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Dyson Air Wrap Complete Review for Fine Hair


Dyson Air Wrap Complete Review for Fine Hair

Thinking of buying the new Dyson Airwrap multistyler and wondering whether it works for your fine hair? After using for over 6 months, I am sharing my complete review of this product.

About The Brand

Dyson launched its first hair styling product in 2016 which was the supersonic hair dryer. And it took the hair industry by surprise. Most hair dryers used hot air only for drying your hair which is damaging it as well. But the hair dryer claimed to provide optimal heat and also no heat option to dry your hair. 

The product was sleek and innovative with the trademark vacuum air blowing technology. And also claims to dry your hair faster. It was revolutionary hair tool and was a huge success.

So, two years later, they came out with the Dyson Airwrap styler which became equally popular. 

And last year they released the newest version of Airwrap claiming to make it better. 

The Review

What I Bought

I bought the Dyson Airwrap multi styler for long hair. It also comes separately for the short hair. I bought it directly from the Dyson website. This also gave me 3 additional free accessories:

  1. Hair Brush
  2. Comb
  3. Travel bag

The Airwrap is the most expensive out of the 3 line of hair tools Dyson sells. It retails for $599. Ouch! I know.

And I bought it in this pastel purple shade call Vianca Blue and Rosè. I wanted it in the rose gold finish, but this one just looked nicer and calmer to me. The gold was just too much gold for me. And at this point I had also bought the Dyson straightener in the same shade. So, I decided to make it a collection.

Dyson Airwrap product shot

What Is Included

The entire kit by default comes with everything which was the biggest reason, I upgraded my existing Dyson airwrap. The previous version only came with the dryer and the wand. And you had to select everything else. There is of course more difference, which you will find out later in this post. 

But here are the items included:

  1. Smoothing Dryer – Hair dryer that comes with a smoothener that will tame your flys.
  2. Soft smoothing brush – Perfect for fine hair
  3. Firm smoothing brush – Excellent for straightening frizzy hair.
  4. Round volumizing brush – For 2nd – 3rd day hair.
  5. 1.2 inch thick long barrel – for curls
  6.  1.6 inch thick long barrel – for waves.
  7. Lint brush – This is a good accessory.

Hair Drying

Now, I already owned the previous version of the airwrap, so decided to do a split air drying test. After drying my wet hair on the same speed from both the drying head. I did feel like the drying on the previous version was much faster than the new one. It took me more time to dry my hair and more precision compared to the original version. 

Old Dyson Airwrap Drying

I solved this by using the sections of my hair and drying it. This actually helps speed up the process and drys my hair better. I follow it up with the firm brush to smooth out my frizzy hair.

Hair Curling

This is why I love the new Dyson Airwrap it comes with one attachment for curling your hair both ways. This reduces the amount of time needed to curl my hair. Even though I have fine hair, I just have a lot of it, so this helped me a lot. 

The curling barrel comes with a rotating head that switches the way you can curl your hair. And it’s super quick to do. The only flip side is that you need to remember which arrow curls which way. Sometimes I forget in the middle of hair curling. 

Overall, I love how voluminous my curls come out when I use the 1.2 inch curler. That is the perfect size for getting curls. I use the 1.6 inch barren for root volume of waves on my bangs or top of the head hair.

It does take some getting used to because I am a hair curling iron person. I love using it, but with practice I have gotten better. 

Dyson Hair Curling Start
Dyson Hair curling end result

Hair Smoothening

I was disappointed by this a bit. While it works, there is no doubt about it. The other side of the dryer is actually the smoothener. This is an extra attachment in the dryer. The smoothing works after you use the fly away hair on the head after you run it for a few times. 

And it gets back to flying if you don’t use the proper smoothing product. I think this is because I have fine hair. So, if you are using the smoothener, you need to also use a hair spray that will keep your hair that way. 

Overall Thoughts

I love the convenience of the curling barrels. All you need is to switch to the right side and turn it on, it curls for you. Can it be easier than that. I am on with the hair drying part. And its nice that the Airwrap comes with multiple attachments. The brush can also straighten your fine hair.

So, if you want to but one Dyson product, this would be it. While I still think the price is too high. But its because Dyson is marketed as a luxury brand. 

New Vs Old Dyson Airwrap Comparison

Should You Buy It?



Where To Shop

If you want to get the free products that I shared above, you need to shop directly from the Dyson store. But here are some other places the Airwrap is available.

For more on hair guide, please read:


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