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6 Best Colors To Wear With Yellow And How To Wear Them

Yellow is literally in every fashion store this year and it’s filled in my closet too. In this post I want to share the best colors to wear with yellow other than your neutral shades that you can wear with different shades of yellow and upgrade your color game this spring and summer.

Adding colors to your wardrobe is the best way to refresh your wardrobe easily without going for an entire overhaul. And that is exactly what I have been doing this year. I decided to create a more cohesive wardrobe plan by incorporating some colors. And yellow is definitely one of the primary color that I have been wearing this year. My husband is probably going to get sick of me, but I cannot help it. 

Its one of the best colors that you can rock for warmer weather that looks refreshing and also amazing on everyone. There is not a soul who won’t look amazing in it. While a lot of you probably are used to wearing the color with basic colors like black, white or beige. 

These colors are the best beginner shades to try out the color if you feel unsure of wearing yellow or adding the shade to your style. But if you are ready to get to the next level and incorporate more colors to yellow, then checkout some awesome color combinations.

These colors perfectly compliment yellow and will brighten up anyone’s style. You don’t have to be scared, there are no crazy colors in here. I paired them with colors that most of us probably already wear everyday but just not with yellow.

Yellow as a whole has a lot of shades, and I have explained that in each of these color combinations as to why they look perfect together. 

Yellow + Pink

Two of my favorite colors for spring and summer actually. Last year I was absolutely obsessed with pink and of course for a good reason. It’s the best color to create a fun and feminine look with anything. Personally I find that softer Pink and softer yellow go really well together since they both are from the cooler color shade of the family. 

If you add a bit more vibrancy to yellow, then it might look way too much to the eye. So I paired this pale yellow T shirt dress that I got from Loft and have not stopped wearing it with this Cece Blazer in a softer pastel pink. 

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I added a similar shade loafer and this outfit makes for a perfect subtle yellow and pink combination for those of you who don’t like vibrant colors. When the office opens, this probably will be one of most own outfit as well. 

The yellow is not that bright, so it almost passes for a beige color.. What do you think?


Yellow + Orange (with Copper Tone)

This is actually an amazing color combination because yellow is from the cool color family and orange with a bit of copper tone is from earthy tones. This orange shade is actually a combination brown and orange which looks a lot like cognac as well. A really popular shade that you can wear all year around without feeling like you cannot wear it. 

This skirt I bought last fall for cooler months, but thanks to this pastel yellow, I can easily create an outfit that looks bright enough for summer. Yay! My wardrobe goal has slowly shifted from shopping all the time for random things to shopping intentionally for pieces that will stay for a long time and this color combination is doing just that. 

I do not think I will get bored of wearing this skirt anytime soon and hence will keep on using the skirt and would not need to buy new one now. 

The color of this T shirt is brighter than the color of the dress I shared above. It is closer to neon but still has some warmer undertones which creates a bright pastel color and my favorite shade fo the season. And the burnt orange color combined with this shade looks sophisticated and stylish rather than fun and flirt, don’t you think? 

I kept my footwear the same shade as the top and added some gold jewelry to add to the luxurious look.

Yellow + Powder Blue

Blue is the second color I have been obsessed with this season. If you check my Instagram account, you will see loads of outfit inspiration in that shade. But I always though that Yellow and blue will go perfectly well together and this shade combination it is.

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I am pairing this pale yellow with powder blue which is such a beautiful shade to wear all year around. I found this gorgeous jacket in the shade and I have to say you will see me I it a lot this year. 

The pale blue and powder blue combination creates a subtle cool tone in the outfit that brings calmness to your eye. This is also a great color combination that you can rock at work if you have a business casual. The key to wearing more than one color is to keep the colors to a maximum of 3. 

This way your outfit is not too busy. So I kept all of accessories white which also blends with the pale yellow dress.

Yellow + Forest Green

This is actually a perfect color combination for Pale skin tone. Mustard yellow and forest green color combination will look even more amazing in that skin color. But in general these two color combinations look great together because of being more of earthier tones.

Both the colors have warmer tone in them and hence create a more rich look compared to pastel shades. So these colors are amazing to wear to night time events if you are tired of wearing black. 

I love how the color combination is making that simple padded shoulder tshirt look way more expensive than it actually is. And paired with the mustard yellow wide leg pants, the outfit look so powerful and sophisticated. 

To add more to that style, I paired platform heels which have more black shade to enhance the forest green color of the tee. This outfit is going to be my Go to look when I want to wear wide leg jeans.

Yellow + Green

Generally green and yellow are perfect color combinations. They remind me of the tree colors I used to paint as a kid with yellow flowers. I think with this color combination we often resonate with Dahlia flowers. And I absolutely love the combination as well. 

But with this rick green color I chose a more of a Neon yellow which is more inclined towards green itself. There are two shades of neon yellows, and both of them would look amazing with this green color. The brightness of the neon is toned down by the softness of the green. This combination looks so comforting to the eye isn’t it. 

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This look almost looks like a monochromatic green look. And a perfect summer linen outfit as well. Linens would be a great material to wear in both these shades and combination. And I am already dreaming of vacation looking at this outfit. I found same shade of pants from Macys that would be perfect for the shirt

Yellow + Cobalt Blue

This was a surprise color combination but I cannot get enough of it. The cobalt blue shade is a newer shade in my wardrobe, but I just could not resist this top when I saw it on Ann Taylors website. But, adding the mustard yellow skirt which is also from Ann Taylor, it creates the perfect color combo for chic feminine and yellow colorful outfit. 

Since mustard yellow leans more towards warmer tone, it was easier to pair it with this really cool color. And even though both of them are on the opposite side of the color spectrums, they still look amazing together. Don’t you think?

But since I didn’t want to add more colors and make the outfit look too busy, I stuck yellow shoes and bag to create a colorful monochromatic look, but you can also add nude bag and shoes and still look chic in this color combination. 

This is another amazing yellow color combination that will look equally amazing on a pale skin tone. The colors are so vibrant and rich that they give you a more sophisticated and chic look and the outfit looks way more expensive than it is.

I hope this post inspires you to incorporate more colors in your wardrobe and work towards wearing more yellow in general. I would love to know which is your favorite outfit. And if you want to see more colored outfits daily, check out my instagram account.



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