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Dyson Corrale Straightener Complete Review: Does It Work?


Dyson Corrale Straightener Review for Fine Hair

Thinking of buy the Dyson Corrale straightener soon, or is it in your wish list as a Christmas gift. In this post I am reviewing this expensive hair straightener to see whether it is worth the money spent specially for someone who has a fine hair like me.

I have been eying this beauty for a while now, and finally pulled the plug, but will share my honest opinion and pros and cons that will help you decide whether this beauty is worth the spend. 

Details of the Product

I initially added the Copper finish of the Corrale straightener to my cart. But as I looked at this finish,   I decided to go for it. Purple is the color of the year and this one looks so much more fun compared to all the black hair tools I own. This just stands out and looks so fun to work with. 

I know that is probably irrelevant, but is it? We all look to buy a new iPhone in a new color because it looks cool. Why not a new hair gadget that you are using every single day. It definitely helps me set my mood for the day. 

This finish is the newest release from Dyson as a Holiday color. 

Where I Bought It From?

What is the Finish Called?


How Much Does it Cost


Dyson Corrale Straightener -Vinca-Blue-Rosé

Key Features Of The Product

This is the biggest reason I bought this straightener. I have owned my fair share of straighteners and for someone who styles her hair everyday, you always have to make sure you are closer to an outlet. And cords do get in the way when you are styling you hair. We all know this. 

So, I was super glad that these ones are cordless. You can charge them on a stand that is included in the package. And once its fully charged, you are ready to style your hair wherever you want. 

This is one of the biggest reason, it is perfect hair tool for taking on your next trip. You can pack it in the lightweight bag that is also included in the package and put it in your carry on bag. 

Cordless shot of Dyson Corrale

For someone who has fine hair, this is a must have. You don’t want your hair to burn or get damaged, so styling your fine hair in really hot settings is not a good practice. I use the 360 degree setting for my hair and that styles it very well. The temperature display on the little LED monitor gives me a peace of mind every time I style my hair with the straightener. 

The heating is also pretty fast. Once you turn on the straightener. You need to click the top arrow and it displays what temperature you have selected. If you don’t click on anything, it will automatically heat the straightener to that desired temperature and make a beep sound. And you are ready. 

You can use the up and down feature to also select your desired temperature. For me 360 is just perfect. 

The awesome part is that it the turn on buttons or the temperature control buttons do not come in the way of styling your hair. I have had curling irons and straighteners that I always turn off or click to increase the temperature accidentally while styling my hair. You don’t have to worry about that with this one. 

Temperature Control in Dyson Corrale

I am a curling iron gal. Always have used them for curling my hair. But I also have frizzy hair. So on days when I wash my hair, even after blow drying and curling, my hair looks frizzy and you can see frizz where the curling ion could not reach, which is usually closer to my roots.

And when I used straighteners I could not curl properly because I have a lot of hair and they would get stuck in the straightener. Or they will leave a weird kink in my har because they pressed my fine hair. If you also have fine hair like me, you know exactly what I mean. 

This straighter solved both the problems. The comb tooth shaped edge of the flexible manganese copper plates are flexible, so they move as you glide your arms through your hair. So, does not matter whether you have fresh hair or second to third day hair, they will glide. 

This definitely helps with curling. because curling your hair with a straightener is a skill.

Dyson Corrale Curling

This might not seem like a big deal, but if you are someone who shares their bathroom or has a quick getting ready routine, its annoying to have to just leave your straightener or curling iron on top of the counter because it has not cooled off yet. 

But the lock feature of this straightener takes care of that. You can immediately pack the straightener away after use without worrying about what it might burn. I think this is because of the shorter straightening area of the tool and the comb tooth like edges that barely touch the surface. 

If you are looking for a straightener that can straighten and curl your hair, then you need to find one which has a curved body. And the Dyson Corrale straightener has the perfect curve and grip. 

Its thick enough, but not too curvy or thick that your arms will hurt. I am saying this from experience because even though I have fine hair, I have a lot of hair. 

Does It Work For Fine Hair?

Yes, its perfect for fine hair specially if you are trying to create waves and curls. Its easy on your hair in general compared to a lot of other expensive hair tools. But here are some key things that will make you consider this straightener for you. 

  1. You can use more hair and still get good result. You don’t need to take really small sections. 
  2. My hair styling lasts for more than 2 days. If you have fine hair, you know how hard it is to retain your style, but after curling my hair with the Dyson straightener, I just need to touch up the top of my hair. 
  3. The charge will last you more. this is something we should discuss. If you have fine hair, you can style your hair twice after one full charge of the straightener. But if you have thicker hair, you might only be able to use it once. Again, this depends on the length of your hair too. I have long waist length hair. 
  4. Your fine hair does not get tangled in the straightener. 

Overall Thoughts

I don’t like to buy or keep a lot of hair tools. Over the years, I have created a hair routine that helps me get ready faster in the morning. So, getting better at using my hair tools is a key for me. I love how I can straighten my roots area and curl my ends with the same tool. 

It makes my life easier every morning as I don’t have to juggle between hair tools. 

But this is also an expensive hair product. the most expensive hair straightener I have bought so far. But I am hoping that after using it for years, I will get my money’s worth. 

Sharing a before and after shot so, you can see how my hair transforms using one straightener fro Frizzy to pretty curls. 


Before Using Dyson Corrale


After using Dyson Corrale

Available Finishes

Black Nickel / Fuchsia

Black / Purple

Black / Purple

Fuchsia / Nickel


Where To Shop

Click to shop at your favorite store:

Should You Buy It?



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