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Classy Summer Capsule Wardrobe To Look Luxe In The Heat


Classy Summer Capsule Wardrobe To Look Luxe In The Heat

Summer time looking polished and sophisticated becomes a challenge. You can’t wear a lot of layers, and shorts and t-shirts just not scream classy. 

In this post, I am sharing a classy summer capsule wardrobe plan which you can take inspiration from to build your summer style in a classy way. 

Using pieces from this capsule wardrobe plan you can build a put together and sophisticated looks all summer long. 

This plan will help you shop for key summer pieces that will elevate your summer outfits but will also be really comfortable to wear in the heat. 

So, lets see the process of building this wardrobe plan and what is included.

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Color Palette For Classy Summer Capsule

Whether its for summer or winter, the best way to build cohesive and stylish outfits you need to nail down the color palette.

Summer is perfect time for bright colors, but not all shades look polished. While super bright colors like neons, bright yellows and greens look fun but they don’t look as polished as other colors. 

Here are the colors I have selected for summer capsule wardrobe that looks classy and sophisticated. 

  1. Blue: Shades of blue like Navy, soft blues will look soothing in the summer weather. And they also look great with most shades. 
  2. Pink: Another soothing color that looks great with most shades that I have shared here. 
  3. Red: This color looks rich and sophisticated. And perfect vibrant shade to wear in the summer weather. There is something about red that looks so good.
  4. White: There needs to be more white to pair with all the shades above to make your looks summery.
  5. Black: No capsule wardrobe is complete without this shade and black looks much more polishes summer fabrics.
Classy Summer Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

Fabrics For Classy Summer Capsule

Fabrics is key to making your summer capsule wardrobe sophisticated and polished. The key is to added pieces that are made of breathable summer fabrics so you don’t need to wear tank top and shorts all the time. 

Fabrics to Include:

  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Linen Blend
  • Cotton Blend
  • Lyocell – This is a synthetic fabric which is actually lightweight and moisture wicking.
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Jersey

Fabrics to Avoid:

Other than avoiding any winter fabrics, here are some that can cheapen your look and make you feet hotter in the summer weather.

  • Polyester
  • Chiffon
  • Nylon
  • Rayon

Items In Classy Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Tops Included:

Picking tops that will effortlessly elevate your looks will help you build outfits easily. That’s the whole purpose of a capsule wardrobe. So, here are the tops that can help you look classy in summer.

  • Button Down Shirts: These can be either in cotton or linen. They are breathable and help look put together in the hot weather. And you can pick both striped shirt and solid colored shirts.
  • Crew Neck Tshirt: You can literally pick one in every color in this capsule wardrobe. The days when you want to dress casually, these will instantly make your laidback outfits look put together.
  • Cowl Neck Tops: These are great alternatives to tank tops where you can find a sleeveless version that do not look fully sleeveless. I recommend picking them up in Silk or Satin fabric. There is something about the design that looks classy. 
  • Square Neck Tanks: Instead of regular tops with U or V neck, you can wear square neck that look more stylish and classy. 
  • Boat Neck Tops: Another neckline that looks stylish and sophisticated. And you can find these in jersey as well other summer fabrics.
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Everlane Button down shirt

JCrew Button down shirt

JCrew Button Down shirt

COS Crew neck Tshirt

JCrew Crew neck Tshir

Banana Republic Crew neck Tshirt

Grey Lab Crewneck Tshirt

Aritzia Cowl neck Tops

Banana Republic Factory Cowl neck Tops

White House Black Market Square neck tank

Open Edit Square Neck Tank

Madewell Boat neck Tops

Bottoms Included:

You can’t just wear shorts or jeans all the time throughout the summer. You may have a travel coming up, or parties to go to. Or you want to wear skirts.

So, its important that you pick the right pieces that compliment the tops in this capsule wardrobe and will also keep you comfortable.

