What to Wear to Summer Bbq Parties or Picnic In The Park


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What to Wear to Summer Bbq Parties or Picnic In The Park

Summer is almost approaching and all of us are ready to head out and get the summer fun going with backyard barbecues and picnics with friend, now that we are a bit closer to normalcy. So, in this post I am sharing 9 easy outfit ideas that you can put together and look chic doing all these fun activities. 

For me comfort is key, so in all of these looks I ensured that you will be or I will be comfortable and still look chic. Specially if we are eating and drinking and doing outdoor activities, I find that if I am an not comfortable in what I am wearing and feeling, I usually cannot enjoy any of the events. 

I also wanted to share outfits that you can create with pieces that you might already own, of course with a few exception of dresses, because lets be honest, we all love to wear dresses. But even when I chose them, I made sure that these dresses are versatile and something that you can wear in other places as well. 

Jeans Outfits

Even though its summer, a lot of us still prefer to wear jeans and they are probably the easiest to put together. So I wanted to create some looks that can easily transform your jeans casual look to more of summer party look.

Ruffle neck Top + Straight Leg Jeans

In this outfit I am wearing a straight leg jeans that always look more put together and stylish compared to skinny jeans. They also look flattering with any top. This round ruffle neck top is from Ann Taylor. It also comes in other colors, but this cobalt blue color really spoke to me. I absolutely fell in love and had to buy it. 

Together this is creating an easy blue monochromatic look which always elevates any look. The Cotton tissue material is also breathable and hence perfect for summer outdoor parties where you usually want something airy so that you are not sweating in it. And this top is just perfect for that.

You can also convert this top into an off shoulder top because the neckline is elastic. Isn’t that amazing. I paired it with my Chloe slides which are honestly my favorite slides and the only one I have so far. Slides are awesome when you want to be able to take them off easily or wear them back and hence this outfit will work for both a bbq party or a picnic in the park. 

I added a Canvas shopper bag that already own which gives this look a summer touch. I usually prefer swapping my leather bags with straw or jute bags in summer just to give it a bit of variation.

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Bohemian Top + Straight Leg Jeans

I am still wearing the same straight leg jeans as its honestly the most comfortable jeans I ever owned except for he slouchy jeans. Because of the button fly, you don’t feel restricted in your belly area at all, so you can sit around easily in this pair of jeans. 

I did size up, but now I think I should have gone with my original size as they are true to size, so I might need to take them in. I am pairing these jeans with this gorgeous magenta pink bohemian button down shirt from Free people that I picked up last year, but this shirt is back in stock. The material is also tissue cotton, which makes it extremely comfortable in hot weather even though it has full sleeves.

I personally sometimes like full sleeve tops when I am out in the sun as it gives me added sun coverage along with my sunscreen. To complete this bohemian look, I paired it with my Madewell leather tie flat sandals that are the timeless tan sandals every women should own. You can wear it to work, vacation and everyday as well. They are really comfortable because of thicker soles.

I added a pop of yellow with this Picnic tote bag in wicker which has an ombre color tone and the middle color matches the short as well. This is of course optional, depending on whether you own one or not. But you can easily find this bag on Etsy which are really inexpensive. I picked up mine from a local boutique.

You can wear this outfit as it, but I completed the look with a straw fringe style hat that gives this entire outfit the Bohemian finishing touch it deserves. I honestly didn’t think this outfit will look so good when I was putting it together. 

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Linen Outfits

Linen material is perfect for summer. Its breathable and at the same time it looks way more expensive than cotton. So, obviously its one of my favorite material to wear and also an amazing choice for outdoor party where you can feel comfortable and still look chic and stylish.

Padded Shoulder T shirt + Linen Pants

This first outfit I wore on my Mexico trip and this is an outfit that I can continue to wear on other vacations for sure. A padded shoulder T shirt is the perfect upgrade to a normal T shirt. I have a whole blog post where I am sharing how to style and best ways to style them. This outfit was really easy to put together. The burnt orange or cognac T shirt looks perfect all year around. And the white line pants is an awesome contrast that makes the T shirt stand out even more. 

