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What to Wear and Pack For A Ski Vacation When You Don’t Want to Ski

You are planning your next ski trip or just a snow getaway to enjoy during the holiday or even after that and wondering what to wear to look good or how to look chic and updated this winter. Don’t worry in this post I am covering that. In this ski trip capsule I am sharing what all items you should pack and what to wear on your ski trip so that you can get those amazing photos and looking chic and stylish. 

The biggest problem that I faced on all my ski trips is that I only pack puffers and thick sweaters. If you do the same, you know what I mean. Its not only annoying to layer both of them together, you also look the same in every picture. So, in this capsule, I want to share outerwear and knitwear that are versatile and will still keep you looking stylish and most importantly cozy.

Let’s begin.

What To Wear At A Ski Resort When Not Skiing

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Planning is Key!

That is the whole purpose of a Capsule plan, but even if you don’t want to create a capsule, but want to wear something nice or create versatile looks, you need to plan ahead because if you want to purchase something cute or nice, you atleast need a few days for to it to ship. but more importantly, this will save you from doing any unnecessary shopping.

Whenever I have shopped at the last minute and compromised on what I bought, I have always regret it at the end and probably never wear even again. So this year, I have tried to take the other approach with all my vacation outfit planning this year. And it has helped me a lot in not only avoiding last minute shopping that always feels like a disaster, but also come up with complete outfits so that I know exactly what to wear on the trip which saves a lot of time while I am on vacation. 

Now you don’t have to write everything down with pen and paper and be absolutely serious about what you planned. Keep a little room in a vacation outfit planning so that if needed you can make some adjustments, you have extra clothes for it. There can also be some accidents as well where your entire outfit or clothes are damaged.

Having extra clothes or alternatives pieces that you can replace in your look will definitely come in handy. Now if you are going on a road trip, this is definitely easy to do. But if you are flying, this is a great way to plan what you can pack in your luggage to be efficient and versatile. I know winter luggage is always way more voluminous that summer, so we need to be really smart.

Winter Essentials to Pack

There are some winter essentials that you have to absolutely pack and you will already have this in your wardrobe. But its important to pack these. Here are my essential lists:


You must be thinking she means sweaters, but not really, you need to have a mix of lighter and thicker layers depending on the outerwear you wear. You also need to think of where you are going or what kind of activities that you will be doing. 

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If you have a lot of outdoor activities, packing more of thicker sweaters will help you stay warm outside. But, if you have days where you are going to hang out indoors, then you should pack thinner layers as well, because most of the indoor locations are heated, if you have thick sweater, you might sweat and feel uncomfortable indoors.

You also need to pack for ski trips or any other snow activities like sledging where you will get wet. Packing water proof outerwear and base layers will keep you warm, comfortable and make the whole experience enjoyable.

Trust me, I have been there where I am way too cold because I am not dressed appropriately.

Below are my essential tops that I will carry. choose the number of these items that you will buy depending on the number of different activities and days of visit.

  • Lightweight Sweater
  • Base Layer tops
  • Tank Top (act as a base layer for thick sweater)
  • Turtlenecks (They are always warmer and cozier)
  • Long (Tunic Style) Chunky Sweater but Fitted – You don’t want the sweater to bulk up inside puffer coats or any other coats.


We often pick jeans for outerwear, but they are not really comfortable or keep us cozy because they are not thick enough. So, its important that we layer something underneath. Its important to make sure that you don’t have a lot of skin exposed or not have enough layers that they will get the cold breeze and get chilly. Thats really uncomfortable.

If you are wearing skinny jeans, then pick fleece tights or leggings that are lightweight and will not make your skinny jeans uncomfortable. Moreover, pick skinny jeans that are not too tight . Most skinny jeans would be stretchable, but pick one that is a bit more stretchy because they won’t feel too tight when you sit down or bent down to pick something. This way you look chic and are comfortable to enjoy your time in the cold. 

If you are going for a ski trip or snow activities, pick a base layer and waterproof ski pants that will not get wet. Because getting wet is the worst cold weather experience. There are so many designs of ski pants that slick and stylish. And you can also play with colors, just make sure that you are picking something that will go with your jacket as well. I mostly prefer black, because they way I can switch out everything else.

Leggings are also a great option if you are wearing taller boots or longer coats. But if you have a short jacket, I recommend picking fleece lined leggings that will be warm.

  • Jeans (Skinny or Straight)
  • Fleece Lined Leggings – 
  • Base Layer Leggings (Preferably smoother that can make wearing bottoms easier)
  • Ski or Water proof thick pants
  • Leather leggings (Looks chic and are also cozy)


Outerwear is key to winter looks. They can make or break your outfits.

