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What To Wear In Spring 2024: Trends + Styles For Elevated Look


What To Wear In Spring 2024: Trends + Styles For Elevated Look

This post is your guide to know what to wear in spring 2024. Including Bets Trends As Well As Timeless Pieces.

Wondering what are the best style trends or essentials you should wear this spring to elevate your style? We have got you covered. From colors to basics you will find this style guide your cheatsheet to answer your question – what to wear in spring.

We are also talking about some of the best spring trends that are you should try which will become a must have.

I know specially when we are busy in our lives, we seldom pay attention to all of this. And by the time we will get some breathing time, the season is already here and we are scrambling to shop for things that we don’t even like. 

But this guide will help you with what you should pull out from your seasonal wardrobe and what you might be missing that you can invest on.

Colors to Wear In Spring

Spring time is all about blooms. And you want to wear something fresh to feel the weather as well. This is the perfect time to incorporate some colors into your outfit. A great way to update your overall style as well. 

Best Color Trends Of Spring 2024

This year is the return of the 90s fashion and with that we see the best shades coming back to the fashion industry. And all of these shades you either already own or will wear for years to come. 

Here are the best colors you should try and will look great on everyone:

  1. Pink
  2. Cobalt Blue
  3. Red
  4. Green
  5. Navy
Best colors to wear in spring 2024

Best Basic Colors To Wear In Spring

I am not saying you can’t wear other colors at all. But while most soft colors like Lilac, Bright Pink, Soft Blue are still great options to wear. If you are starting out with wearing colors, the above shades would be great starters. 

These shades actually look great and also elevate your style. 

But other than that, there is also a lot of emphasis on basic colors like Black, Gray and White.

What Tops To Wear in Spring

Basics got a major upgrade this year, and I am not at all complaining, because they look much more sophisticated and stylish. 

But if you are not interested in shopping at all, here are the best basics you may already have in your wardrobe:

  1. Crew Neck T shirts
  2. Button Down White Shirts
  3. Colored Sweaters


The biggest trends for this year is the Masculine Feminine blend with the 90s Redux. You will see a blend of lady like styles and boxy styles that add masculinity to any outfit. 

But in terms of tops, I think we got them mostly in Feminine styles. Here are my best recommendations for you. 

Elbow Length Tops

Your regular t-shirts got a major makeover. These elbow length tops make a casual outfit look elegant and sophisticated. 

They also make your arm look slender, so why not give it a try. You can either wear them with jeans for a daily wear that looks polished and sophisticated. 

you don’t have to stop with tshirt, they also come in knitwear fabric that still looks like t-shirts but are perfect for spring weather.

Banana Republic Striped Tee

Ann Taylor Ribbed Sweater Tee

Flared Sleeve Sweater

Dissh Flared Sleeve Top

Banana Republic Polo Sweater Top

Polo Collared Top

With the masculine style on trend, the polo collared tops are the best way to embrace this style that actually looks great. The collar details makes any casual outfit put together and sophisticated. 

It’s like a shirt in a tshirt. And you don’t need to just wear it with jeans or pants. They look even better with denim skirts or maxi skirts. The feminine style of the skirt would balance the top.

Cece Polo Collar Sweater Top

Ann Taylor Polo Sweater Top

Boat Neck Tops

The boat neck style is another neckline worth trying this spring. And you will definitely be wearing it through summer. The boatneck makes your neck look elegant and adds a ladylike vibe to your entire outfit. 

You can still wear them with casual pieces without worrying whether you look too casual. 

Reformation Boat Neck Knit Top

Boden Boat Neck Tee

Cardigan Jackets

I feel like cardigans don’t get as much justice as they deserve. They are the most flattering knitwear style that looks great on any body shape and can be styled in any way. It can be worn casually by pairing them with jeans or you can wear then with dresses or skirts and make them look chic and feminine. 

They had already gotten a makeover last year. But this year with the 90’s redux trend, they got more structured than ever. 

I call them the cardigan jacket, because you can ditch your denim jacket and wear them instead. Yes, they are the perfect denim jacket alternative that’s lightweight and looks elegant too. 

Sezane Betty Cardigan Jacket

Lily Silk Cardigan Jackets

Silk Shirts

White cotton button down shirts are still an essential in your wardrobe and you can definitely wear them. 

This year, silk shirts are huge and they are great to elevate your outfits. Whether you want to wear them to office or you want to wear them casually, they will not disappoint you in anyway. 

They will instantly elevate your outfits without any effort. 

Club Monaco Helek Silk Shirt

Lily Silk Striped Silk Shirt

Printed & Embroidered Shirts

Detailing is a big trend this year. And you will also see it in the springs most basic top, embroidered shirts and tops. 

Usually these styles don’t come every year, but they are a timeless style that you should have in your wardrobe. It not only looks chic but also adds more detail to any outfit you are wearing. 

