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Youthful, Classy And Volumizing Haircuts For Short Thin Hair


Youthful, Classy And Volumizing Haircuts For Short Thin Hair

Short, thin hair isn’t a death sentence. You can look more classy and appealing if you choose the right style – and let us remind you that not every person with long hair looks elegant. Long hair can be problematic – and yes, we have our reasons.

Too much length is unflattering and challenging to style. Plus, it can drag the hair down, creating a stringy appearance. That’s why short hair is better for thinning hair – it boosts your mane and adds volume to the roots. Short hair can be just as versatile, especially on those busy mornings when you need to make your hair hurriedly.

As for the volumizing haircuts for short thin hair, that’s why we are here. We’ll give you a rundown of classy short hairstyles, plus expert styling tips for that extravagant look.

19 Best Volumizing Haircuts for Short Thin Hair

Short Hairstyle with Bangs

Also known as the blunt bob with a wispy bang, this hairstyle is the modern classic, with straight-across cuts at the ends. It allows your fine, textured hair to stay shiny, but that’s not the best part. It gives the illusion of thicker hair, emphasizing the face, especially the eyes. More importantly, it frames the face beautifully, while the bangs add a softer look.

So, if you want to look daring and stay chic at the same time, try this hairstyle. Ensure the edges are razor-sharp. If you want, you could trim the bangs yourself.

Short Hairstyle with Bangs
by @shorthaircutcom

Tousled Lob

The tousled lob is a more relaxing hairstyle than the blunt bob but with longer layers and tousled waves. You could style the tousled lob in many ways – one way I style my hair using this style is leaving the hair messy. It brings out the flirtatious vibe – like someone who wants to go all out and enjoy herself and explore. The deep-parted lob finish volumizes the hair and would make a great style if you look to steal attention. You should try this flattering hairstyle if you have an oval or square-shaped face.

Tousled Lob Short Hairstyle
by @shorthaircutcom

Wavy Hair with Bangs

Is it just me, or does someone else have a knack for hairstyles with bangs? Wavy hair with bangs creates a playful vibe but doesn’t downplay the essence of sophistication. It is one hairstyle that adds dimension to short hair. And the bangs can help conceal some facial proportions, like enlarged foreheads or sharp jawlines. With a good hair curler, you could create this hairstyle in 30 minutes.

Short Wavy Hairstyle with bangs
by @shorthaircutcom

Straight Sleek Bob

Short Hairstyle - Sleek Bob

Bouncy Lob

Imagine having full-bodied short thin hair. That’s the illusion the bouncy lob hairstyle gives. This shoulder-length hairstyle with its voluminous, bouncy layers, is a favorite for many, especially those with short thin hair, due to its versatility and endless styling opportunities.

As seen in this picture, the bouncy lob looks so full due to a pro-blow-out. The side bang and curled-in tips bring out a refined elegance that will turn heads and make you feel chic and confident. Use a round brush to lift the root and create volume while blow-drying the hair to achieve this style.

Short Hairstyle - Bouncy Lob
by @madeleineschoen

Wavy Bob

The lady in this picture proves short haircuts can volumize hair with the right styling technique and volumizing spray. The wavy or retro curls are a chin-length, vintage haircut with a modern flair that best compliments oval faces. What I love most about this retro-inspired hairstyle is its voluminous waves, which offer a glamorous look without too much emphasis. It’s also straightforward to achieve. You need a large curling iron to create soft waves from mid-hair to the end and a volumizing mousse like the Bodifying + Bamboo FiberFull Spray from OGX for added definition.

Short Wavy Bob


The arcscissors is an innovative shoulder-length and low-maintenance haircut that offers a flattering and dramatic look. This hairstyle was popularized by hairstylist John McCormick, who used specialized, curved scissors to create precise and soft textures to volumize hair. And even if you’re not looking for any dramatic or rock-inspired look, you can still style the hair for a polished and textured look. 

While this haircut complements different shapes of faces, it’s best for those with round faces. However, you can tweak it to accentuate features like a square jawline. You can style it in many ways to achieve the desired look but to enhance the curls and add dimension, use a curling wand.

Arcscissors short hairstyles
by @styled_by_carolynn

Wavy Lob with Side Part

The wavy lob does many things to the hair and face. It provided the perfect texture and movement, creating fuller and voluminous curls. It exudes charm, glamor, and an effortless vibe that creates a beachy-chic look – and about the deep, side part, it adds more volume and lift and helps frame the face to enhance its contours.

Styling this hair with loose, tousled waves is the best way to achieve this haircut. Use a curling wand throughout the hair to create the waves, and run your fingers through the waves gently to tousle them. Finish with a volumizing spray to enhance the texture. If you want, you can accessorize with bobby pins.

