Castañer Carina Espadrilles Review – My Favorite Spring Summer Sandals


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Castañer Carina Espadrilles Review – My Favorite Spring Summer Sandals

Super excited to share my review of these gorgeous espadrilles from Castaner of which I already own two pairs of and am buying some more for Spring and summer. These are my go to sandals for the warmer weather specially for dressy occasions and its been over 3 years that I am wearing them every spring and summer.

If you are looking for Espadrilles and are curious about Castaner, then read on where I am sharing a complete review of these pairs and also sharing my favorites for this season and recommendations that will help you make a better decision about them.

Or you might already own them and looking for a care guide and you will also find that here.

Why I bought Espadrilles from Castañer?

When I searched for espadrilles in google, these were the first one that popped up. I researched a little bit about the brand and realized that they are a really established brand from Spain with over 90 years of experience in making them. Honestly, that was the biggest decision maker. 

The price of the espadrilles were also reasonable for $135. I also ordered them from Farfetch where they had no taxes. So it was a win win for me. 

I was also looking for something neutral as these are my first pair and found the Carina Espadrilles in white canvas. 

The style was absolutely simple and it felt like I can wear it with a lot of my outfits and that is exactly what I did. Once I bought them, I wore them and loved how they look so chic and yet blended very well with all of my spring summer outfits. 

These were my birthday presents to myself.

Why are Espadrilles so Popular?

While this is absolutely subjective for every individual, but I find that espadrilles in general are really popular because of two main reasons:


If you are in a warmer climate, you know that wearing leather shoes can make you feel really hot. This is the main reason in warmer months or weather we tend to go for open toe footwear or light weight shoes that will let our feet breathe.

Espadrilles are the perfect invention for the weather. Because of the fabric lining, they are really breathable and even the close toe designs are perfect for hot climate. 

No matter what style of canvas espadrilles you wear, you will always find them comfortable and breathable. Also because of the design of the soles. They are usually thicker since they are built with natural fibre. 

Versatile Design

Because of the really simple design, again does not matter whether they are flats or wedge style, they are extremely versatile for any outfit. 

I myself have styled these Castañer Espadrilles with shorts, jeans, beachwear and even with work wear. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to Espadrilles, if you are curious, check them out below.

They add just the right amount of style upgrade to your outfit and blend very well with all of everyday looks. I think that is the reason they are so popular with the Spanish folks. I have seen everyone rock them with such style.


I actually have a whole post where I am sharing a complete guide in styling different styles of Espadrilles. If you are looking for outfit ideas with espadrilles, checkout the post.

Material for Carina Espadrilles

The Carina espadrille toe front is made out of Canvas, which is an excellent material to soak sweat and be breathable. I have worn these on really hot days and still never felt like I was sweating at all. 

The Sole is made of Braided jute and has a wedge design. The design is something Castaner has worked and specialized for 90 years, so I am sure they are a master of it.

I have been wearing my first pair since early 2018 and they are still comfortable and have no wear and tear what so ever, except for the interiors getting a bit dirty.

The Straps are also made of natural weaved fabric and are extremely soft, they don’t feel sharp at all, in fact I tie them pretty tight and still don’t have any marks whatsoever.

Design & Making for Carina Espadrilles

Without sounding to intense, I have to say the design is simply impressive. Each of these espadrilles are handmade which makes them actually unique in a way and this craft has been refined for years. 

Castañer specializes in Espadrilles, so I would think they know what they are doing and there design reflects that. 

I have worn both my black and white espadrilles for more than a year and I have taken them to all sorts of places including travel destinations. And so far, I have seen no sign of damage like the weaving coming off or tears or anything. And I think this is purely because they are handcrafted.

Carina Espadrilles Styles & Sizing Guide

There are three important factors we need to look at when shopping for the Carina Espadrilles.

Sizing Guide

These espadrilles actually come in many variations, purely on the heel height and are also named that way. I am a size 7.5 in US, which translates to 38 in Euro size and I bought both the espadrilles in that size. 

They fit me perfectly and even though I have sensitive feet, I have found no problems with them from Day 1. 

The toes are a bit narrow, so if you have wider feet or then you can go half a size up. But I would recommend against going 1 size up since these are wedge style sandals and that might cause your feet to slide up and down while walking which is way more uncomfortable.

These espadrilles actually come in many variations, purely on the heel height and are also named that way. I am a size 7.5 in US, which translates to 38 in Euro size and I bought both the espadrilles in that size. 

They fit me perfectly and even though I have sensitive feet, I have found no problems with them from Day 1. 

