Busy Girls Guide for At Home Facial!


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Busy Girls Guide for At Home Facial!

I always feel Spas are overrated in this generation of DIYs, Youtube Tutorials and all the Online knowledge you could gather from the internet. Yes, I still love a good old pamper session at the spa, but let’s face it, we can’t do it everyday. It would just be too expensive! Now, that we have agreed to that, lets move on how to achieve a facial glow at home.

There is no right or wrong way of achieving this. And there are no miracle products (that’s my honest feedback right there). Wait, don’t get upset, hear me out. There is a reason why I am saying this, its because, all of us have different skin type, reaction to different beauty products. Our skin just reacts to different products in a different way. So, what i would recommend you that is working on me, might not work on you. And that is a fact that even though I want, cannot move away from.

Now, that we have ironed that one out, let’s move on to the foundation of a great facial. If you pay close attention, there are few basic steps that are similar with every facial:


This can again be done in many different ways, but I usually start with makeup wipes to wipe off my makeup and then wash my fashion with a face wash. That is my regular routine, but i now some of you might be using the Micellar water, thats also a great way of removing water. Cleansing is important though because you want to get rid of all the chemicals on your skin, and expose the skin to the next steps in order to get the benefit of the facial.


I am using the Bliss makeup wipes which are so affordable and not at all harsh on your skin. I regularly use my Estee Lauder perfectly clean foaming cleansing mask for washing my face, but since today there is a lot of cleansing and washing that will happen on my face, I am using the Caudalie Hydrating foaming cleanser.



For some reason, this is always my favorite step, though over doing it might also result in break outs or sensitivity on the skin. I love a good exfoliation, the feeling of scrubbing my face with something that not only feels good but smells good is also invigorating. You know what I mean, don’t you! Now, the details, I don’t really have a sensitive skin and having an oily one which causes my pores to always be open and clogged, it helps to have my scrub have a little bigger granules, and how you would know that is by scrubbing it on the top of you hand, the little particles will feel more obvious. But, if you have a sensitive skin, go for more fine granules which will still achieve the same result, but won’t irritate your skin.

I just bought the Mario Badescu Almond & Honey face scrub, which is hydrating as well have exfoliating my skin, but I have tried many other brands with the same results. So, you can pick the product of your choice.

Applying a Mask

This is the part where it gets really messy (it literally does sometimes 😂). What was would be best for us. Trust me, I have been there. And again there is no right or wrong answer, you need to think of what you are trying to achieve. I like to start with a peel off mask, because, it peels off any excess dead cells on my skin and any dirt off my pores. Now, if you don’t like a peel off mask ( And I get why – it hurts), there are so many purifying mud mask. I love the Peter Thomas mask, they are just the best. It would achieve the same result.

I am trying this Vitamin C enriched peel off mask from Miss Spa ( A steal for the price) because I feel my extremely tan face could use some brightening, but charcoal peel off masks are my favorite, they just make my skin feel so clean.

I follow it up with (Yes double masking) a sheet mask, or a gel mask to cool down my face and provide all the nutrition that my pores can absorb in for my skin. And trust me, it makes a huge difference. My skin feels perfectly hydrated and it shows as well. Yes, even though my skin is oily which we all think means we have a lot of moisture, but after all these steps of stripping all that from it, moisturizing is the best gift that you can give your skin. It helps balance the PH level (we can talk about it in some other post) which helps in minimizing break outs.

Eye Masks

I forget it too! And thats fine, this step is optional, but I feel like as I am getting older, I totally feel like its a must have for my beauty routine. As you all know eyes are your way to someone’s soul ( That was dramatic!).

Moisturize More

If you like, you can always add more of your favorite moisturizer, I always suggest a good night cream, we can go over why you should apply night cream in another post. Its my absolute must have in terms of my beauty regimen.

And your facial is done without spending a ton of money on products that you don’t even see. I will list some of my favorite products, but it is totally unto you guys as to what you want to use.



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