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Do’s & Don’ts Of What To Tops To Wear With Straight Leg Jeans in Winter


Winter season is already here and you are wondering whether you should pack away your straight leg jeans or should you wear them. In this post I am sharing what tops and sweaters you should pick to style your favorite straight leg jeans in winter that will look flattering. 

But that is not all, in this post I am also sharing what styles of sweaters you should avoid wearing with straight leg jeans which can make you look bulky and frumpy. 

*This post is all bout the what sweaters to pick to style straight leg jeans in winter.

Why is it important to pick the right style of sweaters with straight leg jeans:

  • Since straight leg jeans are more relaxed fit on your legs, not all sweaters will flatter them. 
  • Depending on your body type, some sweaters will make you look bulky and bigger with straight leg jeans.
  • If you are looking to upgrade your denim outfit and want to try straight leg jeans, then these styles of sweaters will make it easier for you to get a lot of wear out of them.

Sweaters to Wear with Straight Leg Jeans

Not all styles of sweaters will look good with straight leg jeans because of the way they fit on our body. They are wider in width when you compare them with skinny jeans, hence create a relaxed fit style, so pairing the right style of sweaters with them will make your winter outfit chic. 

DO WEAR: Turtleneck Sweater
DO WEAR: Mock Neck Sweater

Mock neck sweaters don’t have too much extra fabric around the neck compared to turtleneck and are really easy to wear. If you pick a fitted one, it gives you the same effect as a turtleneck but less uncomfortable. 

Mock necks are also great for someone who has a shorter neck and has to fold a lot of fabric of the turtleneck. 

This is also a great way you can wear printed mock neck sweaters as well to brighten up your black straight leg jeans outfit. 

Mockneck sweaters are great for work or even formal parties where you want to look put together even when you are wearing jeans. 

DO WEAR: Polo Collar Sweater

Polo collar sweaters look casual yet structured because of the collar details. So, even though they are relaxed fit, they look really good with straight leg jeans. 

You can wear them just by themselves by wearing a fitted long sleeve T shirt which is great for extreme cold weather places. And with the polo collar you can add jewelries to elevate your denim outfit.

DO WEAR: Short Oversized Sweater

Yes you can absolutely wear oversized sweater, but if you pick sweaters that fall on your hips, they will look better with straight leg jeans. You can easily tuck them to create a waist definition and avoid looking bulky. 

You don’t need to full tuck an oversized sweater, just tucking the front part will instantly make you look put together and stylish. But if you don’t want to tuck in, you can still wear them out with straight leg jeans without looking frumpy. 

This is also a great way to add some color to your simple straight leg jeans look. 

Half zip sweaters are great for extreme cold weather because you can wear a base layer under it. They have always been really popular with men, but you can also see women rocking them in so many ways. They look sophisticated and elevate the straight leg jeans winter look. 

They usually come in perfect leather to be worn with pants and skirts, so they will fall just on your hips and you can just front tuck them or even full tuck them to create a structured winter outfit. 

DO WEAR: Fair Isle Sweaters
Photo by @tallandpreppy

Fair Isle sweaters look so fun in the winter and you can wear them with straight leg jeans and look ready for the holiday. In fact this could easily become your holiday party outfit that is laid back but dressy with the fair isle sweaters. 

But you can also wear this style of sweater after the holidays are over throughout the winter. You just have to find the right design that is not the ugly Christmas sweater. Checkout some of my favorite styles of Fair Isle Sweaters.

DO WEAR: Cropped Cardigans

You can wear V neck and round neck cardigans with straight leg jeans as tops which is a great way to maximize the wear out of your favorite cardigans. The button details elevate the whole look and also add some details to your outfit. 

And since they are not super long, you can just leave them out or front tuck with your jeans. 

Cardigans are also great for layering with. You can wear t shirts underneath for extreme cold weather and add thicker coats to layer it as well. 

Don't Wear These Sweaters with Straight Leg Jeans

DON'T WEAR: Tunic Sweaters

Tunic sweaters fall way below the straight leg jeans and would hide your waist line completely. It does not matter whether you are skinny or you are midsize or plus size, this will make you look bulkier as you have hidden the shape of our body. 

The straight leg jeans already is making your legs wider adding a long sweater will hide where your waist is and make you look fat and unflattering. 

DON'T WEAR: Extreme Oversized Sweaters

This has always been a big trend and but they won’t look good at all with straight leg jeans. You will look bigger at the top and because the straight leg jeans is not really showing your slim legs, its only going to add to the bulkiness. 

DON'T WEAR: Puff Sleeve Sweater

If you have a fuller chest, you definitely should not pair these styles of sweaters with straight leg jeans. And I am saying that with confidence because I myself have fuller chest and when you add a puff sleeve sweater with straight leg jeans, it makes me look heavier at the top. 

This style of sweater looks best with skinny or flared jeans but not straight leg jeans. 

For more on straight leg jeans, please read:

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