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Best Amazon Travel Must Haves of 2024 for Your Next Trip

Planning for your next trip already! Us Too! This post is all about best Amazon travel accessories, gadgets and organizers that you will need for your next trips. These gadgets are tried and tested and absolutely loved by us and we definitely recommend them to you. 

Whether you are going on a road trip,  a mini beach getaway or traveling for the long haul, you will need these items for a worry free trip. These gadgets will make your travel comfortable and they are of great quality, so you don’t have to just throw them away, you can keep it in one place and keep using them for all your trips.

*This post is all about the most use Amazon travel gadgets and organizers.

2022 was a great travel year for my family, we not only got to on some amazing road trips and weekend getaways , but also had some trips abroad. 

We travelled back to India and stayed for a month, to be with our family members. We also went on beach resort vacation to Jamaica. Let me know if you need any Information on them. But these travel tools and gadgets were most used by not only me but my family members and helped us with a great trip.

I also had some work trips where these tools came real handy. 

What are the Best Amazon Travel Items

Best Power Bank from Amazon

I use this power bank even when I am not traveling. Its portable and small so you can carry it in your small handbags as well. And fully charges an iPhone 14 pro max. But its cool that you buy in a set of black and white, so you remember which ones you used first and you will never run out of charge. 

And the cool thing is you can also charge your AirPods. I keep this in my work bag, so I can use it to charge my phone on the go. 

We have been using this for a year non stop and its still good as new. 

Best Luggage Hanging Weigh Scale from Amazon

If you are flying somewhere you need this compact luggage hanging weighing scale. It does not matter whether you have a carry on or not, you should still make sure you have a scale to measure your luggage. Crayon airlines, check cabin baggage weight too and this scale will come so much handy. 

Its lightweight, has an on and off switch, so your battery won’t die quickly but what sold me was the comfortable grip, which also ensures accurate measurements. I used to own a regular one, and the moment I saw this I had to buy it because of the grip security. 

Its so much more comfortable to hold the scale and use it, your arms stay steady so you are able to measure. 

Best Compact Lint Rollers from Amazon

Whether you are headed to a summer destination or a winter, you need to carry this lint roller. I used to forget this and you have no idea how many times, I had something fuzzy stuck to my black trousers that made me feel horrible. Now with these compact lint roller that do not stick to anything else in my travel bag, I don’t encounter those embarrassing moments. 

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This compact and colorful lint roller comes in a pack of 2, so you can put one in your travel kit and use the other one for your work and daily wear. 

The cover makes it easy to carry where you are not worried that it will stick to something inside your bag. Just peel away and clean away. 

Best Travel Steamer from Amazon

I was not a travel steamer gal till I got this one. Honestly this was sent over by the amazon seller, but once I used it, I could not go back. Now I always carry this to all of summer travel destinations, or trips where I have packed satin or silk garments that need a sensitive ironing. 

This steamer also comes in white, its so cute, and compact but works even better than the Conair full size hand held steamer. Its powerful yet compact. And presses all my linens, satins and silkwear. 

This is my best friend specially if I am headed to beach destination where I am mostly wearing cotton and linen as they look really bad without ironing and the hotel irons or even home irons don’t do justice. 

Best Portable Charging Outlet from Amazon

I used to carry a multiport charger before I bought these and now, I don’t want to go back. If you travel with family, you probably have millions of devices and gadgets to charge, phones, watches, tablets and so on. But even if you have a multi port charger you need a charger by your bed at night to charge your phone. This is where this dual USB charger comes in handy.

Its compact so you can put it in your handbag and use it to charge two phones, or your watch and phone  or your headphones and phone. 

Yup, you get the picture. This is an absolute must have if you are traveling. 

Best Portable Charging Outlet from Amazon

Going to a winter destination or you are wearing jackets or coats during your travel, you need a fabric shaver. While the lint roller can remove all lints from your garment, the shaver will remove any lifts or knitwear bubbling. So, if you are headed to a winter destination, you need this shaver. 

