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Step By Step Guide to Creating a Colorful Capsule Wardrobe


Step By Step Guide to Creating a Colorful Capsule Wardrobe

If you love color and want to create a capsule wardrobe or a wardrobe plan that will help you come up with cohesive outfits and actually unlimited of them. You don’t really need to buy all of these pieces which is often what most capsule wardrobe would suggest. 

And the best part is that it’s not just a capsule wardrobe full of basics. So, if you are looking for something like that, then checkout the step by step guide of how I built my Capsule wardrobe. 

If you are new to capsule wardrobes and really love color then follow along as well.

I am going to take you step by step through how I created the plan for my wardrobe, what pieces I bought, what I already owned and I just didn’t buy colored pieces if that is what you are thinking.

Colors I Chose

Rather than just going for one color which to me is a bit boring, I went with two colors (not shades) for my capsule wardrobe – Blue & Yellow.

A lot of capsule wardrobe would recommend to stick to neutrals. If you find it difficult to mix and match colors, then absolutely go for that. But if you are reading this post I am assuming that you really want to incorporate colors in your wardrobe or you want to incorporate colors, and I promise I will deliver that.

But, the key thing you need to think of here is that you cannot create a capsule wardrobe with a rainbow color palette. Of course, you can have a lot of colors in your capsule wardrobe, but then you will also need a lot of clothing pieces to really create cohesive looks. And that is where it all goes wrong. 

I used to do that, but it never worked, so I decided to go for two colors and focus on them. I chose Blue and yellow colors because both of these colors have a wide range of shades and they also work well together which was my goal.

If you are curious what other colors you can combine together, check the below post where I have given a step by step guide to choosing colors for your cohesive capsule wardrobe.

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Below are the list of items that I picked. 

  • Plain Blue T shirt (Bought)
  • Plain Yellow T shirt (Bought)
  • Padded Shoulder yellow T shirt (Bought)
  • Blue Slogan T shirt (Bought)
  • Black Crewneck T shirt (Already Owned)
  • Blue Crewneck T shirt (Already Owned)
  • White Linen Shirt (Already Owned)
  • Blue ruched neck blouse (Already Owned)

I have come up with so many outfit ideas, some of which I will share, but if you want to see more, checkout my Instagram where I share daily outfits.


For bottoms, I mostly kept full length pants or jeans because they are just more versatile and I could pair them with literally all my tops. 

I did add 1 skirt which was yellow, but it was also a midi skirt which I could wear to work or outside as well. And I kept 1 denim shorts which are Bermuda shorts because again, purely for versatility. 

In terms of color palette, I tried to mix and match, but I also wanted my bottoms to be mostly neutral.

I leaned a lot on Blue denim because of the seasonality and versatility. But I also added black and while linen pants which I am absolutely obsessed with. They are extremely versatile and look awesome with anything.

Below are the list of bottoms I picked:

  • White Linen Pants (Already Owned)
  • Black Line Pants (Bought)
  • Blue Ankle Length Straight Leg Jeans (Already Owned)
  • Blue Ripped Straight leg Jeans (Bought)
  • Blue Bermuda Shorts (Already Owned)
  • Yellow Tiered Midi Skirt (Bought)


I also incorporate Black and white because sometimes I definitely want to wear simple dresses with these two neutral colors. While people stay away from blacks in summer, I love blacks because they look way more expensive in linen fabric. If you want are curious how you can wear black in summer, checkout this post.

Below are the dresses I picked for my capsule wardrobe:

  • Blue & Yellow Printed Ankle Length Dress (Bought)
  • Blue with White printed short dress (Already Owned)
  • Yellow Slip Dress (Bought)
  • Soft Yellow T shirt Dress (Owned)
  • White Shirt Dress (Bought)
  • Black Kaftan Dress (Already Owned)


I didn’t really buy a lot of outerwear pieces except Blue and Yellow Blazers. I wanted these two pieces to be the statement of most of my outfit. But I also wanted to keep some basic colored pieces which I already owned. 

Below are the Outerwear I picked for my capsule wardrobe:

  • Blue Linen Blazer (Bought)
  • Yellow Linen Blazer (Bought)
  • Nude Trench Coat (Already Owned)
  • White Long Cardigan (Already Owned)


This is where you should focus on being more neutral so that most of your footwear would go with all of your outfits. That is what I did. But I incorporated two new footwear that have now become really versatile for me. One of them is neutral and one colored. 

And you will notice that most of my footwear lean towards white. White footwear really change your outfit game in summer. I used to be a black footwear fan till I got introduced to white ones and I am obsessed ever since.

Below are the Footwear pieces I picked for my capsule wardrobe:

  • White Espadrilles (Already Owned)
  • Black Espadrilles (Already Owned)
  • Leather Slides (Already Owned)
  • Yellow Flat Sandals (Already Owned)
  • White Woven Sandals (Bought)
  • White Thong Sandals (Bought)
  • Blue Loafer Mules (Bought)


Below are the Handbags I picked for my capsule wardrobe:

  • White leather Flap wicker Crossbody bag (Bought)
  • Yellow Leather Raffia Tote Bag (Bought)
  • Beige and Blue Crossbody Leather bag (Already Owned)

What I didn't focus On

I did not really focus on jewelry or other accessories like hats and sunglasses because, you can just use the ones you own, or if you like something you can buy it and incorporate it in your daily outfits. 

This is where I love to have fun and experiment a lot and that helps me stay sane and not get bored with my outfits.

How to Really Maximize Your Wardrobe

I hear this a lot that when you build a capsule wardrobe, you should get rid of things that you are not wearing and to that I say, its nonsense. No offense, but if you love a clothing piece and enjoy wearing, but at the moment your capsule wardrobe does not include it, that does not mean you should get rid of it. 

Last year, I was in love with Pink, and I have collected some amazing pieces that I cannot part at all. so, I chose Blue and yellow both of which go pretty well with pink as well which in turns maximizes my wardrobe even more. 

I look at Capsule wardrobe as an optimized way of building your seasonal wardrobe that looks amazing as well. 

And practically you cannot get rid of everything in your closet. But do remove items that you never wear. 

Some Colorful Outfits Ideas

Below are some of my colorful outfits, but if you want to see more, checkout my instagram page.

Outfit 1: Casual Everyday

Outfit 2: Boho Chic

Outfit 3: Preppy Casual

Outfit 4: Date night Ready

Outfit 5: Effortless Chic

Outfit 6: Structured Casual


Watch The Video On YouTube

I hope this post helped you in looking at colors in a more fun way and enjoying them more. Stay tuned for a free capsule wardrobe plan that I am working on for summer.


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