5 Stylish Denims to Try Now Instead of Skinny Jeans


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5 Stylish Denims to Try Now Instead of Skinny Jeans

I am really excited to share this post with all of you wonderful ladies. I am so proud to say that I am no longer a slave of skinny jeans but I still manage to create stylish outfits with the 5 Jeans styles I have been wearing a lot for the past couple of years. 

Yes, I do wear skinny jeans sometimes, but those occasions are rare. If you are tired of wearing skinny jeans or hate the way it makes you look, then you are in the right place. 

These 5 styles of Jeans are not only chic & stylish, but are also comfortable and flattering. 

Why Not Skinny Jeans?

I am sure you must be thinking, why does she hate skinny jeans so much. What is wrong with them?

I honestly have no problem with skinny jeans at all. But I find them limited. My style feels limited. In my 20s, all I cared about was looking skinny and sexy. I am sure some of you would relate.

While I still feel sometimes that way,  I also want my style to be more about my personality than my body type. I want to look sophisticated and modern and most importantly be comfortable in my clothes. 

If I am comfortable, I feel confident to do things that I enjoy rather than always worrying about or trying to fix my clothes. 

There is also a huge problem with skinny jeans! For me, tucking my tops and sweaters are an important part of my style and it helps me to look effortlessly stylish. But with skinny jeans you cannot do that most of the time. And specially if you have a straight figure like mine. 

You end up looking bulky in the middle and that is not really flattering is it! If you are on the same boat as me, then please share your thoughts as well.

Slouchy Jeans

This had to be the first one, because this is the jeans that helped me explore other styles of denim. I shared my honest opinion about them on the post where I share Why I skipped skinny jeans for more than a year, and living in slouchy jeans.

But, the best feeling was when a friend texted me and said she tried the slouchy jeans, and now cannot go back to skinny jeans. 

And Why not, they are comfortable, chic and look structured as well with the pleated details in the front. 

I have been wearing these Mango Slouchy jeans for more than 2 years and they are really high quality. And I have worn them in so many different ways. This spring, the light wash blue slouchy jeans are going to become my new favorite, specially when I am still working from home.

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Wide Leg Jeans

There is nothing new about these jeans, they have been in market for years. But this year with so many ankle length styles that I saw, I got drawn to them and why not. 

These jeans are perfect for straight figured women like myself because of the wider leg style, they draw attention to the legs and hence make your waist appear slender. This helps add a waistline and have the hour glass silhouette.

These jeans are also perfect for special occasion outfits when you want to add a little bit of extra touch to your overall look with some pointy toe heels (they don’t have to be super high).

I also bought them in corduroy material which is perfect for winter. 

The elegant style of these jeans make them perfect for any body type and they also bring in a sophistication to our looks even if they are jeans. 

If you haven’t tried them, ever, I recommend a black pair because they would go well with everything.

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Flayered Cropped Jeans

I recently discovered these while shopping for a new pair in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and could not stop wearing them. 

Flayered jeans in general look really chic on any body type. Because of the flared style they have a way of making you look slimmer and create a curve.

But with the cropped style, there is a bit of ankle show that not only makes you look TALLER, it also adds a chicness to the style. 

You can have so much fun with all the different styles of footwear because all of them will show in these jeans. 

You can also wear ankle boots comfortably without worrying about folding your jeans. Isn’t that awesome!

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Narrow Leg Jeans

These can also be called straight leg, but the legs get narrower as it hits the ankle. These jeans are also mostly cropped or more like ankle length. 

The best thing about them is that they appear to look like skinny jeans but they are not skinny jeans. 

Your legs are not getting squished in those jeans, but more importantly you look more sophisticated and modern in them compared to skinny jeans.


I always felt like skinny jeans are glorified leggings. 

Because these jeans are not so fitted and most of the time are not extremely stretchy, they retain their shape for years and you can create an effortless chic look.

I love tucking my tops and sweaters and for the longest, I could not do that with skinny jeans. But, that changed with the narrow jeans.

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Balloon Leg Jeans

A lot of people refer to them as baggy jeans, but these are mostly relaxed around thighs and have a straight silhouette. 

Levis introduced them last year as Balloon leg jeans, and I bought them because they looked so chic even if they were jeans. 

I styled them in this post where I am sharing my thoughts on Baggy Jeans being the new skinny jeans.

Even though these jeans look really casual, they have a huge potential to look chic and stylish as well as comfortable. 

They are mostly high waisted and I always will recommend them, because we get the free core support that possible cannot hurt anyone.

And because they are loose at the hip, they look like wide leg but have a narrow ankle. 

Add a blouse, tuck it in and pair of heels and you are ready to party. And after styling them this way, I could not believe how chic these jeans could be. What do you think?

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Tell me which one is your favorite jeans amongst these 5. And don’t forget to pin this post to your Pinterest so that you can refer to this post when you are shopping for jeans NEXT TIME. 


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