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How to Match The Right Handbag With Your Outfits: Style Guide


How to Match The Right Handbag With Your Outfits: Style Guide

Choosing the perfect handbag to compliment your outfit isn’t just about style; it’s about achieving a harmonious and put-together look. If you are someone struggling to match the right style of handbag with your outfit, then you need to read on.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the art of matching the right handbag with your outfits. Whether you’re headed to work, a casual outing, or a formal event, the right handbag can enhance your overall appearance and make a statement. Let’s delve into the world of handbag and outfit coordination and discover how to effortlessly create a stylish and cohesive ensemble.

Should Bag Color Need To Match Your Outfit?

The simple answer is no not really. The bag color does not have to match your entire outfit even if you are wearing a monochromatic outfit. But to create a cohesive look that is put together, the shade of the bag should match something you are wearing.

It could match the shade of the belt you are wearing. Or you can match the color of the bottom with the bag to create a cohesive look. You can also match any other clothing item with your handbag to show a similarity in your look.

And the easiest way to create this look is by matching the shade of the footwear with your handbag. This is the simplest way you can make sure that your handbag matches your look.

Match Bag Color with Outfit

How To Match The Right Color of Bag With Outfits?

Here is a simple cheat sheet you can use to match the shade of your bag with your outfit, so you know that your look is put together and looks cohesive.

Which Outfits To Pair Black Bag With?

A black bag is universally accepted color and goes with pretty much all outfit. But here are some pointers on accessorizing with the black which ch will take your outfit to the next level.

  1. Don’t wear a black bag with all white outfits. It’s a big contrast and does not look good. So, this rule will also apply to all the light colored  outfits like all pinks, grays where the outfit is too light to carry a black bag.
  2. Wear a black bag with dark tone outfits where you are wearing browns, navy, blue, greens. The bag will compliment the look and elevate it. 
  3. Wear a black bag with printed outfits to create a balance. If you are wearing printed dress or printed top which is pretty loud, a black bag can tone it down. 
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Black handbag outfits

Which Outfits To Pair White Bag With?

A white handbag is also the best handbag to own. It goes pretty much with most outfits just like a black bag. A white also makes your outfit look expensive when you style them right.

But here are some general tips to keep in mind:

  1. Don’t wear a white bag with an all black outfit. The contrast will ruin your outfit.
  2. Don’t wear white handbag when you are wearing black shoes. They contrast and will ruin your outfit. 
  3. Wear white handbag with lighter and softer color outfits. If you are wearing pink, beige, lilac, and other lighter shades that are soft tones, a white bag will elevate your outfit.
  4. Wear a white bag with lighter colored prints or patterns. If you see white base in the print you are wearing, you can wear a white bag.
White handbag outfits

Which Outfits To Pair Brown Bag With?

A brown bag is also an all year round bag that you can wear with almost all outfits. They actually look great with all white and all black looks as well. 

But here is a tip on finding the right shade of brown bag for you. Make sure you pick the right shade of brown that compliments your skin tone. Since this bag pretty much feels like a neutral piece in your entire look, it should look good when you carry it on your skin.

If the shade is too harsh for you, then it might stand out with your outfit.

White handbag outfits

Which Outfits To Pair Colored Bags With?

When it comes to pairing colored bags with your outfits, here are two general rules that I follow which helps me create cohesive looks.

  1. Match the shade of the handbag with anyone of your clothes you are wearing. The more the better. This is why I love monochrome outfits.
  2. Match the shade of the shoes with your handbag, this is great for shades like pink, blue, red. 
  3. Match the scarf with the color of the handbag. This works great if you are wearing neutral clothes but want a pop of color in the bag. 
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But don’t go out buying colored shoes just to match them with you bag. Instead wear the color and you will be good. 

Colored handbag outfits

How To Pick The Right Bag Style For Outfits?

While you can wear whatever style of handbag you want with your outfit, you are here not for that. You are here to know how match the right styles of handbags to elevate your style.

So, lets check how we can do that.

Bags for Casual Outfits

If you have a casual outfit, wearing a party embellished bag with it is not going to look good. Casual handbags that are more tone down and wearable for everyday will be appropriate. 

These style of bags should also not look high maintenance because you probably are not paying too much attention to it. So, avoid bags that require high maintenance like an embellished bag, or extremely soft leather that scratches easily. 

As per the style of bags, here are some bag styles that always look good with casual looks.

  1. Crossbody bags are easy to carry around and have room for all your belongings. They also look smart with casual outfits. 
  2. Shoulder bags do not have as much of a long strap as crossbody bags, but usually have thicker shoulder straps that are easy to carry. 
  3. Tote bags with straps long enough to carry on shoulder. These are roomy and also more laidback style. 


Bags to avoid wearing with casual outfits: 

  • Embellished bags
  • Gold chain bags
Handbags for Casual Outfits

Bags for Elegant Looks

Want to look elegant and polished and need a bag to match that look? Here are some bag styles that always look elegant and will compliment your outfit:

  1. Top handle bags – These are lady like bag for your outfit. They look classy because you carry them elegantly as well. 
  2. Shoulder bags – These also look elegant depending on the style of the bag. Minimal style of bags always look elegant.
Handbags That Look Elegant

Bags for Party Outfits

Party Handbag Outfits

What Bag You Can Carry All Year Round?

Black, white and brown bags can be worn all year round with most outfits and styles of looks. So, if you are investing in good quality bags that you want to last for a long time, go for these colors. 

Beige or blush nude is a variation of white that you can also wear all year round. And these bags also go with all season clothes. 

All Year round Handbags

Are Big Bags In Trend?

While you should never focus on trends when investing in good quality bags, big bags will always remain in trend. They are functional. But here is how you should figure out the right size of big bag that will work for you. 

How To Find The Right Size Of Handbag For Your Bodytype?

If you are a Petite:

  • Ensure that your bag is not too wide when it hold it in front of you. It should not hide you. Then you will look even smaller.
  • Pick crossbody bags and other gold strap bags that are adjustable. Otherwise it will fall below your hips and look weird. I talk about all of these in my crossbody bag styling guide.

Ofcourse, the exception is tote bag, but if I am a petite, I would avoid really big tote bags.

Bag size with your body frame

If you are taller or have a wider frame:

  •  Wearing a really tiny bag will actually make your frame bigger because it’s playing with proportions. 
  • Wearing thin strap will also not flatter your frame or height. Go for thick straps. 

A good way to judge if the bag size is right for you is to hold it horizontally to see whether it’s not too small for your frame or too wide. 

Crossbody bag with outfit

If you have anymore questions, don’t forget to leave a comment!

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