5 Minutes Eye Makeup you Can Wear Daily in Fall

5 Minutes Eye Makeup you Can Wear Daily in Fall


As the weather changes, sometimes changing your makeup look can refresh the way you feel and see yourself differently. But if you are like me, you like to stick to your makeup routine. I have definitely found a solution and that is changing my eye makeup from season to season. 

Today, in this post I wanted to share how you can do this cool fall eye makeup that only takes me like 5 minutes or actually less.

Its a great way to swap your everyday eye makeup easily and feel great doing it too.

So, lets get started. You can shop all the items I am using by clicking the links I shared.

What I am Using?

There is not a lot of brushes you need, I am just using my IT cosmetics double sided makeup brush for blending the transition color to my eyelids. But I am going to share the products that will help you get this look:

I own most of Urban Decay’s eye shadow palette, but this palette is my favorite, because I can wear most of the shades and they all compliment my wheat brown complexion.

Step By Step Tutorial

Step 1: Prepping the Eyes

The first step is always to prep your eye lids so that they can hold on to the eye makeup all day or however long you want it to. And the best way to do that is by applying an eye shadow primer.

I love this eye primer stick from SIGMA because it takes a lot of time out of application. Because its in stick format, you can quickly applying and he texture is more like a paste which makes it easy to blend it with hands.

If you do that with a liquid one, it is a bit harder to blend with your fingers. Plus when you use your fingers, I feel like you leave the right amount of primer on your eye lid. 

After blending the primer, I use the soft brown eye show color as my transitional color and apply it all over my eyelids. This acts like a base for any color application.

Applying Transitional Eye Shadow Color with Blending Brush

Step 2: Apply Colors

The great part about the palette is that it already has a double sided brush that you can use to apply all of the colors. This is why I really don’t need any other brush. 

I am using the thicker brush end and applying the shade “Devilish” which is the perfect blend of plum and brown and looks more of a mauve color on my eye lids.

I only apply this shade to the outer corner of my eyelid and ending at the crease. It makes my eyes look bigger and creates a natural end to the shade.

And I apply the shade “Juicy” which is just a bit lighter to my skin color but has more of pink tone in it to the inner corner of my eyelids. I am using the pencil brush side of the dual brush that comes with the palette.

The great part is that, I don’t even need to blend them together because both these colors look great together. 

using a lighter shade always brightens up your eyes easily and this makes you look awake even if you are too tired, hahaha.

Applying lighter eyeshadow to my inner corner of eye lid

Step 3: Apply Eye Pencil

I have been wearing more of a brown tone of eye liner which looks more natural on my skin tone compared to jet black. And I am glad to find this eye crayon from Lancôme which is not as soft as other ones. 

But the best part is that it stays on even though its just an eye crayon. This also comes in black if you want an eye crayon instead of liquid liner to create a natural eyeliner look which I have shared in my no eye liner look.

I apply the eye liner to my inner water line of my upper eyelids which is optional if it feels a bit intimidating. But this makes my eyes look way bigger. 

And then I apply it close to my lash line for an everyday look. The application is super quick because I don’t need to be perfect  specially because I am applying it so close to my lashes.

This way you create a barely there eye liner look where you don’t need perfect lines.

Applying eyeliner closer to lash line

And that’s it, you are done. Ofcourse you can do your face makeup before or after. And my everyday makeup look hasn’t changed much which I have shared in my everyday makeup look post.

You can finish off with Mascara or you can skip it if you are at home. 

I hope you liked this quick fall makeup look.

This is pretty much my everyday eye makeup look that easily elevates my looks and literally takes 5 minutes or sometimes if I am not distracted faster than that.

Finished Eye makeup without Mascara

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