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Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Review – A Night Routine Must Have

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Review – A Night Routine Must Have


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Review - A Night Routine Must Have

I have been a regular user of lip balms for as long as I could remember. I just have to say that I dont like to feel my lips dried or chapped. I love the feeling of having soft lips. And, they always feel ready for a good lipstick application when I did start wearing lipsticks.

While, I have been using so many different kinds of lip balms in different price points. I have tried tinted, medicated, you name it. So, I can tell you that I make for a great reviewer for a lip mask. I heard a lot about the Laneige lip sleeping mask, and I really needed to try this and see if it works for my lips. You see, I really wanted to see how this mask is going to feel on my lips and would it really make them soft in the morning.

What I am covering in this post:

Why You Should Use a Lip Sleeping Mask?

If you suffer with dried lips, and you want to change that, using a lip sleeping mask is a better option. You can apply it at night and the lip mask would stay till morning and will make your lips softer and supple. The lip mask should provide a longer protection for your lips throughout the night and provide the softness to the skin.

The Ingredients

Laneige is a Korean brand mastering the science of hydration. The product is paragon and Phthalates free, something that is a mark of a clean skincare line. The balm is full of Vitamins C extracted from antioxidant berries like raspberries, strawberries and goji berries. These antioxidant ingredients in our food acts as an immunity against any diseases. And the same is said when they are in our skincare. They provide the protection to our lips against any damage, which is the first sign of aging and getting dull dry lips.

You can read the full ingredients list here.

How Does It Feel On the Lips

I love the fact that this lip balm does not feel sticky. Yup you heard its right. Typical lip balms have a feeling of stickiness and that is what makes them stay on your lips longer, but at the same time, probably that stickiness is what makes your lips dryer, and I really never understood why. 

This lip balm feels has creamy feeling to it, with a bit more thickness. So, the application on the skin is really smooth and easy. And something that you might not realize, but I dont have to wipe my fingers later, since it is creamier, it just feels like a hand cream too. 

Laneige Lip mask review - pic 2
Laneige Lip mask review - pic 1

Is it Tinted?

It definitely looks tinted in the bottle, but it might be because of the color of the bottles. Because this balm is non tinted, and I really prefer that. It feels more natural and you can use it as a base layer before you apply lipstick or gloss as well. And since its not tinted, you dont have to worry about ruining your pillow sham. Yes, as this is a sleeping mask for your lips, its important that it is clear.

Fragranced Or Fragrance-Free?

I am using the berry one and I smell nothing. So, my conclusion is that this lip mask is fragrance free, though I would have loved a little bit of fruity fragrance. I would not have mind that at all. Just like I apply hand cream at night as a nighttime ritual which has a slight fragrant, I would have also loved that on my lips. But its not a deal breaker because that is not the purpose of this product. 

Why Is it in a jar and not a Tube?

I thought of that completely when I initially bought it. It would have been so much easier if it was in a tube. But then if you think about it, it makes more send that its not in a tube, because the consistency of a cream with a bit oily but its thicker. Maybe I can say it has the jelly feeling with a combination of creamy, so using a tube would not have at all worked with it. And having it in a jar makes the application easier and less waste because you are not accidentally wasting more.

Why is the price so High?

The lip mask is priced at $22, which is expensive for a lip product. But, I have been using this balm for a year now, And I still haven’t gotten to half of it yet. So that tells you that its so worth the money because you wont have to buy another one for at least next 6 months. And if you are buying a lip balm worth $5 every month, in 6 months you are already spending way more money than $22.

Laneige Lip mask review - pic 4

Is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Worth It?

It is absolutely worth it and let me tell you why. The lip mask actually lasts me the whole night. When I wake up in the morning, I still feel it on my lips and they feel really really soft and ready for the day. During the entire day, I usually just apply lipstick and dont need any other lip balms. In the evening after I wash my face, I do apply lip balm sometimes, depending on how cold it gets, but this lip mask has changed how my lips feel these days. 

Bonus Tip

You can absolutely apply this during the day if your lips are dehydrated. This acts as a layer of shield for your lips against any chemicals that you are applying on your lips and will also keep them hydrated throughout the day.

Shop the Lip Masks

I think I still love the Laneige lip mask in berry which is the original one, but they have now introduced a lot of different flavors. So you can pick your favorite one. 

Hope this post helps you on your purchase of the mask. And if you are already a user, I would love to know what are your thoughts on the mask.


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