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Style Tips On Wearing Oversized Sweater With Jeans To Look Modern


Style Tips On Wearing Oversized Sweater With Jeans To Look Modern - Blog Banner

Sweater weather is here and you are ready to wear your favorite oversized sweater with your jeans because its the easiest isn’t it. But you are wondering how to not look frumpy when putting together jeans and oversized sweaters.  Or the outfits you put together are just not working for your body.  

You look at these fashionistas on social media that effortlessly rock oversized sweaters, but you drown in them. But when you put together the same look, it just looks basic and boring.

In this post, I am sharing my top tips in how you can rock oversized sweaters with jeans and still look stylish and elevated. 

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There are so many benefits of wearing oversized sweaters in general. They usually feel warmer to me compared to fitted sweaters because of the chunkier knit material. 

They are also versatile. You can wear them with skirts and dresses as well and not just jeans.  And they also look effortless compared to fitted sweaters which you have to think through how to style. But ofcourse, you still need to figure out how to style them otherwise, you will feel frumpy. 

How to not look Fat in Oversized Sweater & Jeans?

This is one of the biggest problems when it comes to wearing oversized sweaters with jeans. You are scared of looking bulkier. And if you are like me, who has fuller chest, then you run into this problem of looking bulkier and upper half of the body always. But, there are a few tricks you can use to look chic and stylish and slimmer wearing your favorite oversized seater and jeans. 

Wear Jeans That Are Not Loose Fit

While I love wide leg, slouchy jeans the most for all year round, these styles of jeans will not look as flattering with an oversized sweater. This is a style rule that I follow with all my outfits. 

When you are wearing something loose fit, always pair it with something fitted. This formula works with any kind of outfit or clothes combination.

And is really fitting for this outfit combination. This is perfect top you can pair your favorite skinny jeans without feeling out of style because you are wearing skinny jeans. Pair tall boots and you have yourself a chic winter outfit. 

Jeans pairing with oversized sweater

But you can also wear other styles of jeans that will elevate and flatter your oversized sweater. 

Some of the styles are:

  • Flared jeans
  • Narrow straight leg jeans
  • Cropped straight leg jeans
  • Straight leg jeans
  • Bootcut Jeans

And Jeans to avoid:

  • Slouchy jeans
  • Wide leg jeans
  • Bell bottoms
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Go For Darker Tone Oversized Sweaters

This is perfect for women with fuller chest, because lighter color tend to make us look bulky. But, you don’t have to wear black oversized sweaters all the time. You can opt for darker color tones which have a color blocking effect making your upper body look slimmer. 

I use this style formula when I am in a hurry and it works like a charm. And this is also an amazing way you can wear white jeans with your sweaters in fall and winter.

Some of my favorite dark colors that look so flattering with blue jeans are:

  • Forest Green
  • Burgundy
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Navy
  • Indigo Blue
  • Wine Color
Dark colored oversized sweater
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Pointed Toe Boots or Shoes

Pointed toe shoes have a way of elongating your legs and making you look taller which naturally makes you appear slimmer. This is really important footwear style when you are wearing oversized sweaters with jeans. They add a slim touch to your outfit, because it gives the vibe that you are leaner at the bottom. And hence it balances the proportion of your top. 

This is the perfect recipe to look effortless chic while wearing an oversized piece of clothing. 

pointed toe boots with oversized sweater

Elevate Your Oversized Sweater & Jeans Outfit

You can use these simple tips that will elevate your outfit easily. Because that is the mantra of our lives, who has all the time in the world to get ready in the morning or put together our outfits. 

Front Tuck Your Sweater

If you are wearing mid length oversized sweaters that cover your crotch area, then an easy way to look stylish and put together is by doing a front tuck. With oversized sweater its difficult to do a full tuck without bulking up your jeans, but you can still do a front tuck and look put together. This also shoes a bit more of your lower body which makes you look leaner. You probably see me doing that in every single photo over here. 

Front Tuck your sweater

Scrunch Your Sleeves

This works so well with oversized sweaters because the sleeves are also loose fit. You can roll or scrunch up your sleeves, to show your arms. This casual style tip adds a feel that the sweater fits you perfectly, but you just want to show your arms.

