The Perfect Ankle Booties from Sarah Flint – $50 Off any Shoes

As we all try to haste into fall this year which some how creeped up on us, I really have seen myself lean on the basics this year. And when I found these ankle booties, I just could not resist them. And its tough to not talk about them when you personally have fallen in love with them. 

Though, I was a bit worried that I might get a bit salesy but honestly I am just sharing my excitement for finally able to wear heels without hurting my soles and feeling dead after walking a mile. I just recently got these Sarah Flint perfect Zip Booties, and have been inseparable from them ever since. 

Every time, I step out of the house, I find myself reaching for them. They are the pairs that I never thought I needed and I have had my fair share of trying a lot of booties. But a good ankle boots need to be comfortable to walk on since they are like your flip flops for fall winter. Why? You probably answered them yourself. You tend to reach for them the most. 

Sarah Flint Shoes - pic 2

These booties are true to size, which was a nice surprise as I often mess it up with the IT sizing. I am a size 7.5 in US and 38 in IT and that is what I ordered and it fits perfectly.

The best feature about the booties are that they are double zipped. What does that mean? It means that they have zips on either sides of the ankle and let me tell you that helps a lot! Specially when you wearing thicker socks or want to easily slide your feet into them, having more room to do so with the zips on both sides helps so much. You are having an aha moment aren’t you! I did too when I wore them the first time. The double zips also help making the ankle part of the booties be really fitted or if you want more room in case you are wearing jeans that go inside the booties, you can unzip them slightly. Genius isn’t it! 

That is what I thought when I saw them, but there is more. The Non-Slip Rubber soles are perfect to be worn in Fall and Winter when it starts raining and it gets really slippery everywhere. What an amazing idea with the leather booties. It not only is comfortable and safe to walk in them, the rubber sole also extends the lifespan of these boots. When you spend so much money on a pair of good booties, as women we like to hold on to them as much as we can. 

If you guys are interested in buying any of their shoes, please use the code “SARAHFLINT-BASUCHI” to get $50 Off your purchase (Offer valid for New Customers).

Or You can directly get the discount when you click the link below to  shop.

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They also have padding inside the boots which provides comfort in terms of walking and honestly, I could not believe that I was wearing heels but they didn’t feel like that at all. Style without comfort is no style at all, and these booties give both. I couldn’t  have been more glad to have found a match. The heel height is 2.75 inch but they definitely appear taller and when you walk in them you don’t feel the pressure of the heels. It just feels soft and cushiony which helps if you want to walk in them.

The simple calf leather makes these booties so versatile that I have literally worn it in so many ways. Styled and did a detailed review on my YouTube Channel as well. I honestly found them really versatile and worth the money. These are a pair I will have in my wardrobe and will be getting a lot of wear out of. 

Sarah flint’s brand is exactly what I stand for, bring style into our everyday lives. I honestly believe that style is not just for special days, thats what Makes our Day Special! Don’t you think so too? And Sarah Flint has brought that to our lives with really beautiful pieces of footwear that are also functional and comfortable to wear. If we dont really love what we wear, we can never feel great about it.

There are so many amazing Classics from Sarah Flint that I will be buying, but the Perfect zip booties are my most favorite classic that I will be wearing a lot. 

These Booties also come in two different colors, Olive & Leopard print and

If you guys are interested in buying any of their shoes, please use the code “SARAHFLINT-BASUCHI” to get $50 Off your purchase (Offer valid for New Customers).

Or You can directly get the discount when you click the link below to  shop.

Watch The Review and 5 Ways I have Styled Them

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