You don’t have to only pack puffers. This is a mistake I used to do on all of my trips. If you only use a puffer coat. Each one of your outfits will look the same. If you are looking to create versatile looks, you need to wear other styles of coats as well. Ofcourse there is a trick to that. This is what I have been practicing this year. 

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You can wear a long wool coat if its oversized and layer a blazer or cardigan underneath to create cozier looks. Double breasted wool coats are my favorite, because they are lined which makes them thicker and if you add a cardigan or blazer as an additional layer, you will be cozy for sure. 

You can also pick vests if you want more warmth on your body and don’t need as much of layers for your arms. This is a trick that will help you style and create different looks without packing on multiple puffer jackets.

You can also wear Sherpa or sherpa lined coats that will also be super cozy and use the same technique as above if you need more warmth. It all depends on the activity you are doing again. Don’t wear these coats if you are going sledging or skiing. Because you will get wet. Wear them for dinners or outings where you want to take a chic picture and look cute. 

If you pick puffer jackets, I always prefer jackets that are belted or are designed to look fitted around the waist. This way I don’t look frumpy and bulky in them. If you don’t have a belt, you can always pick an inexpensive nylon belt from Amazon to add to your puffer jackets. This definitely elevates your looks.

  • Short Puffer Jacket. 
  • Long Puffer Coat
  • Sherpa Coat
  • Faux fur Coat
  • Double Breasted Coat
  • Open front cardigan
  • Wool Blazer


Boots are our only option when it comes to footwear for cold weather. But they can also be versatile. You don’t have to only pick son boots though they are the coziest. This year I have seen so many chic and elevated lug sold boots that will look chic and at the same time be comfortable to walk in during your trip. 

But it’s important that you pick boots that have grown soles which will hold on to the floor better compared to smoother soles. If your shoes don’t have grip then there is a high risk that you will slip and fall a lot. So, avoid shoes that don’t have the grooves. 

That is why lug sole boots are so comfortable. They have the groove which will have better grip on slippery snowy roads. 

You should have a mix of tall and ankle boots. If you are wearing thicker bottoms, then wearing tall boots will be uncomfortable. So pick ankle boots.

But if you are wearing leggings which are not that thick even if they are fleece lined, pick taller boots. They will keep your leg warmer. Ofcourse, pick socks as well. You don’t need a lot of them, probably three of them are enough.

  • Snow Boots
  • Lug Sole Ankle Boots
  • Tall Lug Sole Boots

Warm Accessories

These are really critical and will also complete your entire look. Its all about the right accessories and how you style them with your looks. If you have a luggage limit and cannot take a lot of accessories, then pick neutral colored ones which will go well with all your outerwear or footwear.

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I always try to match them with either my coats or my boots. Its just looks more aesthetic and stylish. 

There are some accessories that are not visible but make sure that you pack colors that will blend with your bottoms. If you are wearing white jeans, layering a black leggings underneath is probably not a good idea. So, make sure you take neutral colored leggings as well. 

Also make sure you pack longer and shorter socks depending on what boots you pick. If you are wearing leggings then layering with longer socks will keep you cozier and air tight.

Beanies and Scarves feel like unnecessary but are so important. They will keep you warm when you are walking outside in the cold breeze and if its snowing outside. Make sure you pack wool scarves but they are not too chunky, you might not be able to move your head.

  • Beanies
  • Wool Hat
  • Tights (Fleece lined) – Neutral & Black
  • Wool Scarves (Not Knit)
  • Long Wool Socks
  • Short Wool Socks
  • Ski Gloves
  • Wool lined Gloves (Can be leather as well)

Extra Touches

These are pieces that will elevate your outfit and things that people often forget. 


Pick Crossbody handbags that are easier to carry because shoulder ones will be too hard to manage while you are freezing. And with puffer jackets they might slip a lot from your shoulders.

If you have Nylon handbags, they are perfect for cold weather because they also are waterproof, but even if you are carrying leather bags like me, you can still rock them, just make sure that you protect them with a waterproof spray. I use it in all of my leather bags to protect them from stains and water and its from Amazon.


Even if its freezing outside you will still see the sun outside during day time (unless you are in Alaska), so make sure that you have one reflective or darker sunglass. But I also love to wear tinted sunglasses that look chic and adds a style quotient to my looks without any effort. 

This way even if you are not wearing makeup, you look photo ready. 


Even if you think you don’t need it, you should keep at least one. Its to protect you from heavy snowfall that can get your clothes wet. This is really important if you are wearing non water proof coats. You don’t have to carry huge umbrella, there are plenty of compact umbrellas that fit in your handbag easily. 

For more on ski trip style for women, please read:

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