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Shoe Capsule Wardrobe: 9 Shoes Every Woman Needs To Dress Stylish


Shoe Capsule Wardrobe: 9 Shoes Every Woman Needs To Dress Stylish

Do you feel like every time you look for the perfect shoes to pair with your outfit, you are just missing it in your wardrobe. Well, I hear ya. As the saying its not a “one size fit all” kind of a situation. In this shoe capsule wardrobe, I am sharing essential footwear every woman should own so you never struggle with finding the right shoes to pair with the right outfit. 

Why do you need a Shoe Capsule wardrobe in the first place?

I know that it’s easy to fall into the habit of wearing the same shoes just because they feel comfortable. But they don’t always work with your outfit or are weather appropriate as well. 

The capsule also helps you save money. When you are comfortable with one style, you tend to just buy the same thing. Or if you easily get swayed with trends, then this shoe capsule will help you understand whether you need that trendy piece or not.

So, lets get started. 

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The Classic Flat

And no, I am not referring to the Chanel ballet flats. While they are the epitome of old money style, I don’t think they do anything to elevate your outfit. 

The classic flats should be pointed toes. They will instantly elongate your legs and modernize your outfits. 

And these footwear look great with anything whether you are wearing shorts, shirts, dresses or jeans. 

And that is why it’s important to always have one in your wardrobe. When you really don’t know what to pair your outfit with but you just want to look put together, these are your best bet. 

Just slip into the classic elegance. 

by @roses_cloud


Stuart Weitzman Emilia Pointed Toe Flat

Sarah Flint Natalie Sling

Margaux Flats

The Basic Loafers

If you don’t own one of these, you are literally missing out in making your looks more professional and classy. These masculine style of shoes make a bold statement in anyone’s look. 

And if you still wear narrow or skinny jeans, these shoes are the savior for you. They will modernize your outfit and also add some structure to the overall outfit.

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But it does not stop there, you can also wear them with dresses and skirts. 

The basic horsebit loafers are perfect for a classy look. But if you want to pair them with skinny jeans, chunky loafers look really chic. 

And if you are looking for a casual everyday loafer that you can easily slip into, then loafer mules would be perfect for you. They are easy to slip into, but they actually look really stylish and elevates their outfits. 



Coach Haley Loafer

Sam Edelman Linnie Bit Mule

Coach Leah Platform Lug Sole Loafers

Your Everyday Slides

These are the alternatives to flip flops ladies that are classy and elegant. You can wear them with any outfit without looking frumpy. 

Slides do come in different styles.  If you are not into heels, pick a simple slide flat in leather that will look luxe and will go with all your outfit. 

This is where you are not suppose to but black slides, go for neutral shades, white color or even brown. 

But if you can manage, go for block heels under 2 inch. Heels are not that bad I promise. I have shared my top heels recommendations for walking in a blog post, so be sure to read that. 

But block heels provide support to your sole of your heel and you can easily walk in them.



Tory Burch Ines Multi-Strap Slide

Cole Haan Chrisee Slide Sandal

Clavin Klein Terisa Slide Sandal

The Comfy Heels

These shoes are a bit more put together than your slide sandals. But they don’t have high heels. Kitten heels and block heels are perfect for these footwear. 

But if you got an eek because I mentioned kitten heels, don’t. There so many cute ones that also look comfortable and stylish. 

The goal is to find close toe ones because these you can put on and instantly make your outfit polished. 

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These are your all figured out shoes that will make you look classy and done. 

I love mules with kitten heels. They look really chic. But you can also opt for slingbacks in block heels. 

by @la_nadia


Coach Women's Renn Slip On Kitten Heel Pumps

Sam Edelman Terra Slingback Block Heel

Saha Flint Emma Sling

The Evening Wear Sandals

Evening wear shoes usually have a little bit of jazz to them. And the best styles of evening wear footwear are sandals with straps. They may or may not have ankle straps. That completely depends on how comfortable you are walking in them. 

They do have heels. Because let’s face it, you won’t look chic without them in evening wear. 

But you don’t need to go crazy with 5 inch heels, 2 – 3 inch heels are perfect. 

Pick gold or black shades as they work with all your outfits. You can also go for tan ones, but if it’s for night time, black always looks better. 



Badgley Mischka Hudson Ankle Strap Sandal

Stuart Weitzman Strapeze 85 Sandal

Valentino Rockstud Slide Sandal

Your Walking Sneakers

These are sneakers but please no running shoes. We are now grown up to the point that we can afford another pair of walking shoes. 

A lot of ladies then immediately jump to converse. And to that I can say, it could be an alternative. But you want sneakers that you can easily wear with your regular clothes and look stylish. Plus they are actually comfortable to walk as well. 

And so buying neutral shade like white leather, or just white sneakers or beige sneakers will help add that versatility to your footwear. 

White leather shoes are my favorite. They look great and they look way more expensive as well.

No, weird colors or patterns. I know you will see a lot of trendy sneakers, but they will fade and won’t look great with everything.

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ALO Recovery Mode Sneaker

Veja Esplar Sneaker

Tory Burch Howell Court Sneaker

The Basic Ankle Boots

These will be your go to fall to spring footwear, literally. So, pick a style that is versatile and comfortable to walk in. No super flat ankle boots please!

They are not comfortable just because they are flat. Boots need to have a little bit of heel like at least an inch, so you have sole support. 

I would suggest have a pair of black and a pair of white ankle boots. And once you are comfortable add a pair of brown ankle boots. 

That is all you actually need. In terms of style I love Chelsea boots, because they are easy to slip into and look really classy. 

Pick pointed toe styles to elongate your legs easily. 



Tory Burch Banana Chelsea Boots

Coach Prestyn Bootie

Women's Winnie Block-Heel Booties

Classy Tall Boots

Tall Boots are perfect for cold winters and they look stylish in general. They add a power look to any outfit. Whether you are wearing jeans or skirts. They just look really powerful and sexy. 

So, I highly recommend one pair. You can pick a shade that you can style with all your outfit. And sometimes that’s not black. 

You probably would get a lot of wear out of tan tall boots or brown tall boots. These colors would go with printed skirts and also with jeans. 

In terms of heel, pick some. As I mentioned before flat boots do not look stylish or comfortable. 

And in terms of style, I like to keep simple leather with pointed toe. 

by @lelaisaya


Sam Edelman Sylvia Knee High Boot

Tory Burch Tall Banana Boot

Tony Bianca Fantasy Heeled Boot

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