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How to Use Micellar Water in your SkinCare Routine without Cotton Pads


I have been using Micellar water for my makeup removal for more than a year now, and I have to say that this was the smartest move from the makeup removing wipes. But around the same time I also removed using cotton pads. 

In this post, I will share how I am efficiently using the micellar water in my daily skin care routine to remove makeup and keep my skin clean without a lot of waste.

The primary reason of using the micellar water was to stop wasting all those wipes that I have been using for years, while I loved my Neutrogena makeup wipes, I just felt really guilty using them everyday. 

And let me tell you, I went through a lot. I still keep the reusable wipe box that the brand offers, but for something else.

Table of Contents

What is the Benefits of using Micellar Water?

Ever since I started using micellar water, I have stuck to Garnier, so I will share my experience with that product. There are a lot of brands in the market, but its important to stick with something that is cost effective since this is a fluid and you might be using it everyday.

Is Micellar Water not good for you?

Micellar water, because of more water contents are gentle on your skin compared to makeup wipes. Also, since its more fluid, you can customize how much you use on your skin.

They also come with other benefits like hydration, mattifying, glow. So, rather than using harsh chemicals to wipe your makeup, you can use micellar water that will also nourish your skin while doing so. I have been using the Garnier Brightening Micellar water which also provides glow. This is something that I always strive for because my skin is naturally oily. 

I have not felt any tingle or sensation compared to using makeup wipes sometimes, if I just got an exfoliation or facial before. Not sure what could be the reason, but with micellar water it just feels like using water.

Can I use micellar water instead of water for washing my face?

Its important to know is that Micellar water should not be your only skin cleansing product specially if you are wearing makeup. Because, the contents of this product is more gentle, I have noticed that even after most of my makeup is removed, I still need soap to wash my face, I mean I used to do the same with makeup wipes as well. So, this process was not at all new for me. But, if you are wondering if you can use micellar water instead of water to wash our face, then the answer is NO

Does micellar water clog your pores?

Not at all, it is actually a cleanser, and just like any face wash, if you dont use it properly to clean your face, then you will still have dirt on your skin which will block your pores and cause breakouts eventually or create blackheads.

You should always wash your face with a face wash after any makeup cleansing, or even if you are using any cleansing oil. This makes sure that you have cleaned your face thoroughly which will avoid any chemical residue left on your skin that can clog your pores, it may lead to pimples or black heads.

I learnt this from my Mom, who does not even use fancy skincare products that the best skin is a clean skin. She even at 60 has an amazing skin that I aspire for.

How I Use it Without Cotton Pads?

Once I decided to start using micellar water, I wanted to further reduce the wastage of using cotton everyday a little bit more so I can feel better, so I bought these reusable organic cotton pads from Amazon. And I have been hooked ever since. They come with a mesh bag which you can use, to store them and throw them in the washing machine to get cleaned and sanitized. 


You can pour the micellar water onto it and remove your makeup, or soak it first and then apply micellar water, if you have extremely sensitive skin, or if you have acne where you don’t want the rubbing to hurt them. This was you are being gentle with your skin while removing makeup. 

Can you use micellar water without cotton pads?

Yes, absolutely. That is the beauty of this product. Since its like water on your face, you can use a microfiber cloth or a hand towel to wipe your makeup down after you have soaked your face with it. 

The only challenge with that is, you have to keep washing the cloth everyday. If you use these reusable cotton pads, you will have more than one of it. So, you can wash them once a week and you are done.

You can see that the one I have are stained, and I have found that, if I soak them in hot water and detergent before I wash them, it comes out cleaner than just putting them directly for wash. I have been using this for almost a year now, and I think I am ready for a new pack since I have used them a lot. 

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A Hack to Effectively Use Micellar Water!

This is an amazing hack that I discovered recently after I went on my Mexico trip for thanksgiving. Previously, whenever I travelled, I would carry a travel pack of the makeup removing wipes because I didn’t want to haul my heavy micellar water in my checkin bag, which we all know is not really safe. You can literally spill all of that and get the entire suitcase wet.

