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12 Best Brands to Shop for Fashionable Ski Wear in 2023


Ski season is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about what to wear on the slopes. Whether you are a first time skier or advanced one, you are thinking of looking nice in all the cool skiing pictures. And the key to that is fashionable ski clothing. And this post is all about finding the most stylish ski wear and accessories for you.

While you can find decent clothing in your local ski store, there are some awesome online stores that have stylish ski wear you can rock on the slope. 

And we all know that ski wear is not cheap, so lets find out some amazing ski clothes that are stylish so you can wear them year over year to enjoy your ski vacation. 

*This post is all about the most fashionable ski wear for women.

In this post, I am sharing 12 brands and online stores with stylish ski wear and where you can also find stylish ski accessories. 

You will find the best ski wear brands and what ski essentials you should shop there as well as a pricing chart to help you make the decision.

Best Fashionable Ski Wear Brands for Women


One of my favorite affordable brands to go for ski clothes is Asos. The Asos 4505 has the colorful and wearable base layers, ski pants, salopette, ski suits and jackets perfect for a fashionable winter white moment in the slope. 

The brand support US sizing chart, and they are true to size, so you can shop with confident. Not only that, they also have, petite, tall and plus sizes available. 

Moreover, they have complimentary one day shipping to US all year round for $19 and free returns. So you can shop with confidence. I have never found any fit issues with Asos brand and I am a size US 6-8 in all clothing. 

Don’t want to shop Asos 4505, you will also find other brands:

What Ski wear to shop:


H&M has launched its capsule ski collection this year and we are all here for it. There sizing has improved drastically over the years catering to mature women sizing instead of teen sizes. And the ski capsule looks absolutely stylish. I love the onesies, ski suits and puffers that look stylish and elevated in a great price point. 

The most expensive piece in their closet is the detachable sleeve puffer jacket for $299 but everything else is under $100. 

You will also find some chic ski sweaters that you can rock under your ski suit or jacket at the slope.


What Ski wear to shop:

Free People

If you are into prints and boho chic styles, then FP movement ski wear collection is perfect for you. This is the activewear brand of Free People and the ski clothes are just so chic and stylish. They created the collection with loads of prints and patterns and also made it wearable with relaxed fit.

While ski wear fit is important, you still need to have room to wear layers underneath. And FP movement though through that. If you are looking for nudes, or subtle colors, you will find it here. But they also have a curation from brands:

Their ski collection has a carefree and fun style and design that will make your skiing experience even better with bright prints and colors.  Free people US sizing is true to size, so you can shop with confidence.

In terms of price point, they are pricey compared to Asos and H&M, but not over priced at all for the fun styles.

What Ski wear to shop:

Sweaty Betty

Looking for classy and sophisticated ski wear but not in exorbitant pricing, then check Sweaty Betty ski collection.

Their collection has sophisticated and classy styles of base layers, and outerwear made for skiing and snowboarding. But what I love the most is the timeless style of the brand. 

Sweaty Betty activewear are really high quality and last you for years, so there is no doubt that their ski collection will be equally good quality. The sizing guide is UK based, so make sure you do the right conversion. 

Their styles are a bit fitted, so I would size up just to make sure I can wear under layers and move comfortably. 

You can also shop the brand at:

What Ski wear to shop:


You can not only get great ski clothes but you can also get great information on Ski Passes. You possibly cannot let go of a good deal on that can you. Halfdays ski wear has quickly gained popularity amongst stylish ski gals who not only want to master t heir skiing but want to look great doing that. 

For someone who does not like a lot of print because they are hard to style with other clothes and create stylish ski outfits, we love that Halfdays sells solid colored ski clothes so you can create monochromatic ski outfits that looks fantastic on the snow or mix and match colors to come up with more outfits if you are headed for a multi day ski trip. 

They specialize in ski wear and the reviews speak for it. Their fit and flare styles of pants and Bibb pants are perfect for ski boots without making you feel bulky. 

You can also shop them at:

What Ski wear to shop:

Tipsy Elves

Looking for some fun and funky ski suits, then checkout the up and coming brand – Tipsy Elves . This brand started with fun Christmas pajamas and sweaters and soon moves into fun patterned ski suits that has now become really popular.

They only sell ski suits but we are not complaining, their best seller ski suits coming in funky colors and patterns. But if you are looking for a timeless ski suit that you can add to your ski wear collection, then they also have chic neutral and soft colors that look fun and are classy too. 

You can shop them easily at Amazon, so if you dont like, returns are easy.


Revolve does not have its own ski wear brand but it curates the most stylish ski clothes that you can shop with confidence and are a definite Head Turner.

Their eye catching styles look great investment pieces and are versatile too, so you dont have to just shop for clothes that you will only wear in the slope. You can also enjoy them after you are done skiing. This makes packing so easy and light. 

Revolve sizing guide is true to size and they have 2-day shipping benefits with free returns. One of the biggest factor to shop there. So if you need these ski clothes in a rush, you know you will get them. 

Ski brands Revolve sells:

What Ski wear to shop:

You can literally buy everything related to ski clothes layering, but here are top picks:

Kari Traa

Kari Traa is another bohemian style ski wear brand that creates comfort and style with fun patterns and prints. 

The sizing is also more on a relaxed style with flora print base layers and patterned as well as bright solid colored ski pants and suits. The brand offers 5 day free shipping over $95 and a 30 day return policy, so you can definitely shop in confidence. 

We love the mix of colors and neutrals with prints in the clothes that makes for an interesting ski outfit. The online store shows a video format of the outfit which makes it easier to visualize the style.

What Ski wear to shop:


Superdry ski wear has an edgy masculine style and we love it. The sharp cut patterns mixed with fun airy prints will make your ski outfits stand out. But the clothing is comfortable and absolutely wearable for not just now but many years to come. 

The brand plays with patterns in a way that the jackets and ski pants look current and trendy but not super trendy that you can only wear it for one season.

Superdry has a more Japanese inspire American clothing and that reflects in the styles of ski clothes as well. Their sizing is UK based, so make the proper sizing conversion.

But if you are worried about making wrong size purchase, you can shop them at Nordstrom.

What Ski wear to shop:

Alp n Rock

Alp n Rock is a sustainable and cruelty free activewear brand with a mission to make the most stylish ski clothes, the best way possible. I love the simple yet chic and stylish layers perfect to rock every moment at the slope. 

Whether you are skiing or just enjoying a sip by the slope, you can count on this brand to do a style justice to your ski outfits.

Their sizing guide is US sizing, so pick sizes true to your sizes. Alp n Rock can also be found at:

What Ski wear to shop:

You will find the best:


Backcountry has the widest selection of ski wear brands and you will be surprised. Thought it might seem that they would have the most basic ski clothes being the local activity department store, but there are so many stylish brands you can shop at. 

Some of my favorite clothing brands are:

What Ski wear to shop:

If you don’t want to shop for ski clothes because you dont think they are up to the mark, you definitely should not miss out on the below ski essentials which are equally important is making the outfit look amazing. 

And if you are looking for ski gears, you can also find it there. 


Bloomingdale’s in house brand Aqua has surprising great ski collection available this season and we are up for it. The collection is at a great price point without sacrificing the style and quality. Everything we hope from the brand. 

But that’s not it, there are other more affordable price point brands with stylish ski clothes.

Some of them are:

What Ski wear to shop:

Given the fact that you want to make sure your money goes a long way, here is what skiwear we recommend you shop at Bloomingdale’s:

Best Fashionable Ski Wear Brands Comparison Chart

For more on women's ski trip style, please read:

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