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Wear These Instead of Denim Jackets To Elevate Your Outfits


Denim jacket has been a millennial essential always, but it’s also one of the most basic outerwear that is no longer serving them. In this post, I am sharing denim jacket alternatives that are stylish and comfortable. 

Why Denim Jacket is Popular?

Here are a few reasons why denim jacket became popular in the 80s and became an essential for Millennials:

  1. It’s really easy to style with everything. You can wear it with casual outfits, dresses, skirts and more.
  2. It’s inexpensive. This is one of the biggest reason for this outerwear to become popular. 
  3. It’s easy to maintain. Just like jeans, a denim jacket is really easy to care for. 
  4. Perfect light layer. It’s light weight, so you can use it as a light layer all year. 

Why You Should Upgrade Your Denim Jacket?

There are plenty of them, but here are some of the best reasons you should swap your denim jacket:

  1. They have gotten basic. I am not talking about basic in terms of looks. If you notice, most brands don’t even care to reinvent this piece of clothing anymore. They all just look the same now no matter how expensive they are.
  2. They look like jeans on your upper body. This is my opinion, don’t hate me for it. I myself have worn them and styled them. You can checkout the where I have styled a cropped denim jacket. I did style it without jeans which brings me to my next point.
  3. Denim jacket with denim jeans looks ridiculous. Only models can pull it off, because they are carefully styled.
  4. They don’t look polished. If you are a Millennial, it’s time to dress a bit sophisticated and denim jackets will not give that look. Gen Zs look better than us, I am just saying.

This is all the reason your denim jacket looks frumpy and you should swap them with these alternatives that look elevated and are comfortable too.

What Are The Best Denim Jacket Alternatives?

Sweater Jacket

I recently discovered these knitted jacket from Ann Taylor that are almost like a knitted cardigan.

They have the biker jacket collar details which makes them casual and edgy. But the open knit style gives a causal touch. And they also become lightweight. 

You can easily pair them with t shirts both full sleeves and short sleeves for everyday wear. But this jacket will look great with dresses and blouses too. 

I was actually torn on which color to pick from as it come in two more versatile shades. 

Tweed Jacket

Tweed is a great lightweight fabric that is not fully lightweight. It also looks really expensive and luxurious. This Tweed jacket from Mango has pockets making it appear casual and perfect for everyday wear. 

The cropped length is versatile, you can wear it with jeans and dresses too. But the tailored details are adding sophistication and with the buttons, this is a great denim jacket alternative which will upgrade your basic outfits. 

And the great part is that you just dont have to wear the denim color. This jacket comes in many different shades.

Cropped Shirt Jacket

Shirt jackets have become really popular for the past few years. But most of them are oversized style. If you have a short torso or you are a Petite, you feel like you are drowning in them. But we can fix this by picking a cropped shirt jacket. This knitted shirt jacket from & Other stories looks casual yet sophisticated. 

The collars add more detail to this simple jacket. The pockets add a utilitarian look to the jacket similar to a denim jacket. But the large buttons make this a playful outerwear. 

Its also lightweight and you can wear it with so many different outfits.

Oversized Blazer

Here is a similar style of oversized blazer that I have been rocking for years now. Its comfortable and looks so good with literally anything.

Boucle Jacket

Boucle jackets originated with the rise of Coco Chanel as a fashion designer and have made its way back to all stores this year. This jacket has a classic round neck with tailoring details. And it does not only have to be in tweed. 

This Boucle jacket from White House Black Market is made of Nylon, Rayon and Spandex making it stretchy and lightweight. It’s the best spring and summer jacket that will add a light layering to your outfits. 

The pocket details make this jacket utilitarian. But the big buttons add the Chanel touch. It’s chic and classic and a perfect alternative to denim jackets. 

Cropped Blazer

Zipped Sweater Jacket

The zipped sweater jacket almost looks like a bomber jacket but does not look bulky or frumpy. Because it’s made out of knitted material, it’s lightweight and falls on your body perfectly. If you have a fuller chest, this casual jacket will still work for you.  The zip details make it structured. 

This jacket is perfect for you, if you are always on the go and prefer athleisure outfits. The Lululemon Zipped Sweater Jacket looks so fun in the pastel orange or peach shade. You can also pair this with blue jeans or leggings. But the jacket also comes in white. 

Zipped Collared Jacket

When you add collars to a zipped jacket, it just become way more stylish. Just like this zipped collared jacket from Boden. This textured fabric jacket is lightweight and perfect to throw on your everyday casual outfit. But the collar detail add structure to your look. And you look put together. 

The jacket also comes with some front utility pockets that makes is laid back and the cropped style adds versatility. You can wear this casually or throw it with a dress and look chic too. 

Still want to Wear a Denim Jacket?

Find out what are the best denim jacket styles.

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