Wavy Long bob hairstyle
by @fashionablykay

Textured Bob with Side Bang Layers

Textured Bob Hairstyle

Short Textured Pixie Cut

No hairstyle is as chic as the pixie. It has become a cult favorite among celebs, and do you know why? Because it can be styled however you want it. Do you want to cut the short layers close to the head or trim the ends at the back? It doesn’t matter because this hairstyle creates a baddie look in a chic way. It’s a bold haircut to pull off, so I don’t recommend it if you lack confidence in your facial shape. This versatile hairstyle can accommodate any face, whether oval or heart-shaped, but they’re more flattering on those with defined cheekbones.

Short Hairstyle - Pixie
by @thatguyreno

A-Line Bob Cut

Layers aren’t for everyone. However, haircuts with an A-line bob are a killer for many. This stylish haircut with longer front strands that tapers to the back creates an attractive angle. Not only does this have a modern flair, but it volumizes hair and gives thin hair the bounce it needs. So, if you’re skeptical about layers, the A-line bob cut is for you.

Short Hairstyle - A line Bob

Blunt Cut

The blunt cut is a simple haircut that creates a sharp look. It creates fuller hair and adds thickness for a dense appearance. If you want to avoid choppy layers and don’t want to make thinning apparent, your best move is the blunt cut. This hairstyle isn’t long and straight, which conceals thinning. While the sophistication is a bit lost, you’ll still look good. Besides, you can experiment with various partings if you want that extra elegance.

Messy, Wavy Lob
by Getty Images

Messy, Wavy Lob

The messy, wavy lob is a good haircut for natural, short thin hairs. It’s a relaxed haircut that blends the chic elegance of a lob with the playfulness of a tousled wave. With its beachy texture, this hairstyle accentuates the shape of the face, making the hair look full from the roots to the end. The illusion of thick hair makes this haircut an excellent option for women with thin hair. To achieve this look, wash and blow-dry your hair. Add a texturizing spray, like the R+Co Balloon Dry Volume Spray for more volume and texture. Finally, use a curling wand to create beachy waves when the hair is dry.

Wavy Lob hairstyle for short hair

Messy Hairdo

A messy updo is a carefree style that adds texture to the hair. This style is great for those with thin hair – who want to make their hair appear fuller and more voluminous than it is already. What I love about this haircut is its versatility, as you can interpret the style in several ways. It lets you explore your creative side and experiment with various updos. The objective is to keep the hair messy to create that illusion of fuller hair.

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You can keep the front sleek and straight, but add volume and texture to the back. This gives the hairstyle a sleek look.

Short Hairstyle Messy Updo

Crown Braided Style

I know what you’re thinking – a braided style on thin hair is tricky. However, you can work your way with the right technique. With some gripping powder like the Big Sexy Hair’s Powder Play, you can create magic with this haircut. First, blow the hair out with a mousse. Apply the powder to the roots and through the mid-hair. Then, braid the hair loosely, creating two braids on either side. Tuck the ends for a seamless finish. For a romantic look, you can customize it with different embellishments.

Crown braiding short hairstyle

Piecey Hairstyle

Collar-length hairstyles like the piecey are excellent for thin hairs, as they volumize hair and conceal thinness. Unlike the blunt cuts and bobs, this style creates an illusion of a fuller width and height that blows out into an owl shape. This hairstyle brings out a flattering look on older women, as it elevates their face.

Short Hairstyle - Piecey

Grown-Out Pixie

Remember when I said the pixie haircut is one of the most versatile hairstyles for thin hair? The grown-out pixie is just one of the haircuts that makes you flirty. This hairstyle proves that growing out your hair is not as awkward as it seems. It’s low-maintenance, accentuates facial features, and gives volume to hair.

Grown out pixie

Blunt Fringe

Taylor Swift’s hairstyle will get you looking all polished and flattering. This haircut is similar to the blunt bob but with a lash of lengthy fringe hair to highlight the eyes. The fringe hair falls just above the eyebrows, making it perfect for drawing attention to the eyes. This style makes your hair look fuller and frames the face. It’s best for those who want to conceal specific proportions, like the forehead.

Blunt Fringe

Shag Haircut

Shag haircuts are crawling their way back to the scene with their defined choppy layers and party vibe – and that’s good news for those with short thin hair. While the textured ends offer an edgy look and youthful, the layers  add more volume and dimension to hair. You could style this haircut with bangs or frame the face to enhance the contours.

Shag Hairstyle
by @mane.societe

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