And your outfit looks effortless and yet elevated because now the sweater does not drown your upper body completely because we can see those arms. 

You can use this trick on any style of oversized sweater and it works like a charm.

Scrunch up your oversized sweater sleeves

Wear Turtleneck Sweater

Compared to crewneck or V neck oversized sweaters, turtleneck sweaters look much more elevated. The closed neckline creates a uniform color tone to your upper body, making you look chic and stylish. And even though you are wearing oversized sweaters, it appears that you have put a lot of thought in styling and putting together your sweater outfit. 

Turtleneck sweaters are also amazing for workwear or any other fancier events where you just want to wear sweater.  This way you can still be comfortable in an oversized sweater, but your outfit looks so put together. 

Wear turtleneck oversized sweater
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Wear Collared Sweater

This is another style of sweater that will elevate your oversized sweater and jeans outfit. Collars always add structure to your outfit. And if you find an oversized sweater to snag which has collars, I say go for it. They are so versatile, you can wear them with trousers, skirts as well. So you don’t have to worry about buying them only for a certain style of bottom. 

Collared sweaters can range from deep V neck to shallow V neck, and this is where you can have so much fun. So, you still have the combination of the casual V neck style where you are showing some skin but the collars instantly add structure and sophistication to your entire look. 

Collared oversized sweater with jeans
Collared striped oversized sweater with jeans
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Wear jeans or Shoes That Show Ankle

I am a big fan of wearing ankle length jeans. And this is the bet jeans combination for your oversized sweater as well. When you show a little bit of ankle, your legs instantly look longer. This is the basic rule of proportion. Showing a little bit of skin specially when you are covered head to toe is key to looking effortlessly chic.

There are two ways you can show ankles:

  • Pick ankle length jeans that will show some skin even when you are wearing ankle length boots. If you don’t have any, you can always fold the seams of your jeans to show some ankle. But don’t go overboard. 
  • Pick shoes other than boots. Yup, there are plenty of shoes that will keep your feel comfortable in winter weather that are not boots.

Some of my favorite fall and winter shoes that you can wear are:

  • Loafers
  • Loafer mules
  • Leather sneakers
  • Brogues
Oversized fair isle sweater with loafer mules and jeans

How to Layer Oversized Sweater and Jeans Outfit?

As the weather gets cooler, you need to layer on, but you start wondering whether you can still wear oversized sweaters and how to layer them and look flattering. Yes, often times, you end up looking too bulky when you pile on so many layers of thick knitwear. 

But you can still wear oversized sweaters with jeans and layer them as well. 

Add a Structured Coat

A structured coat is a must have for any woman’s wardrobe because it has the power of making you look sophisticated no matter what you are wearing inside. Yes, that’s right. 

And in this outfit combination, the well tailored silhouette of a structured coat will frame your body’s shape properly even when you are wearing a bulky sweater underneath. And it does not matter what color of coats you are wearing. The structure of the coat is important. 

structured coat with oversized sweater and jeans
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Wear Belted Coat

This is another great style of coat that you can layer on your loose fit sweater and still look slimmer. The belt adds a waist detail to your outfit and creates a shape that looks flattering. 

And this is a great way you can also wear puffer coats with your oversized sweater. A lot of puffer coats come with belts these days, but if you don’t own a belted one, and you know that you will be wearing the coat for the most part, you can also add a belt to create a waist definition. 

This trick works great for snow outfits where you have to wear thick sweaters and lots of layers. 

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Wear Longer Coats

I always recommend this when you are wearing an oversized sweater. The loose fit style of the sweater is also creating weird lines of proportion for your body, and if you layer a short jacket or coat that again adds another horizontal line to your full proportion, you will end up looking shorter and not so flattering. 

Your outfit will also turn out to look not put together even if you have put on all the nicest brands of clothes. 

A long coat creates a long line and covers most part of the body that the loose fit sweater was cutting off. This way you look proportionate and your outfit looks elevated. 

For more on women's jeans styling, please read:


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