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Best Fit Straight leg Jeans You Can Wear With Boots and More


Wondering what straight leg jeans you can wear this winter that will work with your ankle boots or even longer boots without bunching up at the ankle or making you look bulky around your leg.

Checkout the top 10 straight leg jeans that will work perfectly with boots and look stylish too. 

*This post is all bout the best straight leg jeans you can wear with ankle boots and even tall boots.

Straight Leg jeans are denim style that have a straight leg width through out the jeans. They are perfect for mid size and even skinny women who cannot rock an hour glass shape in denim like Pear shaped women or hour glass shaped women can. 

These jeans have been really popular recently and have become a staple in many women’s wardrobe. They look great all year round actually if you find the right pair for you. 

Here is an helpful post about styling straight leg jeans for cold weather:

Straight leg jeans have been a popular trend and we all are excited to try it out with all spring summer outfits but when it comes to fall and winter when we are ready to wear boots to keep us cozy, it becomes challenging to find a good pair that looks great with straight leg jeans and are also comfortable to wear. 

So, in this post, we have found the best styles of straight leg jeans that you can wear year over year with boots and look great. 

10 Best Straight Leg Jeans To Wear with Ankle Boots

Levis Ribcage Straight Leg Jeans

This jeans is perfect for winter because the legs are not at all narrow, so if you want you can also wear sock style or tight calf taller boots and not feel like your legs look bulky. 

The ribcage high waist style of the jeans create an hour glass shape as it cinches the waist, but its not at all uncomfortable thanks to the Button fly opening style.

These jeans come in so many colors, so you can buy one in each and rock with your favorite boots.

PRICE: $98

Where To Shop

The Perfect Vintage Wide-Leg Crop Jeans

Yes, I know, they are called wide leg jeans, but they are not wide around the ankle, they are in fact the same style as the Levis ones in terms of leg width. They have a  uniform leg width.

Since these are cropped length they will work really well with boots as it gives room to show your legs and because of the loose ankle you can wear them with ankle boots without worrying about anything bunching up.

These jeans come in 3 different legths – Petite, Regular and Tall. And they have a quite good stretch to them. The white jeans looks perfect for winter white outfits, but they also come in dark blue and black.

Madewell Wide Leg Jeans

PRICE: $128 - $138

Where To Shop

Nordstrom (Light | Darker) | Madewell (White | Blue)

Everlane The Way-High Jeans

Everlane has the best wardrobe staples and these way high straight leg jeans are the ones too. The jeans are more solid in color which looks elevated and much more expensive than the price. 

They are similar waist height as the Levis ribcage ones with button fly open style, but come in 3 different lengths which is awesome because you don’t have to cut your jeans. 

These come in indigo wash shade  which look stylish and perfect for work as well. But they also come black and lighter shades. 

PRICE: $98

Where To Shop

Express High Waisted Straight Ankle Jeans

These jeans look vintage but also have awesome stretch. And the dark wash is perfect for cold weather with dark tone boots. The high waisted style cinches your waist well but because these are stretchy they won’t be uncomfortable at all.

The Ankle length is great and makes it easy to pair with boots without bunching issues. But you can pick them in lengths that suits your body type as it comes in short, regular and tall size as well as plus size. 

Express jeans are budget friendly but look expensive. And with this dark tone color you can wear it from date night to work. 


PRICE: $88

Where To Shop

Express | Also comes in White

Agolde Criss Cross Jeans

These jeans are a game changer denim design that looks elevated and so stylish that I picked them up in shorts and can’t stop wearing them. The jeans are non stretchable but the design is comfortable. 

And even if the waist area will be a little forgiving, because of the criss cross style, you won’t be able to tell. 

The legs are straight leg at the ankle, so even if they will fall to your ankle, they will work great with boots. These jeans feel like trousers and come in black as well. 

PRICE: $198

Where To Shop

Paige Crop Straight Leg Jeans

Cropped jeans work best with boots in winter because they flatter and elongate your legs. So even if you are wearing lug sole boots, you don’t look frumpy in them. 

These blue cropped straight leg jeans are high waisted and have a distressed feel to them which are great for everyday wear. With 26 1/2 inch length they are the perfect cropped length and with the a slight flare around the ankle , they will look great with ankle boots. 

These are more fresh blue wash, so you can literally wear them all year around. 

PRICE: $239

Where To Shop

JCrew 90s wide-leg Jeans

Another wide leg style, that is not really wide leg so it works great with boots. The JCrew vintage straight leg jeans have a fading shade which looks distressed and perfect for dark color winter outfits.

The legs are straight from waist to ankle, and perfect to pair with boots. 

The lighter fading shades somehow looks classy in this color tone and makes it versatile to dress up and dress down. 

JCrew jeans come in Petite, Regular or Classic and Tall length, so this would be great piece for any body type. These jeans do run large and for a good reason because they are not so stretchy, so make sure you pick your own size. 

PRICE: $239

Where To Shop

Good American Straight Fit Jeans

These straight leg jeans are not only great with boots but they are curve friendly. They are stretchy and great for women with wider hips.

The jeans are ankle length with 27.5 inch length which looks great with ankle boots.  The dark blue wash looks chic for winter season and the raw hem makes it more casual and wearable for everyday. 

And these jeans also come in plus size. 

The wide hem helps keep those boots in without riding up the jeans. 

PRICE: $150

Where To Shop

Loft Button Front 90s Straight Jeans

Loft jeans don’t get as much credit as they deserve. I own a pair of straight leg jeans from them, and they are soft stretchy and comfortable to wear. More importantly, they are made for women curvy body. 

These straight leg jeans have black tone buttons which makes them retro and dressy. They also come in a dark blue wash color without the zip open style. 

But their petite and regular sizes help customize the length you want to pick for your height. And the slight flare makes it perfect to wear with boots.

PRICE: $89.95

Where To Shop

Rag & Bone Slim Fit Ankle Light Jeans

I wish these jeans came in more colors because it looks very luxe and stylish. The faded and dye color tone of the jeans gives it a luxurious touch and makes it versatile as well. You can dress it up and dress it down. 

The 27 1/2 inch length of the jeans is the best feature which makes it easy to style with boots. But I also like that the hem or the ends of the jeans are slightly flared which also looks flattering when your whole foot is covered.

The jeans are not stretch which makes them long lasting given the price tag. But they are designed to be relaxed fit. 

PRICE: $225

Where To Shop

Best Straight Leg Jeans With Boots Comparison Chart

For more on women's straight leg jeans, please read:


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