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9 Ways to Wear High Waisted Jeans Even with a Belly


How to Wear High Waisted Jeans with a Tummy

If you feel uncomfortable wearing high waisted jeans because you don’t think you have the flat abs like those insta girls, then you are not alone my friend. But after checking out all of my style tips, you will surely think about these high waisted jeans differently. 

For the longest I used to feel that way as well. I was worried and uncomfortable that I will not look amazing in them, but after I discovered these tricks, it just made so much easier to wear them in fact flaunt them. And if you are following this blog, you already know that I wear a lot of high waisted jeans. 

So, let’s get started. 

Table of Contents

Do a Half Tuck Instead of Leaving It Out

This is the simplest trick but works like magic if you don’t feel comfortable to completely tuck your top into your high waisted jeans. 

Just tuck the front part of the top or blouse you are wearing into the front part of the jeans, leaving the sides out which still enhances your curves without showing your imperfections. 

The look after doing a front tuck

You might have heard it as a half tuck or front tuck, but its basically the same thing. Just make sure that you have not bunched up all of the fabric in one place which in turn makes the look worse.

This way if you look at yourself from the side, the fabric of the top is covering your hips and hence not highlighting the pooch that we are trying to hide. If you are not sure exactly how to do it, checkout my YouTube video where I share how to do it. 

Wear A Third Layer To Hide the Pooch

Rather than just wearing the jeans and the top and exposing that lower belly section that you are not so comfortable with, try wearing a third layer. 

This would work amazingly if you have done a full tuck and you are not feeling awesome about how you look. 

If its hot, wear a light weight denim jacket or a linen blazer. If its cold wear a wool jacket. 

The trick is to make sure that the jacket falls below the waistline of the jeans and mostly on or below your hips, this way it gives the appearance of oversize style which in general makes your waist look slimmer and hides the tummy section.

Wear a third layer to hide belly pooch

Wear a Loose Fit Top To Create Distraction

You can use this trick if you are wearing a skinny jeans where the jeans is already hugging your body a lot and exposing the tummy section. This might enhance that belly pooch.

Rather than going for a fitted top,  wear a relaxed or loose fit top. This creates a contrast in proportion of what you are wearing on your body and in turn distracts your eyes from the waist area. 

This is actually my favorite way of wearing skinny jeans or tight fit jeans, where I know by the end of the day, my stomach will definitely show more of that pooch. 

Oversize top with skinny jeans

Wear Dark Colored Tops

This trick will also make you look slimmer and its an age old trick that a lot of use. Swapping a lighter jeans with dark wash jeans always will look more flattering and because its a darker tone, it smoothens all the imperfection in general. 

If you are wearing skinny jeans, you can definitely try this trick. If you want you can also wear all black from head to toe. It looks stylish and you don’t have to worry about that lower belly area.

But this is definitely not restricted to just skinny jeans. You can apply this rule to any style of denim.

White Skinny Jeans outfit
Oversize top with skinny jeans

Wear Printed tops

This is a great way of wearing light colored jeans. Pairing them with a blouse or top which has a lot of prints in it, or a bug graphic will also distract your eyes from the belly pooch. 

You don’t have to think about the color of the top, but wearing brighter colors definitely makes it easier. 

And if you wear an oversized printed top that’s like added bonus. It always looks good with a solid colored bottom and you can also get away with doing a full tuck. 

Pick Relaxed Fit Jeans Instead of Fitted

This is an option you should definitely consider. If you are feeling uncomfortable in skinny jeans its probably time to find other denim alternatives that look way more flattering. 

I feel like in my 30s, I have definitely made the swap from skinny jeans to other denim styles that are more sophisticated and stylish and also elevate my daily styles.

Checkout this post where I share other denim styles that are way better than skinny jeans which will make you upgrade your denims for sure.

These jeans don’t hug your hip area as much because of the wider leg design and in turn do not make the belly pooch more evident. And with a relaxed fit you also look more flattering compared to skinny jeans.

And I recently discovered straight leg jeans which are also going in that list of denim styles that look way more flattering than skinny jeans. 

Honestly, there are so many options other than skinny jeans that you will probably never even miss them I don’t.  Check out my complete review of the Levis Ribcage straight leg jeans

Wear Jeans With Button Fly

This is actually the best design for jeans. They don’t hug your tummy as much as the zipped jeans do because the zips themselves don’t have any holding power, so the stress gets to that one button on the waist and you know how your waist feels squished in it. 

This in turn makes your belly pooch become even more visible. Trust me, I have seen it in myself. And even though you don’t have that much of a belly flab, it somehow looks worse.

But with button fly style, the jeans is way more flattering and stylish. The button fly design itself is built to be more relaxing and hence feels that way as well. 

Don’t believe me. Try it yourself!

Size Up When Buying Jeans

For the longest, in my head I was stuck with a particular size just because I thought it flatters my body the most. The jeans hug me the best. But let’s face it, we don’t just stand in jeans all day do we.

Jeans are just like any other bottoms which should make us feel comfortable so we can get on with our lives rather than making us feel like we can breath in them.

Once I understood that and shopped for jeans that are the correct fit for my body instead of the correct size I am looking for things got way better and this will help you avoid that belly pooch even when you don’t have it. 

I am like your friend here, telling you something that no one told me. 

Wear Belted Blazer Or Coat

A belted coat or blazer can also hide your belly pooch. This is a great styling trick that always works. If it’s hot outside, pick a linen blazer or a cotton trench coat with your jeans outfit so you are not sweating. 

But this style try is perfect for cold weather seasons when jeans become the obvious choice. You can either buy a belted coat or belted blazer, or add a leather belt to the blazer. The later is always a better choice in my mind. You don’t need to own a lot of belted blazers. 

Wear belted Blazer to Hide Belly pooch

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