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4 Best Setting Powder for Dry Skin Under $50

I had to change up my makeup routine for fall winter and specially my setting powder since these cooler months, my current setting powder which I have shared multiple times looks a bit powdery. It does not feel smooth neither does it feel absorbed in my skin.

I do have a combination skin, which feels dry during cooler months. You know the feeling when your moisturizers are not enough. While, my makeup routine is almost the same, the setting powder makes a huge difference. I have always used a translucent setting powder because its easier to blend in with any foundation. I also wear it with just moisturizer.

So, in this post, I am sharing 4 of my favorite setting powders that I tried and tested that will work for dry skin or even combination skin like mine.

Why use Translucent Setting Powder?

I used to use Compact powder that matched my foundation color always, and let me tell you that was a mistake. My skin color changed throughout the year, and even when I changed my foundation, my compact powders needed to change always. 

Even though you match the compact powder with the foundation, it does not always look the same on your skin as the foundation color adapts and changes on your skin. Have you noticed this? Let me know your thoughts.

This is the main reason I ventured into the Loose setting powder world because I really wanted to keep 1 think consistent on my skin and also have my foundation color more stable. This saves a lot of money.

I also have oily skin and the setting powders are a great way to keep the oiliness at bay. And they are easy to touch up as well since they do have a translucent color, your conturing and blush colors would not need to be redone often. And they are also great for under eye highlighting. 

Hope I have convinced you now!

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This setting felt really fine and smooth. A good way to check that is when you are trying to dust it out from the container. It does come out really fine without clumps, so the application is also easier. The packaging does look really beautiful, though I hoped that the there would be more wholes that will make it easier for me to take out the powder. 

But I also feel like because of less perforation, you really dont waste a lot of powder.

When I applied this on my skin after the application of my tinted moisturizer I could see it getting absorbed instantly and without any signs of visibility. There was a little bit of glow still left even after the powder was applied.

This also means that if I want to, I can do a touch up later without feeling powdery as my skin does get oily during the day. The difference I notice most when I apply a setting powder on my face is around my eyes. And I didnt see it being visible and looking powdered under my eyes, so I was sufficiently pleased by it.

This powder is the most expensive out of the 4 priced at $46 for .36 oz. But, it lives up to the packaging and the finish that it provides.

This setting powder is reasonably priced compared to the other one at $34 for .56 oz and actually comes in two more finish. I think that is what confused me because I really wasn’t sure if the natural finish was indeed a translucent finish. But when I tried the powder, it was confirmed. So, if you are trying to pick what I did go for the natural finish.

I really liked the packaging of the powder. It has a closing lid on top of the powder, which helps with any spillage. The powder comes out really easily without wasting time. And it has a similar texture and finish on my skin as well. 

It quickly absorbed on my skin and I could actually still see a bit of glow o my skin left after apply the setting powder with a brush.

The setting powder does have a bit of luminous effect as it claims. And ofcourse, there are no sulphates and parabens.

This powder claims to have hyaluronic acid which is great for smoother skin, but I haven’t tried it that long to talk about it, but it does seem like an added benefit i am using it just by itself on top of moisturizers.

I could not find a bigger one at the time I was searching for the setting powder, but the full size is .35 oz and costs $39.

This powder definitely lived upto its expectation. Again, I was unsure whether this powder would be translucent, but with almost whitish skin this powder did blend well on my skin. And it really had more glow than the rest of the powders. I felt like my skin had the creamy feel to it even after blending in all of the powder. So, I ended up using a bit more than usual. This powder is great by itself as well, as it does give the hydration as well. 

It does claim to have 50% water which I really dont know how, but definitely feels that way and with no parabens and sulphate, I really love this product. I will be saving this powder for even cooler months when my skin would feel drier since this setting powder does add more moisture to your skin. 

This would actually help set makeup without making it feel cakey.

This powder claims to have a semi matte finish and lives upto that. I wanted to try this product because I wanted to test it on real foundation where you do need more setting strength. This will help the makeup to stay longer and have a uniform effect on your face.

The powder comes in a mini size and costs around $19 for .19 oz which is a steal.

I tried it with my Charlotte Tilbury foundation that is not as dry as other foundations I have used, and after applying it, I did not feel a lot of strength or a white powder residue that I was feeling with my current setting powder. 

Usually, if the powder is too dry for your skin, it kind of shows too white or stays on top of the skin without getting absorbed. But, I did not feel that way with the KVD setting powder.

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Let me know if you have tried any of these powders as I know that these products are not new. Would love to know what you think of these setting powders or if you have any that you use for dry skin.



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