The padded shoulder details makes the outfit look bohemian even though its really casual. This is probably because of the paper bag was it style of the pants and my Chloe Woody slides. I also paired it with the jute shopper tote bag which has the same neutral tone as the slides and completes this look. 

I added a chunky gold necklace to give this look a luxurious touch and this awesome western style straw hat that probably is the main reason this outfit looks bohemian and still sophisticated. The linen pants are extremely comfortable and the elastic waist bands add to it. I always advocate this, but a pair of linen pants are a must have for summer.

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Something Related

White Linen Shorts + Black Shorts

A shorts and shirt outfit is perfect for hot weather isn’t it, but this look is a much more elevated one. I paired a white linen button down shirt with a Black pleated shorts. Both of these pieces can be worn separately in other everyday looks. But paired together they make for a great sophisticated yet relaxed look that you can wear to any event. 

A black and white color combination always looks really classic. So this outfit instantly becomes timeless and something that I will repeat in so many ways. 

Since I have a straight figure, I wanted to add a waistline detail to this look, so I added a narrow white belt with logo details. This belt can also be worn in other ways, but here, it adds a luxe touch as well as curve.

This outfit does look more masculine, so I paired it with white woven mules from Michael Kors that I am in love with. These are Bottega Veneta inspired but without the heavy price tag. And to complete this look and to add a pop of color with this Raffia Tote bag with yellow leather details from Loewe which is the newest piece in my closet. 

I am sharing some budget friendly options to this bag in one of my latest post as well. 

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Green Linen Shorts + Black Shorts

In this shorts outfit, I kept the shorts the same as before, but swapped the white linen shirt with a green flow linen shirt without collars. This is the perfect vacation shirt, so rather than tucking the shirt, I did a front tie to create a beauty vacation vibe. This outfit would be perfect for a pool side bbq party or a picnic in the park where you have a loose fit shirt to keep you comfortable, but the color tone and the material gives it a summer vibe. 

Since this look was giving me all the vacation vibe, I wore my tan tie sandals from Madewell that bring in an earthy tone to the look. I kept the bag neutral since the shirt should be the hero piece in this outfit with its vibrant green color. If you are having a pool party with the bbq, then you can use the shirt as a swim cover up without having to pack in extra pairs of clothes to change in to. Isn’t that amazing!

I love how effortless chic this outfit looks, and it still has a bit of sophistication with the pleated shorts. I had to add in a straw hat to complete this vacation vibe. If you are hosting the party in your backyard, then this is the perfect staycation outfit for you.

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Skirt Outfits

You already know this, but skirts are the best summer alternatives to shorts if you want to add a feminine and dressy touch to any look without any effort. You can also easily dress up and dress down in them. So they make for a great versatile piece in any closet. The two styles of skirts that I am sharing in this post are ones that I have been wearing a lot to the point that I need new pairs to replace them.

T shirt + Bias skirt

In this first skirt look, I am wearing a black and white floral print bias skirt with a side slit with just a simple yellow crew neck T shirt. This is such a simple and minimal outfit but it still looks so chic and perfect for summer special occasion wear. The floral prints of the skirt adds more chicness to the look compared to if the skirt was just simple. That is why even though its paired with a simple plain T shirt, it still looks amazing together. 

Ofcourse, the t shirt is also adding some fun twist to the outfit because of the bright neon yellow color. This instantly transforms the outfit from a casual to chic look. I always find bright colored T shirts easily look way more vibrant and summery  compared to neutral tones and are an easy upgrade for warm weather. You can simply pair it down with something black and you are good to go.

I added a matching flat sandal to create a monochrome look. You can also wear black footwear, but I would stick to these two color options so that you can have fun with the bag that you pair with this outfit. I chose a Jute fringe detail cross body bag that is an awesome summer bag to own. I got this one from a boutique in Bali on a vacation, but I found something similar that I have linked.