The toes are a bit narrow, so if you have wider feet or then you can go half a size up. But I would recommend against going 1 size up since these are wedge style sandals and that might cause your feet to slide up and down while walking which is way more uncomfortable.


My White Carina Espadrilles are 9 cm(3.5 inch) heel height and are called Carina 80 Espadrilles, but my Black Espadrilles are 7cm(2.7inch) heel height and are called Carina 60 Espadrilles. 

But in total the Carina espadrilles come in 7 heel heights, the third one with 11 cm(4.4 inch) heel height and are called Carina 105 Espadrilles. These one have the bottom sole thicker than the other two and makes for an awesome runway espadrilles.

So, depending on your heel preference, you can always find one pair for you. This is another big reason why I keep going back to the brand, their versatility of styles. 

They have recently come up with a 5cm (1.9 inch approx.) which is so far only available in the Castañer website itself. 

Price Point

The starting price of the Carina Espadrilles are $135 which is based of the price on the website. Some of the US sites might have a higher price point. 

Depending on the details and color options you are looking for the price can go upto $335. 

Honestly, this is way more reasonable for a piece that will last you for years. 

Overall Thoughts

I have four reasons why I absolutely recommend these pairs to anyone. So let’s get down to it.


I have really sensitive feet, I naturally get blisters and cuts from footwear and that is why I m extremely picky in terms what I buy. If its not comfortable, then no matter how cute it looks, I will  never wear it. 

So, naturally the biggest advantage with these espadrilles for me are the comfort. I can walk in them for hours without feeling any discomfort in my soles because of the heel or any rashes anywhere. 

I have worn them on days when my feet were bloated and still found them super comfortable. 

Tip: If you want to wear them out, then I would suggest wearing them often for shorter periods. Not everyones skin is the same, so its always good to be cautious.

The Lace also does not hurt and the great part is that it’s long enough so you can tie is loosely if you want to.


After wearing my Carina 80 Espadrilles for 2 years, I noticed recently that one of the labels on the sole is peeling, but I am fixing that with super glue. Since the label is leather, it does not tear or peel.

The jute weaving were something  I was nervous about, but they are in excellent condition given that I have worn them and walked on harsher roads as well. 

The soles have also not worn out at all, so for $135, I got a pretty good amount of wear out of them.


By now, you have realized that for hand crafted piece, they are reasonably priced if we compare them to brands like Sam Edelman, Michale Kors which are probably not. 

If we compare them with designer pieces, they are way cheaper than ay of them out there. And I am comparing them with designer finds because of the crafstmanship.


I had to throw in this factor, because this makes them perfect for travel. Because of more natural fabric and jute and less of rubber, they are extremely lightweight. 

Now, this makes them not only comfortable to wear, but also perfect for packing for a vacation. 

This is also one of the big reason I can walk in them for hours. 

So, all in all I can say that Catañer Carina Espadrilles are completely worth the purchase. 

Care Guide

The key to longevity of anything completely depends on the how you care for an item. This is not only for shoes, but any of your purchases. 

Because of the make and material of the espadrilles, they are perfect for hotter climate, but not wet weather all the time. So, if you own them, just be careful around monsoon season, or wet places. I don’t think so anything will happen if you get them wet once, but frequent exposure might cause damages. 

I haven’t really cleaned my white espadrilles much which is also amazing because I have worn them a lot. But, if I see a spot, I just clean them with a clean non colored and dry cloth.

But sharing a care guide that Castñer shares in their website. 

Best Places to Buy Carina Espadrilles

I have shopped both my espadrilles from Farfetch because I saw the best price there  and got them tax free as well. In fact my black carina espadrilles we’re only $70 which was a steal. 

So I will highly recommend them. Farfetch is a market place site and not an inventory style site, so they can easily give us the best price for any item. The pieces are directly shipped from the boutiques, so all the middle money is savings for us. 

My Favorite Color Recommendations

If you are buying espadrille wedges for the first time, I would suggest going for a neutral color that suits your everyday style. 

Casual Style

If you have a casual style or you prefer wearing more casual clothes, a black pair will be really versatile and you will be able to wear it with jeans as well and not worry about it being too dressy.

Classic Style

If you have a classic style, or you prefer to wear more structured pieces, then a white pair is a perfect addition to your footwear collection. It looks chic as well as subtle and can be worn with any structured look. 

Favorite Colors

Given that this is a footwear for spring and summer, its natural to like some colors in them. Below are some of my favorite colors that I am currently loving. These colors would also be great for everyday style.

I hope this post was helpful in making a decision on whether espadrilles are fo you or not. If you have any questions about them, please leave a note below and I will do my best in answering.


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