Sezane Embroidered Shirt

Boden Printed Silk Shirt

What Outerwear To Wear in Spring

Spring Outerwear guide

Ladylike Blazer

Double breasted blazers are back! They are perfect outerwear with any casual bottom including long skirts. They look sophisticated and elevated.

But this year they got even better. Now these double breasted blazers are longer in length, almost covering your bottom in the back. And they have a fit and flare silhouette to them. 

This makes them really flattering to wear with all bottoms and adds a feminine touch to this really structured outerwear.

Reiss Larsson Double Breasted Blazer

Good American Double Breasted Blazer

Boucle Jacket

Boucle Jackets were a huge trend last year and they are now becoming a wardrobe staple with the 90’s redux trend this year. And why shouldn’t they. 

They actually look great over dresses, jeans, skirts and more. And if you pick a good quality basic shade one, you can wear them year after year. 

I bought one last year for an International trip and I still wear it almost always. 

They are a great alternative to blazers if that’s not your thing.

They are lightweight but don’t look as casual as cardigans.

Mango Pocket Tweed Jacket

ba&sh Meredith Short Patch Pocket Jacket

Belted Blazer

I am so glad they finally made blazers with built in belt. Its so much better and looks so much nicer on all body type. 

If you are an oversized blazer lover, you should try the belted blazer. They will instantly have a slimming effect on your outfit. 

And they look much more put together. You can wear them with casual clothes and still look put together. 

Bardot Belted Blazer

Favorite Daughter Belted Blazer

Super Long Wool Coat

With the 90’s redux, super long wool coats have made a comeback. They never really left the fashion industry. You will see them more common in European countries already, where people dress for the extreme cold winters. 

But these coats are now coming to the mainland too. And I already picked up a black and a white one. Because these shades are basic and will go with everything. 

But you can also go for shades of gray and camel which will be perfect for spring weather.

Mango Long Wool Coat

Reformation Oscar Nipped Waist Coat

What Bottoms To Wear in Spring

Some basic bottoms for changing up your winter layer in spring are:

  1. Pants or trousers
  2. Midi Skirts
  3. Denim Skirts
  4. Shirt Dresses
  5. White Jeans
  6. Light Wash Jeans
  7. Wide Leg Trousers

But the staples I am sharing below will definitely change up your spring outfit.

Dark Blue Jeans

Blue jeans are the perfect swap  to black jeans. But instead of light wash blue jeans, this year you will a lot more of the dark wash blue jeans. 

It’s a blend of the cobalt blue with regular blue jeans. And this a must have denim in your wardrobe. It looks much more elevated than the light wash blue jeans. 

And what better style than wearing them in the super wide leg style. Add your favorite footwear to create a chi spring to summer look. 

Trust me, once you try one, you are never going back.

Everlane The Way High Jeans

Favorite Daughter The Masha Wide Leg Jeans

Maxi Skirt

Sezane Dilo Pleated Maxi Skirt

Boden Tiered Maxi Skirt

Long Denim Skirt

The denim trend comes back every spring with a new twist. While all of them are not great for us, the long denim maxi skirt style is just perfect to elevate our casual outfit.

If you are bored with jeans, wear these instead. And unlike other years, you don’t have to just wear them in blue. This year you will see a lot more versions of black and white denim skirts.

These shades are versatile and can be worn with any style of tops. Invest in one and keep wearing them forever.

Favorite Daughter Denim Long Skirt

Pilcro The Madi Front-Slit Denim Skirt

What Shoes To Wear in Spring

You can wear a lot of footwear that you wear wearing in winter for spring as well. Because the weather is still not warm enough to rock all your open toe sandals.

  1. Ankle Boots (preferably white ankle boots).
  2. Espadrilles
  3. Slingback Pumps
  4. Ballet Flats
  5. Loafer Mules
  6. Loafers
But here are the best trends you can try out this spring to elevate your looks.

Loafer Pumps

The chunky loafers got a makeover this spring to heeled chunky loafers. And these are perfect masculine pairing to your chic outfits. You can pair them with A line dresses and skirts. They also look great with trousers and jeans. 

If you hated them because they looked too masculine, then try the heeled version. 

Now, you can go crazy with the heels if you like. But if you are like me, you crave comfort in your shoes. Then you can get the 2 inch heeled one. The chunky sole balances out the heels anyways. 

So, they almost feel like 1 inch.

Chloe Marcie Heeled Loafers

Tory Burch Perrine Loafer Pumps

Mary Janes Slingbacks

Mary Janes balance the masculine Loafer pumps. But the traditional Mary Janes are little too old fashion for me. And the goal of this blog is to elevate your style. Instead go for Mary Janes in slingback pumps style. 

Slingbacks in general are much more comfortable version to traditional pumps. And with the Mary Jane style they get a new look. 

Mary Jane slingbacks will add a feminine touch to your casual outfits this spring and summer. 

You can wear them with jeans and trousers to elevate them. Or you can also wear them with shorts when it’s hot out to add a girly touch to the casual shorts. 

Dolce Vita Patzy Mary Jane Slingbacks

Rag n Bone Flat Mary Jane

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