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The Best Ways To Wear Blazers With Dresses This Season For Classy Look


As the weather gets warmer, you get excited about wearing dresses. Or you have a party to go to and you don’t know how to style your dress.

In this post we are sharing how to style blazer with dresses for various occasions so you look chic and put together.

This style guide will be your go to when it comes to picking the right blazer styles for your dresses and events.

So, let’s checkout different ways of how to wear blazers with dresses; remember that fashion is about finding what makes you feel your best. So, experiment, have fun, and proudly own your ‘It Girl’ look.

How to Wear Blazers with Dresses - 11 Ways

Wear and Oversized Blazer With Short Dress

Did you know that the secret to transforming your vacation wardrobe lies in the power of a classic blazer paired with your favorite short dress? Consider stepping into your holiday paradise, exuding an aura of effortless chic and sophistication while embracing the relaxed vibe of your destination. Let me show you how to do that. A chunky knit mini dress paired with a classic black blazer. This outfit is your sartorial cheat sheet for achieving that coveted ‘Cool It Girl’ look with minimal effort and maximum impact.

The outfit’s formula is fail-safe yet fabulous: a textured, cream-colored mini dress serves as a canvas for the sharp, tailored lines of an oversized black blazer. The dress’s snug fit and playful length contrast perfectly with the blazer’s structured formality. Together, they create a harmonious balance between feminine charm and authoritative flair.

Short Dress for Vacation with a Classic Black Blazer
by @ameliakay__

Wear Light Blazer with Bohemian Dress

Have you ever wondered how you can effortlessly merge the worlds of corporate sleekness with a dash of adventurous spirit? “With a pair of boots and a hat,” you can open this sartorial treasure chest, blending the structured elegance of a blazer with the whimsical charm of a dress.

Let’s crack the secret with an ensemble that speaks volumes in the fashion lexicon: Ladies’ fashion could be a whole different movie on its own. It can be the blazer and dress combo with the perfect boots and hat.

Here’s the formula: consider a beautiful white dress with delicately woven lace. This kind has a ring of bliss as it ruffles and emanates elegance. Then, toss over a camel-colored blazer that fits so well and seems elegant but, at the same time, gives a corporate style. While the blazer has a simple and sophisticated look, the skirt’s hem is playful, making a narrative of textures as attractive as it is stylish.

Style With a Pair of Boots and a Hat
by @irmatessar

Blazer with a Satin Dress For Casual Look

Becoming a street-style icon might involve pairing items you already own unexpectedly chicly. “Casually with Satin Dress and Sneakers” is a fashion revelation that combines the luxurious allure of satin with the down-to-earth vibe of sneakers, all smartly anchored with a sleek blazer. So, let’s see how this works.

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Here’s a sartorial blueprint for the modern maverick: a dark black satin dress finely matched with a dashing black blazer that looks like a line of a tailored dress. This wordplay in textures is the highlight of this look – the crisp and sharp lines of the blazer contrast perfectly with the smooth and fluid form of the dress to create a visually stunning piece. The blazer conveys an authoritative impression, while the dress has an evening bonhomie.

Effortlessly Style a Blazer Casually with a Satin Dress and Sneakers
by @serenity.silkwear

Pair An Oversized Blazer with Maxi Dress

Why waste your time doing the same thing as others when you can make your life magnificent and memorable? Consider a scene where you, nicely dressed in a timelessly beautiful outfit yet with an astonishing contemporary influence, are setting the tone and providing the focal point. Wear a Maxi Dress and an Oversized Blazer. It’s a declaration of sophistication and contemporary flair. But here is the best way to go about it. 

The outfit’s secret formula? First, Let us take a flowing white maxi dress to serve as a base. It should be plain and ready to be enriched by other image elements. Then, pick out an oversized blazer of darker black that fits in just right, having that power with its silhouette but inviting comfort with the grace of its drape. The contrast is not only in colors but in the form; the blazer for males is structured, the dress offers fluidity, and the combination creates an illusion of who the beater of the game is.

Stunning in a Maxi Dress and Oversized Blazer
by @alexandralapp
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Dominating the Skill of Matching Blazer with Dress

How often have you noticed a styling of a combination of patterns and colors that makes you pause to appreciate it? The type of ensemble that can only be described as utter sophistication and utterly innocent of every stitch? I take great pleasure in presenting the matching skill of blazer-and-dress combos — with the caveat that it is not just any dress that would make the grade but one that jives harmoniously with the blazer.

