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What To Wear to A Beach Resort Vacation: Day and Night


What To Wear to A Beach Resort Vacation: Day and Night

Have finally booked the much need resort vacation where you can chill and have a great time, but want to also look your best to take the best photos? In this post, we are covering what to wear by the pool or on the beach, what to wear during the day at the resort and what to wear at night. 

So, whether you are going to an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean or you are headed to a 5 star beach resort in Miami, we have got you covered. 

What to Wear by Pool Side or Beach

Let’s face it, the only reason we are headed to a beach resort, so that we can enjoy the warm weather around a beautiful resort pool side. Or we want to spend all day by the beach taking some much needed dips in the salt water or laying lazily to enjoy the weather. 

All beach resort require you to be in proper resort attire for different areas throughout the day. 

For a pool side or by the beach you should think of these essentials to wear:

Outfit with Bikini and Crochet Coverup

Bikinis are perfect for beach side or pool side. They are easy to take off during bathroom breaks and you can actually create many different bikini sets by mixing and matching them. 

The crochet dress will also act as as a dress and not just a cover up for you. So, you can go grab some food at the restaurant and get back to the beach without having to change. 

Matching Shorts and Shirt with Bikini

Another great way to cover up your bikini is by wear a matching shirt and shorts. This is a genius design innovation that is functional and looks really cute. 

You can either wear all solid colors by pairing what you have in your closet, or get a fun print and patterned one that looks tropical and perfect to wear on a beach resort.

All you need is to pair it with straw hat, beach bag and waterproof slides.

Maxi Skirt with One Piece Swimsuit

All White Pool Side Look

All white looks perfect if you have a darker skin tone or you have got the nice tan on already. Pair a white bikini with white crochet dress that will show off the bikini underneath. 

This outfit is really comfortable too. The all white always looks really expensive and you can pair colorful accessories like a colored pool slide and hats to create a fun pool side look.

Resort Outfit with Beach Shorts

If you don’t like to wear brief style of swim wear or even bikini tops because you just can’t. And you are worried that your outfit is going to look bad. You are going to look like a grandma. I have got you.

Create a monochromatic outfit with matching your Wim tank color with the beach shorts and add a white shirt dress. If the dress has a belt, even better. It looks chic and stylish. 

Try to coordinate your outfits and you will look perfect.

Beach Shorts outfit with shirt dress

What to Wear for Day Events At the Resort

If you are going to stay for a week or more at the resort, you most likely would have a day or two where you would either go shopping or just want to see some sites. Even if you might not go out of the resort, there might be some events you want to participate. 

In this case, you should have some resort chic outfits to enjoy your time instead of the classic shorts and t shirts that might feel absolutely basic.

Here are some things you can wear for day time events at the beach resort. 

Day Time Dresses

Linen Shorts and Cute Top

Linen shorts and a nice top can be a great a daytime outfit as well. You don’t need to buy a lot of fancy tops or crop tops if that is not your thing. Colorful or printed shorts with white or printed shorts is a simple and yet chic look that you can rock at the beach resort. 

It’s not always about skin showing but how to create a tropical look that will elevate your style and you can take great pictures. 

You can either opt for linen shorts or cotton shorts that are breathable and will be comfortable in hot weather. 

Linen Pants and Top

Linen pants are a must have and you can wear them for day and night which you will find out in the next section of this post. But they look sophisticated and also cover your body if you are not a fan of wearing shorts. 

You can pair a swim top or a crop top to create a chic tropical resort outfit with linen pants. Add some slides, a wicker bag and you have a cute going out look that’s comfortable and resort appropriate.

Skirt and Cute Top

Skirt and tops are the easiest and such a chic beach resort outfit. You can get matching skirt and top to create the perfect tropical outfit and maximize your wardrobe by then pairing them with other tops and bottoms to create more outfits. 

This way you don’t have to buy or pack a lot of clothes. 

Skirts are also more breathable and comfortable bottoms to wear on a beach vacation. Don’t you think.

If you don’t like short skirts, you can still do the same outfit formula with a midi or even a maxi skirt. I love to wear maxi skirts that have a slight side slit. This little detail makes the skirt look playful and perfect to wear with your swim wear as a coverup.

What to Wear at Night on a Beach Resort

Night Time Dresses

These are not your ball gowns or club wear. Though if you go to a club you might need one of those. These dresses would be a bit more structured and less oversized. 

You can still wear bright colors, prints and linen material. But they should look sophisticated. 

Black Linen Pants and Top

A pair of black linen pants will come real handy. They are still Mae of linen fabric, so they will be breathable and comfortable to wear on a beach destination. And since you are wearing them at night, you don’t need to worry about feeling too hot in them.

And they look like black trousers. All you need are cute tops to pair with the black linen pants and you have a structured yet really comfortable outfit. And by swapping the tops, you can create so many different looks.

Linen Blazer and Shorts (Suit Style)

Nothing looks better than a good linen blazer. Pick a fun shade like magenta, blue, neons and match it with a pair of linen shorts. You can wear a simple T shirt or tank top underneath. And your outfit will still look sleek and stylish for dinner at a fancy restaurant. 

This way you don’t even need to do shop for a whole another wardrobe for resort vacation. You can use what you have. 

Satin Skirt and Top

Yes you can wear satin at night because it’s still a light weight outfit and it looks chic and expensive. And you don’t have to wear black satin, you can also wear colored ones with prints. 

The satin feels flowy and fresh. The outfit will look effortless and elevated. Pair it with a cute top or even with a shirt and tie it on the front to make it beach resort wear and you have a look.

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