I also added a black straw bucket hat that gives me all the Jacquemus vibe but without the price tag as I found this on Etsy. Honestly, I have been recently blown away by the options I have found on Etsy, so I seriously suggest you to check the store. They have a wide range of hats to choose from. This hat brings in a Japanese touch and creates a modern street style vibe to this look. I am already imagining myself wearing this to a picnic with friend in a park as the weather gets better.

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Something Related

Blue Top + Mini Skirt

I know I am already obsessed with this top, but you can swap the blue top with any other color and repeat this outfit to a number of bbq parties, or even to your vacation. This tiered white mini shirt is the best vacation skirt I have ever owned. I actually bought this at a boutique in Saint Maarten Island a couple of years ago and absolutely love wearing it in different ways. 

The wide elastic band makes it easy to pull down and pull up as well as it is comfortable and flexible enough to sit with and also do any activity as well. A white skirt like this one is extremely versatile and you can wear it with any other color or even make it an all white look if you want. 

The lace trim details add a beach vacation touch to the outfit and honestly that is what I have been dreaming of late. I kept the accessories in neutral shade as the cobalt blue top was the hero piece in this look. So, I went with a tie flat sandal which actually looks so chic because of all the leg that is visible here. And I just used the Canvas tote bag that I had. With the bag this could be an awesome picnic look where you can carry a picnic blanket or book or anything else you want in the bag. 

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Dress Outfits

While picking dresses for these outdoor events I also kept an important thing in mind and that is versatility. I didn’t want to buy a dress for just one occasion. I used to do that many years ago and felt like a waste of money and clothes. Dresses in general are not as versatile as other pieces of clothing, so if you get it wrong, you could be just wearing it only one way. So, when I pick dresses I think of occasions where I could wear them. Ofcourse some of them are more versatile than others, but you have got to think of it before you buy them.

White Shirt Dress

The first look is with a white flow shirt dress that is so versatile for summer. This dress has ruched details on the sleeves that gives it more intricate detail. The dress looks modern and yet bohemian because of the tie waist detail. What I absolutely love about it is that you can adjust the waist as per needed, so if you want to loosen it because you are sitting down for a longer period of time, its pretty easy to do that. 

The tiered style skirt is really popular this year and I don’t think so its going anywhere anytime soon. The length of the dress is perfect for me, its not too small or too long. So, for me movement is not at all an issue. I paired it with my Chloe Slides that I think is just the perfect vacation vibe. And to complete the vacation look, I added a wicker style straw hat that has a flat top making the hat look really modern.

I can see myself hanging out with my friends in this outfit in their backyard or the other way around looking chic and sophisticated in this outfit and still feel so comfortable. The skirt is fully lined which is really needed for a white dress, so you don’t have to worry about any transparency. 

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Something Related

Ankle Length Dress

Ankle length dresses are the new revolutionary hybrid between midi and maxi dress that are so much better. They look way more flattering than the other two options. You still get the modest coverage without looking frumpy. Midi dresses are my favorite but, the length sometimes looks so old fashioned and it always cuts your height at the wrong place. But with an ankle length dress you can change all of that. 

This dress is one of my favorite purchases fro Anthropologie and I cannot get enough of it. The dress is just the perfect length that gives my overall look a modern yet traditional look with the print. The prints are Ikat prints that is native to India and has a mix of both blue and yellow, two of my favorite colors of the season. 

The silhouette of the dress is really versatile and with the victorian waist style elastic band which you can also see on the sleeves. I also love the subtle pleats towards the bottom giving me all the bridgeton vibes, don’t you think. I have already worn this dress so many times and will be wearing it even more in the coming future. 

In this look I paired it with woven mules that are white so that the dress can get all the attention it deserves. And I am complimenting the yellow tone of the dress that I can also see in the Loewe handbag. A straw hat is always optional, but if you are outside, its a great way to protect your head from the heat.

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I also created a video where I sharing how I created these looks. Linking the video here in case you enjoy style videos like me.

I hope this inspired you to look at putting together outfits for any event more fun and creative without having to keep on shopping. If you like styling ideas and guides for your busy lifestyle, don’t forget to subscribe for our monthly newsletter.


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