Here’s the formula: A virgin, patterned long dress that falls in a beautiful scale down along the body, its pattern itself a hymn in detail. Now, let’s match that with an elegantly styled matching blazer made of the same fabric. This jacket has the same color and purpose, providing a structure to replace the dress’s lightness and airiness.

The final picture features the garment in a single-color palette. This is a demonstration of how to incorporate a blazer with a dress. The bold white color scheme, with its simple look, is a statement, and that statement does not need to be shouted in order to be heard. It dictates class, hints at elegance, and bursts forth from the wearer with self-confidence.

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Dominating the Skill of Matching Blazer with Dress
by @anacaltun

Styling a Blazer With a Formal Dress for Unmatched Sophistication

Do you know you can do this as well with a formal dress? Yes. Is it possible to leave that class of exclusive and sophisticated venues for the hard-edged professional atmosphere here? Absolutely. The important thing about this outfit is that it puts together a blazer and a formal dress that conveys a degree of sophistication with a capital S.

The blazer’s tailored lines hug the shoulders, setting off the dress’s dazzling design. This is how to wear blazers with dresses while being formal without feeling like you are sacrificing yourself as a fashion victim.

The ensemble speaks of contrast and harmony: the versatility of the high-shine fabric of the gown together with the matte provocation of the blazer; the serenity of the dress in comparison to the structure of the jacket. While simply adorned with a clutch that looks like a night sky and jewelry that has been thoughtfully picked, this outfit is an example of tasteful opulence.

Styling a Blazer With a Formal Dress for Unmatched Sophistication

Add a Belt to The Blazer Over a Dress

Now, let’s see how you can do this with a belt: This blazer and dress combo embodies modern elegance with some extra appeal that shows you that bright is not dull. The outfit is anchored on a structured blazer. Then, there is a professional setting that is done with a hint of modern fashion. The blazer’s crisp tailoring is a great contrast to the softer, pleated texture of the midi dress in a very appealing way, resulting in a dynamic silhouette.

Consider pairing this outfit with a sleek leather tote or a statement watch—accessories that complement your impeccable taste and attention to detail. It’s an art form where you are the canvas, and fashion is your medium. Ready to be your own masterpiece?

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Midi Dress With Oversized Blazer

Have you ever considered how to create fashion that is both comfortable to wear and high-quality? The cute blazer featured on a midi shirt dress is simply magnificent and is another way to wear your blazer with the dress. This look is a no-brainer for everyday, stylish dressing, as it manages to look effortlessly casual while still maintaining a sophisticated edge.

The outfit can be expressed as a lemon cream midi T-shirt dress that is both stylish and comfortable. It sets a playful mood for the party. There is something about it that makes one feel as if it is an untold story that shouts subtle luxury. And finally, put on a bubblegum pink blazer, and then you are no longer just a casual; you are a commitment to stylish fashion. The sharp lines of a blazer add formality, and the color calls out for fun. It’s a tad cutesy with the ultimate coolness.

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Add a Colored Blazer with Summer Dress

Have an upcoming summer vacation, and wondering how to style a summer dress? You can actually pair a colored blazer with your summer printed dresses. 

This is such a fun way of looking chic at the same time put together. Whether you are wearing a sleeveless, printed or flowy dress, blazers have a way of making it look done. 

You look more dressed and ready compared to wearing a cardigan over the dress. 

So, if you are trying to elevate your summer dress look, simply pair a colored blazer. The colored blazer looks chic and sophisticated, but at the same time fun. 

Recreate The Look

Rocking a Short, Flowy Dress and Oversized Blazer with Confidence

How do you strut the line between whimsical and commandingly chic? Here’s another secret of wearing your blazer with the dress: Pairing a short, flowy dress with an oversized blazer is the new cheat code for sartorial excellence. This is where the romance of a floral print meets the authority of tailoring.

Consider a dance of petals across a dress that’s all flirt and flutter, giving you a look that’s as fresh as spring itself. But we don’t just frolic in the fields here; we elevate it. Draping an oversized bubblegum pink blazer over it injects a dose of power-dressing DNA that commands respect while winking at fun. It’s oversized but not overwhelming — a deliberate choice that balances statement with silhouette.

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Wear a Blazer with A Cocktail Dress

You have a party to go to and you put on a cocktail dress and wondering what outerwear to layer? You can wear a structured black blazer with it to look chic and sophisticated. 

When it comes to a black blazer here, a double breasted blazer will look better than oversized blazer. 

Even if you wear a colored dress, a black double breasted blazer will look chic and sophisticated. And add to the evening look you are trying to create. 

You can just add all your accessories as usual. And you have a great evening look. 

So, the next time you are wondering about this, you can rock blazer with dress with confidence.

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