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What to Wear to Summer Bbq Parties or Picnic In The Park


What to Wear to Summer Bbq Parties or Picnic In The Park - Blog Banner

Summer is almost approaching and all of us are ready to head out and get the summer fun going with backyard barbecues and picnics with friend, now that we are a bit closer to normalcy. So, in this post I am sharing 9 easy outfit ideas that you can put together and look chic doing all these fun activities. 

For me comfort is key, so in all of these looks I ensured that you will be or I will be comfortable and still look chic. Specially if we are eating and drinking and doing outdoor activities, I find that if I am an not comfortable in what I am wearing and feeling, I usually cannot enjoy any of the events. 

I also wanted to share outfits that you can create with pieces that you might already own, of course with a few exception of dresses, because lets be honest, we all love to wear dresses. But even when I chose them, I made sure that these dresses are versatile and something that you can wear in other places as well. 

Table of Contents

What to Wear with Jeans For a Day Party or Picnic

Even though its summer, a lot of us still prefer to wear jeans and they are probably the easiest to put together. So I wanted to create some looks that can easily transform your jeans casual look to more of summer party look.

Cute Top With Ruffles

Ruffles are somehow an underrated style that a lot of women don’t take advantage of. The ruffle details add a feminine look to any top style. And you can pair it with your favorite pair of jeans to create a chic summer outfit. 

This look would be perfect for day time parties where you are not overdressed neither under dressed.

I have created an outfit below for inspiration where with the right summer accessories you will have a party or a picnic ready outfit that you are comfortable in and is chic as well.

You can pick a cute printed top with ruffles with off shoulder or one shoulder details that not only looks summer ready, but also looks perfect for day parties.

The one shoulder will look perfect for a sunny day picnic in the part or a backyard party. 

The cotton fabric will keep you comfortable in the heat but the prints and ruffles will add a chic touch to your outfit.

If you don’t want to bare your shoulders, it’s totally fine too. You can still pick up tops that have ruffles around the neckline or have ruffled sleeves. 

They will look chic and classy with jeans and some fun summer accessories like the cute slides or summer sandals with a cute straw hat if you want. 

Paired with a summer bag, your outfit will look perfect for a backyard party.

Bohemian Printed Top or Shirt

A bohemian printed shirt in a fun color would be the perfect summer top you could wear with your jeans in summer for everyday wear. But this outfit combination will also look really good for a lazy picnic in the park.

Or you can also wear this outfit to a day backyard party. When it comes to color choices, I would recommend going for a bright shade which makes it fun, festive and party ready. 

This way your arms will stay protected but your outfit will still look chic for a party.

Now you don’t have to wear buttoned bohemian shirts all the time. There are plenty of styles available with puff sleeves and cute prints without buttons. 

This definitely feels much more fun and wearable everyday as well. Just pick a bright shade that will brighten up your outfit and make you look put together.

This naturally will help elevate your denim outfit for the party.

You can also pick something with ruffles or fun patterns that will add more dimension to the outfit. And also make it look party ready. These shirts look more bohemian and are probably not as daily wear appropriate. 

But the top with long sleeves will give you sun protection and will look modest. 

And will brighten up your summer party or picnic outfits.

What to Wear with Linen Pants For a Day Party or Picnic

Linen material is perfect for summer. Its breathable and at the same time it looks way more expensive than cotton. So, obviously its one of my favorite material to wear and also an amazing choice for outdoor party where you can feel comfortable and still look chic and stylish.

Colored T Shirts

This is the most casual top but will still give you a day party look or a cute and casual picnic outfit.

When it comes to the color of the linen pants, I would recommend going for white. It looks fresh and perfect for a day time event. 

This way all you need to do is add  your favorite gold necklace, a summer straw hat and cute slides. Your outfit will be party ready. 

Instead of a regular V neck or crewneck T shirt, try a padded shoulder T shirt. It looks classy and elevated.  So, your outfit will not look basic because you are wearing t-shirts. Checkout how else you can style padded shoulder T shirts.

Pick your favorite shade because all of them will look great with white linen pants. 

But if you don’t want to wear them, you can also opt for muscle tees, which don’t have the shoulder pads but look chic.

What to Wear with Shorts for a Day Party or Picnic?

Whether you are wearing denim shorts, linen or regular shorts, if you style them correctly, you can create stylish outfits that will elevate your party outfits. 

Linen Shirts

Shorts in general look much casual and laid back. And often not a preferred partywear bottom. 