Here are my top bottoms in the summer capsule wardrobe that will look classy:

  • White Tailored Pants: Mostly wide leg pants, you can pick Linen, but if I were you I will go with Lyocell because they are better wit creases and look professional. So you can wear them to work and other places.
  • Wide Leg Jeans: These look great overall and on all body types. And you can easily dress them up. 
  • Maxi Skirt: While you want to bare it all in the heat, maxi skirts in linen or cotton will give you that breathability. But they will elevate your outfit and will make you look more put together.
  • Linen Shorts: These are a classier alternative to denim shorts that look sophisticated and so luxe. And I would pick these in black and white.
  • Shirt Dress: Dresses are key for summer, but instead of going for ruffled dresses that look chic but not glassy, go for a shirt dress. They don’t need to be boring. We can pick a printed shirt dress in the same color palette to make it interesting.
  • A line Dress: If you are looking for a sleeveless dress, then having it in a simple silhouette like Aline will look modern and sophisticated. 
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Everlane Wide Leg pants

JCrew Wide Leg pants

Wide Leg Jeans

Wide Leg jeans

Madewell Maxi Skirt

Mango Maxi Skirt

& Other Stories Linen Shorts

& Other Stories Linen Shorts

& Other Stories A line Dress

Madewell A Line Dress

Boden Shirt Dress

Mango Shirt Dress

Outerwear Included:

When it’s hot we often forget about outerwear. And then when we are building outfits, we don’t have the right ones needed to look chic because we forgot about indoors and evenings. 

But you can’t wear your wool coats can you! 

So, here are the best outerwear to layer your summer looks in a classy way (And no, there are no denim jackets):

  • Tweed Jacket: They are structured and lightweight. So perfect for in between weather and warmer weather. Pick a colored one and a basic one.
  • Blazer: Not woolen blazer but linen blend or wool blend with cotton will work too.
  • Collared Fine Knit Jacket: These are an elevated version of cardigans and look really put together with the collars. So you can add this to your casual outfits for an elevated look. 

Ba&sh Tweed jacket

Mango Tweed jacket

Banana Republic Blazer

Favorite Daughter Collared Knit Jacket

Shoes Included:

You are not wearing flip flops or thong sandals and think that you will look classy. Picking the right footwear will make you look polished.

Here are some classy summer footwear to add to your capsule wardrobe.

  • Slingback Flats: They are flats and they look polished too. With the slingback, they also feel more comfortable to wear in summer weather. 
  • Slides: You can pick flats and block heel ones. And you don’t need a 5 inch block heel one. You can wear one with 1 to 2 inch heel and comfortably walk in.
  • White sneakers: They are a must have for all women.  You can wear them all year round. If you pick white leather, they look way expensive too.
  • Strappy sandals: This can be flat strappy or heeled. But instead of wearing black, nude sandals go with a lot of outfits.
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Sam Edelman Slingback Flats

Cole Haan Slides

Franco Sarto Slide Sandals

Frye White sneakers

Vince Strappy sandals

Accessories Included:

Now, I am going to go extensive on what accessories you should ad or buy. But here is what to focus on:

  • Structured handbag: You can pick a shoulder bag or top handle with longer straps. But make sure that you add light colored handbags, mostly white or nude will go with the color palette and look stylish. 
  • Silk Scarf: Pick one in the color palette to add more details to your outfit. This will seriously take your outfit to the next level.
  • White frame Sunglasses: You might own one or else pick one that looks flattering on your face and looks summery.

What To Avoid Adding

The key items to ignore are trendy pieces. These should be bought on the side and making sure that they can be worn with pieces in this classy wardrobe. 

Trends come and go, which means money that you are spending on in this year, will just go to waste. So, making sure your majority of the budget goes to picking high quality items in the capsule wardrobe. 

And pick trends as perks or special occasion pieces that you can stand out in. This way you will have clothes to wear and rewear for years and feel confident in.

How To Style Them

The fun part of the capsule wardrobe is that you don’t need to restrict yourself in terms of wearing. They are made to focus on shopping for the right pieces. 

So, pair them with pieces that you already own which is outside of the capsule to create many more looks. 

Outfits With Button Down Shirts

Summer Capsule Wardrobe outfits with button Down shirts

Outfits With Cowl Neck & Square Neck Tops

Outfits With T-shirts And Tanks

Summer capsule plan with t-shirts and tops

Outfits With Dresses

Capsule Wardrobe outfits with A line dresses
Capsule Wardrobe plan with Shirt dresses

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