do you wear for all these activities. 

If you are sledging or playing in the snow, its good to still wear water proof gears that will keep you dry. Remember, you will feel cooler because you are not working out or doing intense physical activities, so wearing a heavy weight base layer, will turtleneck sweater will keep you warm. 

This is where you ski pants will come in handy to play in the snow. They will keep whatever you are wearing underneath dry so you don’t freeze while enjoying some fun in the snow. 

You should also use the ski gloves to keep your fingers warm and dry. 

While helmets are not needed, you still need to protect your ears from freezing. A cute beanie withe pom pom will look cute and will keep your head warm. And you also don’t need to worry about styling your hair. 

For Shoes, I recommend picking up black snow boots that will go with anything, whether you are wearing white or colored pants. Sorel is one of my favorite snow boots brands. You can find some good quality boots in good price point. 

Here is what to pay attention to if you want to look cute in your snow outfit, don’t pick multicolored boots, pick a neutral shade. You also should pay attention to the shape of the boots. I still prefer more structured boots style which I can  also wear when I am not in the snow. This makes your boots versatile, so you dont have to pack a lot of them. 

I also prefer ankle length because you can wear them with leggings and pants. 

What To Wear In the Ski Resort

If you are on the trip with your family, there will be days when you are not skiing or you have somewhere to go in the evening like a nice restaurant for dinner or just hand out around the resort. 

Most ski resorts have activities and areas in the resort for non skiers to enjoy during daytime and at night. This is where you can look cute and take those cute outfit photos. So what do you wear. 

Daytime Ski Resort Outfit

This is where your leather leggings come handy to layer above your base layers. If you are wearing a heavier and longer puffer coat, you can actually wear tights as a base layer too. They will keep your feet warm and your legs cozy but won’t add a lot of bulk to your leather leggings. 

You can also wear fleece lined leggings, Athleta makes some really good quality ones that you can layer over tights to look sleek and stylish. And the great part is that you don’t have to stick to just black leggings, you can also pick white ones. This way your legs dont look like a log. 

Footwear Option: You can create a stylish and comfortable outfit with tall black lug sole boots who have the traction in the sole for anti slip but they add some contrast and style to your outfit.

This is an easy way of layering but still looking cute.

Layering Accessories: Rather than just wearing sweater and puffer coat, you can add a classy touch by adding wool colored scarves and leather gloves. I love wearing fleece lined leather gloves that look classy and keep my fingers warm in the snow.

And leather gloves also make your fingers look slim and pretty.

Bags & Sunglasses: Finish the look with a cute leather bag and sunglasses and your outfit will look so chic and stylish. Yes, you can carry leather handbags. A good quality leather handbag will survive the extreme cold weather as long as you are not dipping it in water. 

I love colored sunglasses for my snow outfits because they add some much needed color to my black or white snow outfit. 

Night Time Ski Resort Outfit

Photo by @SarahChristine

You can follow the same formula for night time looks. But add some more variation with a colored beanie or all black outfit with black leggings. 

At night it will get colder, so making sure that you are wearing a belted puffer coat or a coat that cinches around the waistline is key to making you look structured and not like a bear. 

If you don’t have a belted puffer coat, then pick up a nylon belt that you can tie around the puffer coat to create 

For more on ski trip style for women, please read:

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