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Your Ultimate Guide to Styling Straw Hats for Every Occasion


If you are super excited to start wearing straw hats or took the ones you own out to try it on, but not completely sure how to style them with your everyday outfits, then this post is all about that. 

Straw hats has come a long way from just being for vacations or beaches. There are so many styles you can find in stores instead of just the floppy straw hat and I wanted to share some awesome ways you can style them. And you don’t have to wear them just on a beach. So, check out the post for some style inspiration.

I want to help you wear these awesome hats not just to cover your head but to really elevate your outfits. 

So Let’s get started.

Picking the Right Hat

I think the most important thing to start with is picking the right hat that suits your head and fits it well. This took me the most amount of time to do. But I am here to help you with that. 


The first thing you need to think of when you are looking for a good straw hat is the size. Most hats these days come with a fit adjustment band that can be adjusted to fit your head. Or there are specific brands who sell hats in different sizes. 

Just like Felt hats, straw hats are now available in different sizing options as well that makes our lives easier. I am sharing some of the brands below that provide sizing options. 

  • Lack of Colors – This is one of the most popular brand for hats and they not only make great felt hats, there straw hats are equally amazing.
  • Gigi Pip – They really specialize in bohemian style hats and there hats are also available for kids. Isn’t that amazing. 
  • Brixton – Perfect panama style hat that looks great on both men and women.


Hair Style & Length

You should also consider your hair length when you are choosing to buy a straw hat. Since there are so many different styles of straw hats which I am also covering in this post, you should find the one that really flatter your hair length as well as your regular hair style. 

I recently bought a farmer style hat, that looks amazing on others, but when I put it on, it somehow does not do the trick and that is when I noticed that it is because the farmer style hat is the straw bucket hat that looks awesome on longer length hair and not on medium length hair. 

The same way, if you have short hair, a really big floppy straw hat will not look good because it will drown your head and you don’t have the hair length to show any part of your head.


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Pick the Right Hat for Occassion

This step will help you feel comfortable and confident that the straw hat you are wearing compliments your outfit. 

While a lot of people think that straw hats are just basic vacation hats, it is no longer the case. 

You can find that there are straw hats specially made for everyday use, or even for special occasions like outdoor events which are more formal. So, its important that you choose the right one that looks good for that occasion. 

Dressier Event

If you are dressing for a formal event where your outfit needs to be elegant and sophisticated, a wide bit boater hat looks perfect with all your formal outfits like summer dresses, or summer suits. 

The rigid brim style and the structured head style gives your outfit the sophisticated look and you can curl your hair and let it loose and wear a hat. So you would not need to worry about a hair do. 

Semi Casual Event

If its a backyard party, casual gathering or even a boat trip, straw Fedora hats look absolutely fantastic since they have the casual yet modern touch with shorter brim and taller head section. 

There are also some hybrid options that give you the perfect western style as well as that nautical look. I also love wearing this style of hat for my everyday looks. They are much more relaxed and if you have short hair, this hat might be the perfect for you. 


Floppy hats are the most famous beach straw hats out there for pool side and beaches. Because of the ability to mold where the hat will fall you can easily make the brim to fall on your face where the sun hits you the most. 

But these hats got a major makeover thanks to Jacquemus and I also bought a mega brim one that can literally fit my entire body. 

Don’t worry there are plenty of wider but manageable options out there that you can find. The key factor to pay attention to is to pick a color option that will go with most of your outfits and the hat should a bit structured and not see through. It defeats the purpose completely.

Straw Hat Styles

I also want to share some ways you can style straw hats that look appropriate with the rest of your look. Its important to pay attention to how it looks on you. 

Straw Fedora Hat

I mostly love wearing this hat with all my casual outfits. It looks great with jeans and even denim shorts. Most casual styles look absolutely fantastic with them. 

The relaxed nature of the hat looks perfect with the laidback look that denim outfits have. Whether you wear a t shirt or button down shirts, they both look perfect with this hat. 

I also feel like the hat looks like an accessory rather than overpowering the outfit. I added a pair of white espadrilles to create a chic yet casual look for summer and the hat completes it.

If you are curious about more of these jeans looks, checkout what other summer shoes go well with these jeans.

If you want to take this hat on a trip, you can wear it with linen shorts and casual shirts and look perfect for a city tour, or even on cruise.

Other casual outfits could be t shirt dress or linen pants or shorts that you could easily wear this hat with. 

Boater Hat

These hats come in so many different styles and I have two of the head styles myself. One of them is the black round head style that looks more sophisticated and you can wear it with something more elevated like I am wearing it with this ruffle top to create more of social occasion look but effortlessly.

And I am still wearing jeans which is awesome isn’t it. Even with the casual bottom, the hat still creates an elegant outfit. I feel like without the hat, the top would just have been an off shoulder top. But the hat gives it the sophisticated touch. 

You can wear it with dresses to create an elegant look which you could wear to summer dressy events like a Race, Polo match or even a High Tea party. 

I love that the hat itself is so simple but with the round head style and rigid brim, it looks so chic and luxurious. This was probably a $40 purchase years ago, but I love wearing it even today. 

Bohemian Boater Hat

There is another style of boater hat that has cylindrical head style with a pushed down top. And that gives it the country side bohemian vibe. 

This hat is perfectly suited for all the printed or puff sleeve dresses and tops that you want to wear this summer. Because this hat completes the bohemian look. 

It really does not matter whether you are wearing the top or dress casually or you are dressing it up. 

This hat will give you that boho chic look that you are looking for.

You do not necessarily need a ribbon around the brim, but it does add that prairie girl vibe to the hat, don’t you think.

Fringed Straw Hat

And I am not just talking about fringe detail around the brim, but a typical beach straw hat has more of that natural straw like pattern that you could find on straw baskets or straw mats which would be sold on the beach. 

They really stand out and look great with beach outfits like swim suits or summer tropical beach outfits. 

I also love wearing this hat casually with denim shorts and t shirts to also bring in the Southern Californian beach girl look to my outfits. By far this hat is also a versatile piece that you could wear everyday with so many pieces in your closet. Sharing some of my favorite looks below.

If you are looking for straw hat outfits for your next backyard party, checkout some outfit inspiration below.

I hope this post gives you some inspiration to look at straw hats differently and really maximize the wear out of them this summer just not to protect yourself from the sun but to look chic and stylish as well. 

Love to know if you want a particular style of hat I should cover here. Drop a note.


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