But if it’s a hot day, you are most likely inclined to wear them as well. Pairing them with a simple white linen shirt would instantly make the casual shorts elevated and put together. 

This is a hack you can use to also create work wear outfits with shorts. 

But let’s just focus on the backyard party you are going to. Add some cure summer accessories. Also adding belts will help elevate your casual shorts outfit to a more classy party look. 

Colored Shirt

If you don’t want to wear white linen shirt because you are worried that you will get it dirty then simply pick a colored shirt. 

Now, I specifically pointing out shirts as they will make your outfit look classy and sophisticated. Which looks perfect for a party occasion. If you pick regular tops, you might not be able to get the same result. 

This does not mean you will have to wear a button down all the time. You can also wear half button ups which still have the button details but does not look casual.

What to Wear with Skirts for a Day Party or Picnic?

You already know this, but skirts are the best summer alternatives to shorts if you want to add a feminine and dressy touch to any look without any effort. You can also easily dress up and dress down in them. So they make for a great versatile piece in any closet. The two styles of skirts that I am sharing in this post are ones that I have been wearing a lot to the point that I need new pairs to replace them.

Wearing Colored T shirts with Long Skirts

If you are wearing a longer skirt like a bias skirt or a midi skirt that already looks dressy and perfect for a party, you need to tone it down a little bit. 

yes, I know it sounds contradictory. But a backyard party or a picnic party is a casual affair. And skirts usually look fancier. Even the most basic ones. 

If you pair a fancy top with it, your outfit will look way more dressy for the occasion. And nothing makes me sad when I se overdressed ladies to a casual party. 

But you can still have some fun with a colorful t-shirt or a simple colored top that will balance your skirt look.

Wearing a Cute Top with Short Skirts

Now if you decide to wear a shorter above the knee style skirt that on the other hand looks more casual and vacation like. Unless you are wearing a leather skirt, which I don’t think you want to for a hot outdoor party.

For these styles of skirts you should pick a cute top that will elevate the outfit and make you feel confident to attend the party. 

It could be a cute printed blouse in a breathable fabric like cotton. Add some fun flats and take your cutest summer bag to complete the day party outfit. 

Everything in this outfit can be worn somewhere else. That’s the beauty of styling and picking the right pieces.

What Dresses To Wear To a Day Party or Picnic?

While picking dresses for these outdoor events I also kept an important thing in mind and that is versatility. I didn’t want to buy a dress for just one occasion. I used to do that many years ago and felt like a waste of money and clothes. Dresses in general are not as versatile as other pieces of clothing, so if you get it wrong, you could be just wearing it only one way. So, when I pick dresses I think of occasions where I could wear them. Ofcourse some of them are more versatile than others, but you have got to think of it before you buy them.

Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses are perfect for daily wear and also for a day time party when picked the right shade. I prefer a good white shirt dresses that instantly brightens up your entire outfit. 

You can either pick a short white shirt dress or a longer white shirt dress. But a shorter one will look more fun and perfect for a picnic in the park kind of look. 

This way you can pair cute flats and show them off as well. 

Here is a trick if you pick a shorter length shirt dress, then you can wear long sleeves. this will still look chic and appropriate for a day time outdoor party.

But if you pick a longer shirt dress, then a short sleeve will look better.

These small details are what makes a great party or in fact any look.

It’s not about buying more, but buying the right clothes. 

Ankle Length Printed Dress

If you love maxi dresses, then stop wearing them to parties. I know this sounds strange. But most of the time maxi dresses are long and cover our feet. Which means you have to be careful where you sit, how you get up and what footwear you wear. 

Consider picking a printed Ankle length dress. The ankle length is the most comfortable length. Which means you can wear them with flats and heels. And they are easier to manage. 

This way you can enjoy your picnic or outdoor party while looking chic.

What Shoes To Wear To a Day Party or Picnic?

If you are going to a day time backyard party, wearing shoes like:

will be a better alternative. As there are times you would need to step into your host’s house. And it’s annoying to open the straps of the shoes. 

But if you are headed to a picnic party, depending on whether you are going to sit on the floor, you can wear:

What Accessories are key for Day Time Party?

You definitely cannot take your club wear accessories when you are headed to a backyard party or a picnic in the park. 

Here are my top recommendations:

Keeping the jewelry and makeup to the minimal will also elevate your day time party looks.

For more on women's outdoor party, please read:


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