Levis Ribcage Straight Leg Jeans Review – Why I am so Obsessed


If you are thinking of buying these really famous Straight leg jeans from Levis which are called Ribcage Straight Ankle jeans or are wondering what are the best sizes or places to shop them at then check out my full review in this post. 

This year has been straight leg jeans for me, because I have really found some great options for my straight figure that actually looks good. 

If you have an average body like mine, you know what I mean. Its really hard to find a good pair of jeans that would look good on you. Last year I was obsessed with Slouchy and till date they are my favorite. So, I was hesitant to try something new that will work for me. I have to say, I was a bit surprised, but this post is not just about me praising these jeans, there are some key things I will point out which will help you with better shopping decisions.

My Body Stats

Before we can talk further about these jeans, I should share what my body stats are so that you can compare yourself with. So, below are the stats:

Height: 5 ft 6 inch

Weight: 155 -158 lbs

Waist: 30 inch

Hips: 38 inch

Body Shape: I have a straight figure which means that there is not much width difference my waist and my hips. Moreover, I have a shorter torso which means my upper body is shorter than my legs. 

What I Bought

I have actually bought 3 pairs of jeans already, but the one I am showing in this post is my newest pair in the color “Bernal Love”. I didn’t own any jeans in this much light blue which looks perfect with all my summer tops. 

The other two colors I have which you will also see here are “Mind Your Own Finish” and “Feelin’ Cagey Black”. This actually are the only colors I might need for summer, though I am still eying the white jeans.

The retail price for the jeans are $98 which to me is absolutely affordable for a good quality jeans.

A lot of you might disagree but, I have shopped for some really expensive jeans to find my perfect fit like Madewell, Agolde, Citizens of Humanity and so on. 


The retail price for the jeans are $98 which to me is absolutely affordable for a good quality jeans.

A lot of you might disagree but, I have shopped for some really expensive jeans to find my perfect fit like Madewell, Agolde, Citizens of Humanity and so on. 

So, if you compare these jeans with the popular Pinch waist Jeans from Agolde, you can literally see what the pricing difference is. The Agolde pinch waist jeans are similar in style to the Levis ribcage jeans.

Size I bought

For all the 3 colors, I picked the size 29X27. This is 29 waist and 27 length. This allowed me to have a bit of a crop style but not too much. 

If you are taller than 5 ft 7 inches and don’t want to wear cropped jeans, then you should go for 29 length. 

If you compare this with Agolde, you never even get that option.

How do I feel In the Size

Now, I have to admit in the past year, I haven’t bought Levis jeans, I am not a big fan of skinny jeans and in 2019 I had bought Balloon jeans from Levis that I absolutely loved, but after that never found a pair that I loved. 

When I saw these straight leg jeans, I wanted to try them. I thought 28 would be my size, while it fits like a glove, but that was exact reason, I did not buy it. I wanted some room and with the ribcage design, it goes really high on my waist, so if it is really fitted, I get uncomfortable specially after eating a bit or as we women our body bloats as well. 

The size 29 allows me to have a little bit of breathing room. So, if you are on the same boat as me, size up. 


The jeans in the shade Bernal Love and Feeling Cagey Black are actually not stretchable material. So they are more rigid and hold there shape even if you move or sit wearing them. 

But the Mind Your Own Finish one is more of a stretchable material, so I think I wished that I bought them in size 28. But the good part is that these jeans reshape themselves if you stop wearing them for a few days. 


I am glad that I picked them up in size 28 because they are perfect ankle length for me and since I have longer lengths and shorter torso, the shorter length ones look a bit more flattering. 

It does not look like I am drowning in the fabric. But if you have a longer torso and you are taller than 5 ft 6 inch, I would recommend going for the 29. 

Fit Style

The Levis ribcage jeans have button fly which is the biggest reason I bought them. I have a couple more of these styles of jeans from other brands and honestly they are way more comfortable and also look way more flattering for my not so flat abs. 

Compared to any zip style jeans, where you tend to have a pooch if the jeans gets too tight or you bloat. I know it sounds bad, but lets face it, it happens to all of us. 

I love that the button fly provides a corset for your waist and everything looks more flattering.

I also like that the jeans are not extremely tight on my but, at least not the ” Bernal Love” color one, so it looks more like a relaxed fit and I honestly prefer that. It looks more mature and stylish. 

Are they Really Straight Leg?

If you compare them with any other straight leg jeans, you will notice that they are not perfectly straight leg actually.

They have a slight flare at the calf area. But most of our bodies are also not perfectly straight or curvy. And with the slight flare it balances out the super high waist style of the jeans, which can make you look way more straight.

So, basically thanks to the slight flare, it actually looks way more flattering than the regular straight leg jeans. And let me tell you, I have tried so many of them.

Overall Length

Even though the jeans are super high waisted, the overall ankle length balances that with a bit of ankle show. This elongates your legs and I can honestly wear so many shoes with these jeans. 

I have shared a separate guide where I am showing different kinds of shoes you can wear with these jeans for summer. Check it out if you are curious. 

Sizing Difference

This is a bit interesting to me, at the same time it also makes sense. I bought all three jeans in the same size, but there fits are different. 

Bernal Love

The jeans is not so stretchy, but looks longer in the same 29X27 size and is also loose around my hip or lower butt area. 

The waist area or the belt section feels that same.

Mind Your Own Finish

These jeans are actually the most stretchy and comfortable to wear. They also fit my body better than the lighter color and the jeans are also perfect ankle length. 

The waist area or the belt section feels that same.

Feelin' Cagey Black

Like most darker wash jeans, these jeans are tighter even for the same 29 size. They literally hug my waist. I also own the black shade of Levis Balloon leg jeans and actually had the same experience. 

These jeans are not too tight on me, but if 29 fits perfectly for you and you want to buy this color, I recommend sizing up in them.

The hip area and lower butt also feels really fit which I also love because I wanted these to be my date night jeans. 

Overall Thoughts

There is a reason, I bought 3 pairs, its because I honestly thing that they are great value for money. Levis is denim company which means they know what they are making and the products deliver. 

And I have been wearing these jeans for over a month and also wear them while working from home, so I can totally say that they have become my go to pair.

Where to Shop

Levis online store is the best place where you will find all different color options. And currently the “Bernal Love” is on 30% off, so I highly recommend snagging it before it sells out. 

Some other places you can find the, are Macys and Nordstrom where you can also often find discounted pricing. 

Linked all of them below.

Checkout My Try On

I hope this post was helpful, I am also planning to create a video on this review, so make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can really see a side by side comparison of the jeans.

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