I really wanted to take the micellar water to my trip, so I poured some in a travel size bottle and kept it in my carry on, which was amazing. Honestly, I was bummed that I didn’t think of it before. Now, I had bought a spray on bottle, so I used it like a spray on my face, and then wiped my makeup off with my reusable cotton pads.

I was amazed how easily my makeup came off, specially my eye makeup which would require quite a bit of rubbing and sometimes, my skin will feel sensitive after washing because of the rubbing.

But this time, my eye makeup came off really easily and I did not feel and harsh rubbing on my skin. That age me an amazing idea to use the same technique in my everyday skincare routine. So, I bought some cute blue glass bottles fro Amazon in which I can store my micellar water. The bottle comes with a funnel, which made it easy to pour the micellar water. 

And I used the same technique to remove makeup from my face. I was so happy with the result. And an, added bonus, shake the bottle so, the water will be a bit foamy which makes removing makeup easier. 

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Should You Use it if You Don't Wear Makeup?

You can still use micellar water if you are not wearing makeup to get the benefits of a deep clean and the nourishment that it provides. If you use products like BB cream or CC cream, you should be using makeup removing products since they do have pigmentation. It also applies to compact powders, tinted lip gloss or even tinted moisturizers or sunscreen. 

Micellar water will help remove the pigments that can cause your pores to get clogged or cause breakouts if your skin is prone to that. Even if you are a teen or in your 20s, proper skincare is the foundation. That is what I tell my daughter. A healthy skin is better than any makeup.

My Daily Makeup Removing Routine

I religiously remove my makeup every night, no matter how tired I am. And wanted to share what my steps. Its super easy and anyone can do it.

  1. I tie my hair so that I can clean my forehead and my hairline area as well which can be a big problem area and breakout prone because of scalp oils.
  2. I spray the micellar water on my face which does feel a bit cold in the winter, and I wait a few seconds.
  3. I use the reusable cotton pad and remove my face makeup first on one side and my eye makeup on the other side, this way I don’t get my lipstick on my face.
  4. I use my Origins Checks and Balances face wash which helps keep the pH level of my skin intact with my Amazon silicone cleansing brush. 
  5. Then I wash my face and follow my skincare routine. 
I do this everyday to completely remove all my makeup and get my skin clean to prepare for my nighttime skin routine.

My Thoughts on Garnier Micellar Water

Since I started using Micellar water, I have stuck with Garnier. I honestly trust the brand because I have never gotten any side effects from the product. The micellar water  has no fragrance, oil or alchohol which makes is a really simple skincare product. I have used all of there variations of the micellar water, but I absolutely love the Brightening  and Waterproof makeup removing ones.


I sometimes mix both of them and use it together to get the best results. And I actually pour them both in my glass bottle so that I can remove my waterproof mascara easily and still get the brightening benefits. It just feels like a genius way. Don’t You Think?

Each of these bottles last me more than 2 months, so for a price of around $8.99, they are a way effective way of removing my makeup compared to the makeup removing wipes that I used to buy which would last me exactly a month for a pack of 30 wipes and they costed around $7 approximately since I really never found a 30 pack.

Which other brands of micellar water is best?

There are also some other good brands that sell micellar water and are also cost effective. Some of the brands that I will switch if I have to switch from Garnier are Bioderma, Pacifica, Loreal & Biore (good for teens).

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Please note that if you make a purchase by clicking any of the items above will generate a commission to support me. For full disclosure check the disclaimer.

Here are some other ways you can easily remove makeup from your face.


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  1. Hi Suchi,

    What an incredible, detailed post, it was really helpful for me, thank you!
    I was wondering, can you use just micellar water with water though?

    I’m asing this because recently it’s trending in Korea to use micellar water by applying directly on your face and washing it out with just water and no cotton pads or any type of cloth. According to your blog post, this seems wouldn’t work.

    Do you mind sharing your thoughts on this?

    This Youtube video is the viral one.

    1. I have tried mixing water with micellar water, but it would just dilute it. So you need more. This post is purely focused on sharing how to use micellar water with washable clothes if you dont want to waste a lot of cotton.

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