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What To Wear And Pack To A Weekend Trip: Your Ultimate Guide


What To Pack For A 3 Day Weekend

Every year around this time, we are all planning frantically where all we can travel. And what all destinations we can cram in while the kids are out of school. This year is probably the weirdest because of this lockdown situation. But as slowly places are reopening, we suddenly see a lot of possibilities. While international travel is still a thing of the past for now, we definitely can take a lot of weekend gateways. 

It’s so exciting to finally be able to start traveling a little, I really wanted to help you guys be prepared for the trips and be able to create a fun and stylish memory. So, in this post, I wanted to create a comprehensive list of all the items you will need for a weekend gateway based on what kind of destination you are picking.

I myself am headed to a beach destination and could not be excited. 

Table of Contents

What to Pack for Beach/Lake Destination?

A beach destination during summer feels and sounds amazing when you are kind of cooped up in the house for months. 

The feeling of fresh air and the sight of nature is just amazing. And we all probably will be doing this a lot this summer to make a lot of memories. 

I really like packing options that can transform from the beach to going out. This makes our luggage lighter and efficient. 

We do have to pack extra swimsuits and towels which add up. I have made a list of items that you would need to pack for your next beach vacation along with 3 outfit ideas.

Weekend Getaway - Beach Vacation - Outfit 3
Weekend Getaway - Beach Vacation - Outfit 2
Weekend Vacation - Beach getaway - Outfit 1

A shirt dress, is a versatile piece specially if you are headed to beach. You can easily transition it to a cover up in the beach and dress it up for an evening event.

Adding a shirt is equally versatile and you can pair is with cure shorts or skirts and head out for some boardwalk fun.

Full Packing List (With Shopping List)

  • One Shorts
  • Extra Bag for Picnic on the beach
  • PJs that will keep you warm 
  • 2 Sets of Footwear
  • Light Jacket or Cardigan for the evening breeze
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Traveling hair tools

What to Pack for Mountain Destination?

If you seek cooler places, a mountain destination for your weekend trip would be perfect to get away from the heat. I have always enjoyed the serenity the nature.

Summer is a perfect time to experience a mountain retreat where its cooler but not so cold that you can’t step out at all.

But with summer mountain exploring, it can be hold or cold in patches, so it becomes imperative that you dress in layers. It can get tricky to look cute and still be functional.

Weekend Getaway - Mountain - outfit 2
Weekend Getaway - Mountain - Outfit 3
Weekend Getaway - Mountain - Outfit 1

I chose activewear that have more function but also look cute for those picture moments because every travel is that, making memories.

You can also be able to wear these outfits from exploration to dining outdoors and enjoying the nature around you. 

Full Packing List (With Shopping Links

  • Quilted jacket if its cooler
  • Lightweight Jacket if its warm
  • Scarf
  • Two Pair of jeans 
  • Hiking gear
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Bottles for Water or other beverages
  • One short sleeve T-shirt
  • One Long Sleeve T-Shirt or Light Weight Sweater
  • Hiking Shoes/Walking Shoes
  • Boots
  • Loungewear (This would be perfect to stay cozy and use as Pjs)
  • Swimsuit (In case you want to hit the hot tub)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Toiletries 
  • Traveling hair tools

What to Pack for Forest Cabin retreat?

I really want to have a weekend trip to a national forest where we can rent a cabin and enjoy the serenity of nature surrounding us.

You can wear everything that you wore to the mountain retreat but you can also wear something dressier and still be comfortable if you like to not explore and just enjoy your surrounding with some short walks.

This is a great way to escape the chaos of daily routine and feel connected to the nature if you don’t like camping.

Weekend Getaway - Forest - Outfit 3
Weekend Getaway - Forest - Outfit 2
Weekend Getaway - Forest - outfit 1

I would still keep an exploration outfit for any morning hikes or runs that I would want to do. But I really wanted to get some born fire by the forest feeling and wearing something cute like a sweat dress or jersey jumpsuit is also functional.

You should always carry a weather proof jacket for any kind of mist or fogs in the morning or late nights.

Full Packing List (With Shopping Links)

  • 2 Sweat Resistant T shirt or 1 Jumpsuit
  • T shirt Dress
  • Hiking Leggings or pants
  • Light weight Jacket (Rain Jacket preferable) 
  • 3 pairs of Socks (Always have an extra pair)
  • A Cap 
  • Swim suits
  • T Shirts (Short Sleeve, so you can layer on if it gets cooler)
  • Camper Shorts 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sunscreen

What to pack For a Weekend Winery Trip?

One of my favorite things this time of year is to do a quick trip to winery so I can do some shopping in preparation of fall and winter collecting all my favorite wines and getting a break as well.

And they kind of bring the summer festivities out with the ambiance and grape vines just starting to look lush in the vineyard. 

A lot of summer weddings also happen during this time. And its good to look a bit more fancy than usual so you can take some really awesome pictures in the vineyard and celebrate summer.

Weekend Getaway - Winery - Outfit 3
Weekend Getaway - Winery - Outfit 2
Weekend Getaway - Winery - Outfit 1

I really wanted to have versatile outfits and not just dresses because it feels more modern and you will have versatile looks and if you don’t feel like wearing dresses its good to have options. 

I added a skirt and a pants option because that makes the outfit more versatile. You can easily add another outfit by mixing and matching for the trip.

Checkout some summer and fall winery outfits.

