Amazon Travel Makeup Bag I Should Have Bought Earlier!

Still enjoying my vacation, but thanks to this Amazon travel makeup bag, my packing and unpacking has been so smooth and stress free. I was able to pack all my makeup and skincare necessities for the trip in this cute bag which is lightweight and perfect travel size.

I am currently writing this while at vacation because honestly my experience with this makeup bag has been amazing. For years, I have struggled packing my makeup and other skincare products efficiently and always ended up scattering them in different bags and you know what happens when you start looking for them.

We all have done that a lot. If you haven’t, I would love to know what your secret is. For me, I needed something that would keep my makeup brushes, liners as well as all my moisturizers and serums. And this bag is just the perfect one that I was missing in my life.

The bag is not that big and also fits my carry on suitcase which in itself is also compact. And how cute does it look with the marble finish. The exterior is hard which protects any of my fragile belongings like perfume bottles, or any other bottle you want to carry from breaking during travel. And it’s also lightweight. 

For the longest time, I either had a makeup bag which had no compartments, which means there was a chance of things moving and breaking while travel which always made me nervous of packing the bag in my checkin. This makeup bag has adjustable compartments that you can customize according to your need which is super cool. I was able to layer on a lot of products and fit them perfect to stay tight in the bag. The top part of the bag has compartments to keep brushes and other tools that you need to carry and closes with a velcro flap. It also has a zipped section where I stuffed all my cotton balls and first aid kid in case I need it.

After packing all of that, I was a bit worried that this bag will not close, but to my surprise, it closed just perfectly.

After packing all of that into this makeup bag, it still did not feel heavy at all, and it felt so snuggly that for the first time in many years, I actually packed it in my checkin bag and was completely worry free. And when I opened it in my destination, everything was where it should be. 

The price of this Amazon Travel makeup Bag is absolutely unbelievable for the quality. Its just $16.98. But for a limited time there is a 5% off. So, if you are traveling soon, you should invest in this travel bag.

I have also linked some similar styles of travel makeup bag in different finishes in case you don’t like this design.


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If you already own this bag, please share your feedback on it in the comments section below. And if you are headed for a new destination, then you should absolutely use this travel makeup bag from Amazon. Safe Travels and Enjoy Your Trip!

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