You can recharge it, so no need to pack batteries, and its light weight for travel. I have tried multiple shavers and this one is really easy to use. You have a push button to turn on and off and handle for easy gripping. What makes it better is its durability, the charge lasts a long time. 

What Are the Best Amazon Personal Care Items For Travel

Best Travel Makeup Mirror from Amazon

If you are going to a fancy star hotel, then you might not need it, but I still used it in Jamaica where my daughter and I had to get ready at the same time and we had one bathroom. I also used it on my trip to India to get ready for a wedding as the light at my parents home was not ideal for detailed makeup. 

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The closing flap keeps the mirror secure, and I packed it in my carry on too. Its chargeable, which makes it compact and helps with all your makeup. 

I was looking for a smaller makeup mirror, but I needed something that I can place anywhere and be able to do my makeup. 

Best Travel Trimmer from Amazon

I bought this during the beginning of pandemic as I stopped going to the salon to get my eyebrows done and now I have never looked back. But this precision trimmer is one of the most loved personal care item in the family that also comes real handy while I am traveling. 

I now have multiple of this for each of my family member, and I take it with me on travel to keep my eyebrows shapely and clean. If you have other facial hair, I highly recommend this because it gives a clean look instantly. And this tool lasts you for a long time. 

The tip is removable, so you can open and clean all the hair and its good to go. 

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Best Travel Trimmer from Amazon

Packing perfumes is tricky as you can’t take a big bottle in your cabin luggage and you are worried that the bottle might break in a check in bag. This is your answer my friend. The perfume atomizer helps you pack all your favorite perfumes without making your luggage heavy. 

I know perfume bottles can be heavy. You don’t have to stop there, you can also carry it with you in your handbag for a quick spray on a sunny sweaty day so you feel confident again. 

This way you buy a big bottle of your favorite perfume and fill up these atomizers to use it. 

Best Travel Trimmer from Amazon

This is not for everyone, but if you have grays like me and they grow out like weed and need to do a touch up while you are in a long trip, this leak proof root touch kit is perfect for you. 

My mother-in-law fell in love with this product so I had to gift her one too. Its really quick to dry and it feels like a marker on your hair, so whenever you need to you can do a quick touch on the go. 

Again another product that you can keep in your handbag and use it for travel too. The pen is extremely lightweight, so you dont have to worry about weight and its spill proof. 

What are The Best Amazon Travel Organizers

Best Travel Makeup Bag from Amazon

I have been using this makeup bag even before 2022 and cannot stop using it. This bag holds all my makeup and skincare products for travel along with my husbands. I know its on a bigger side, so if you are worried that this bag is too big, you can pack it in your check in bag worry free. The exterior is leak proof and cushioned, so all your makeup products will stay intact. 

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I took it to Vegas on United Airlines where I could checkin my luggage, and everything was intact when I opened it.

There are removable separators that you can change based on the side of the products you are putting in, so your beauty essentials stay put and are not completely squished. It also has brushes and a zipper compartment to hold any small items like hair ties and pins. 

I found a compact version of cosmetics bag in case you want to use that for carry on packing.

Something Useful For You

Best Travel Toiletry Hanging Bag from Amazon

This bag is handy and not too long like other hanging bags. But why I love it the most is because it does not expand completely, so you can stuff as much as possible and still hang it and use it. This way you can use this in bathrooms with less storage. 

The shower in Jamaica did not have shelves, so it was hard for me to use all my hair products while showing, I hung this bag in the door handle of the shower and used everything, Its waterproof and sturdy enough to keep everything dry inside. 

And it matches the makeup bag, how cute is that. 

Best Travel Jewelry Organizer from Amazon

Whether you are going on a long haul trip or you have a quick getaway, this jewelry organizer is compact yet big enough to carry all your jewelries. Yes you read it right. 

You can pack your heavy necklaces, bangles, bracelets and so much more. I purchased this makeup organizer for my India trip and was so thankful. I had a wedding to attend and needed to take some heavy jewelry that was taking up a lot of space, but thanks to this organizer, I could pack everything in this. 

It has enough room for everything. But it’s not that tall so you can pack it like a book. 

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