Full Packing List (With Shopping Links)

  • One Dress
  • One Blouse
  • One Skirt
  • One Jeans / pants
  • Espadrilles 
  • One Slide
  • Swimsuit (if you have a pool)
  • Summer Hat (If you go to an outdoor winery)
  • Sunscreen
  • 2 sets of Pjs (preferably to keep you warm)
  • Sunglasses
  • Evening handbag 
  • Medium size bag to carry all the other stuff
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Ear Plugs
  • Toiletries
  • Traveling hair tools

What to Pack for a Camping Trip?

A camping trip is a best way to unplug from technology and be a little bit closer to nature and feel the wilderness. I used to dread camping till I started doing Glamping.

You guys dont really need a lot of stuff for that. But if you guys want, I can create a comprehensive list of everything that will help you clamp, but in this post, I am sharing what are the packing essentials.

Weekend Getaway - Camping - Outfit 3
Weekend Getaway - Camping - Outfit 2
Weekend Getaway - Camping - Outfit 1

While camping are relaxed, you really need outfits that are functional and light weight so you can carry multiple pieces.

If you are clamping you dont want to wear the same pieces the next day.

There is sweat and dirt and all of that involved and a new set of clothes really comes in handy and feels refreshing too.

Full Packing List (With Shopping Links)

  • Backpack that you can put all the stuff in. 
  • 3 pairs of T shirts (extra is always helpful)
  • 2 Hiking legging / pants / shorts
  • Swim suit
  • Beach Slide
  • Sweat pants that you can also sleep in.
  • Sweat shirt for night time when it gets cooler
  • Flash light
  • Face Wipes (Bio degradable)
  • Hand Sanitizer

What to Pack for a Weekend Spa Trip?

This weekend trip can be a great way of relaxing and getting some much needed self pamper and probably the easiest one to pack to since most of the time you will be chilling. And this is always the best way to do an unplanned weekend trip when you just want to get away from home. A change of scenery always feels awesome. 

Spa trips are usually a lot of lounging in the hotel and some drinks and fine dining where you want to fully pamper yourself in whatever way you can. I definitely need more of these. 

Weekend Getaway - Spa - Outfit 2
Weekend Getaway - Spa - Outfit 3
Weekend Getaway - Spa Trip - Outfit 1

I like to pack one fancy outfit if you choose to make a reservation at a fine dining place. But at the same time, its good to have functional clothes that are comfortable and you can also travel in.

And for all of those purposes I love Slouchy jeans which I honestly cannot live without. But don’t forget to carry a jacket or a trench coat that can convert the casual denim look into a chic outfit.

Full Packing List (With Shopping Links)

  • One Dress ( The easiest for going out)
  • One Jeans 
  • One Blouse ( You want to look a bit fancier)
  • One Tee
  • Flat pumps
  • Evening Shoes ( optional)
  • Slides ( to walk around during spa time)
  • 2 PJs (preferably warm ones)
  • Light weight jacket for the evening
  • Sunglasses
  • Evening Bag
  • Travel Tote
  • Book To Read
  • Toiletries
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Traveling hair tools

What to Pack for a RV Trip?

I haven’t done one of this but during times when hotels are too expensive and you are not ready for camping, RV trips are the best way of getting away somewhere close by for the weekend. But you can also do just a Road Trip if you prefer to stop somewhere when the nightfalls and crash in Motels. That does sound really exciting doesn’t it. 

With RVs you really feel the comfort of the home and you can move around rather than sitting in one place all day. So, your outfits can be really versatile and don’t just have to be super casual. 

Weekend Getaway - RV - Outfit 2
Weekend Getaway - Road - Outfit 1
Weekend Getaway - RV - Outfit 3

Packing layers is a good way to stay cozy and comfortable throughout the trip. Its also important to pack something that you can just throw on and head over to the dinner somewhere nicer if you choose to.

So, options are really important here. So, the outfits that I put together are just that. You have a mix of causal, functional and chic looks that would be perfect for different experiences.

And since space is not a problem, you can have a bit more choice.

Full Packing List (With Shopping Links)

  • 2 Jeans (or pants & jeans)
  • 1 Shorts
  • Two T Shirts
  • 1 Blouse
  • 1 Light weight Jacket
  • 2 Sweat pants (That can be used as sleep wear)
  • Sweatshirt or Hoodie if you need to step out in the wilderness
  • Walking Shoes
  • Flip flops for inside the RV
  • Sunglasses
  • Backpack or Crossbody bag for running errands or stopping to get stuff

What to pack for a City Weekend Gateway?

A weekend gateway to your favorite city in summer can be a great way to explore the culture of the city as the days are longer and you can easily spend a lot of time outdoors. You can either fly or drive to the city, so I have made a list of items based on both.

Exploring a new city is a great way of knowing their culture and also escaping the daily mundane routine. And lots of shopping which is my favorite part. Checking art galleries to small craft shops to find things for my home is something I love doing when I visit a new city.

Weekend Getaway - City - Outfit 3
Weekend Getaway - City - Outfit 2
Weekend Getaway - City - Outfit 1

So, its important that we pack light so we always have enough room for extra even id its a driving or flying to.

So, I kept the bottoms minimal so we can add more tops and that way we have a bit more than 3 outfit choices for the trip and kept one light weight and one thicker jacket depending on the weather.

It’s good to always have option with outerwear. Its also important to look at the pieces and see if they can be missed and matched together. 

Full Packing List (With Shopping Links)

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