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35+ Ways to Pick And Style White Boots With Your Outfits


35+ Ways to Pick And Style White Boots With Your Outfits

Love white boots whether its tall boots, ankle boots, combat boots, but thinking what are the best ways to style them. In this post, I am sharing a simple style guide and xx outfit ideas that you could use to wear them with all your outfits. The idea behind this style guide is to help you get used to these beautiful shade of boots that will for sure transform your outfits. 

*This post is all about how to wear white boots and look good.

White boots are the new black boots. They have become a wardrobe essential that can elevate your outfits easily. White boots have a way of brightening your dark colored outfits without making you feel out of the place. They also go well with pretty much anything in your wardrobe just like black boots do. But the biggest reason why I love wearing them is that they look much more expensive than the black version and will make your outfit look expensive. 

If you are a neutral lover, then these are better than nude boots because they look refined and classy because of the clean white shade. Your outfit looks so much put together with them. That’s the beauty of white color. 

Best White Boots Brands

But you need to find good quality  white boots that look stylish and works with your overall style. 

Here are some of my brand recommendations that make good white boots whether it be tall or ankle length.

How to Wear White Boots

How to Look Nice in White Boots

Styling white boots is easy, because they can make your shorts and t shirt outfit stylish too. But if you really want to make your outfit look elevated and stylish but at the same time you dont want to put in a lot of effort putting together the outfit, here are some rules that will make your life easier styling white boots. 

Tip 1: Style with something white

This is so easy to do, just make sure you have one more item in your entire outfit white. You can wear a white sweater, white t shirts, white blouse or a white jeans, skirts or even a dress. 

If you dont want to do any of this, try adding a white bag. This creates a cohesiveness in your outfit and looks so good. 

Tip 2: Dont wear all white

Yes, while I love this style and you will see an outfit in this post too, but if you don’t know how to style all white, dont wear it. Even if you want to try mixing patterns and fabric texture. All white can easily get boring if not styled correctly. But if you want to wear all white, check out this style guide to rock all white.

Tip 3: Show a little skin

Tip 4: Wear Prints and Patterns

Prints and patterns easily make your outfit more interesting and stylish. And they will balance the simple white shade and make you look sophisticated. But stick to one pattern or subtle patterns if you are doing more than one. Otherwise your outfit might look too busy.

Can you Wear Tights with White Boots

And the plain answer is yes. You can wear black, white tights and even colored tights with white boots. But there are some tights that will look better than others. 

If you are wearing black tights, I really prefer a little pattern, they make your outfit look much more interesting and personality compared to plain sheer tights. 

The same applies to white tights, pick some pattern to create an interesting look. 

Now if you are trying to wear colored tights, you should go for plain sheer ones instead of pattern since pattern colored tights will make your outfit busy anyways. 

The only tights to avoid wearing with white boots are fleece lined. They do not look flattering as they look like pants with white boots. And depending on what you are wearing in the rest of the outfit, it might end up looking a fish mash of clothes.

How to Dress Up White Boots

There are two tips that will help you dress up your white boots outfits. 

Tip 1: Use the Right Accessories

Whether you are wearing jeans, tights, skirts or dress, if you pick the right accessories to style your outfits with white boots, then your outfit will look put together and so nice. And you dont have to work too hard for it. 

  • Hats – Picking beret instead of casual beanie will make you look dressed up. Instead of short brim felt hat that is wobbly, pick a firm wide brim fedora hat. If you want to pick a beanie, pick a white cable knit beanie instead of a simple knit one. It will make such a difference.
  • Scarfs – Always go for simple knit scarves. You can pick patterns or prints but simple knit, cashmere or silk blend scarves look sophisticated and stylish compared to chunky knit scarves. 
  • Belts – They can make so much difference. Pick a hardware buckle belt that will add some gold or silver detail to your look instantly making it stylish. 
  • Leather Gloves – This comes real handy when its below freezing degree, but they make you look chic and sophisticated. My favorite brand for leather gloves is Overland.
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Tip 2: Pick the Right Style of Dressy White Boots

Not all white boots have the dressed up look and find the styles will give you the put together outfit you want to create. There are some ways you can find out which boots are dressed up and which are not.

  • Pointed Toe – Boots with pointed toe have the dress shoe style and look nicer.  
  • White Sole & Heels – All over white boots will look dressed up compared to the ones which have a contrasting ones. The only exception combination would be the pointed toe white boots with black heels. 
  • No Weird Cuts – White boots that have weird cuts in the ankle or styles like cowboy boots don’t look dressed up. 

Sharing some of my favorite styles of dressy white boots. 

Some of the best dressy white boots brands are:

How to Dress Casually With White Boots With Looking Frumpy

Just slapping on some outfits together with white boots and making them look casual won’t make you feel your best with white boots. You can still wear them with dresses and skirts and make them look casual and still look nice. 

Tip 1: Wear with Structured Clothes

Whether you are wearing with a dress or wearing it with jeans, adding a structured pieces like a structured blazer or coat will make you look stylish but still casual and cool. If you are wearing white boots with puffer coats, make sure that you wear dressy boots like the ones I shared above which will make your white boots outfit more put together. 

Tip 2: Pick Casual Yet Chic White Boots

Some of my favorite styles of casual yet stylish boots are 

  • Lug Sole Boots – The lug soles add a casual touch, but the white color makes it look chic and sophisticated. If you want them to be even more stylish, go for all white boots. My favorites are from Sam Edelman. 
  • Lace Boots – Lace tie boots are also called combat boots and are one of my favorite styles in white that look chic and stylish. 
  • Block Heels – Instead of full flat, if you pick ones with a little bit of block heels, your outfit will look put together and elegant even in a casual pair. 

My favorite casual white boots brands are:

How To Style White Boots

These outfits idea are created with different styles of white boots and can be used to recreate looks for spring, fall and winter. You can also use them for travel and cold weather travel inspirations. 

Outfits with Pointy Toe Ankle Boots

Outfit 1: Blue Jeans + White Sweater + Colored Coat

Outfit 2: Raw Hem Jeans + Striped Top + Shirt Jacket + Fedora hat

Outfit 3: White Sweater + Tiered Maxi Skirt + White Blazer

Outfit 4: Short Sleeve Sweater + Wool Ankle Pants + White Belt

Outfit 5: Blue Cropped Flare Jeans + Black Sweater + Black Puffer Jacket + White Beanie

Outfit 6: Printed Mock neck Top + Blue Wide Leg Jeans + White Belt Bag

Outfit 7: Black Wide Leg Jeans + Yellow Mock neck Sweater + Plaid Wool Coat

Outfit 8: White Narrow Jeans + Black T shirt + Black Sweater Blazer

Outfit 9: Fair Isle Sweater + White Narrow Jeans

Outfit 10: Black Straight Leg Jeans + Yellow Sweater + Black Puffer coat

Outfits with White Block Heel Ankle Boots

Outfit 11: BlackLeggings + Black Sweater + Fair Isle Cardigan

Outfit 12: White Cardigan + Printed Pleated Maxi Skirt + White Felt Hat

Outfit 13: Polo Neck Sweater + Wool Side Leg Pants

Outfit 14: White Straight Leg Jeans + Tan Sweater + White Wool Coat

Outfit 15: Sweater Dress + Cable Knit Sweater

Outfit 16: Printed Midi Skirt + Sweater Vest

Outfits with White Combat Boots

Outfit 17: White Straight Leg Jeans + Colored Turtleneck Sweater + White Faux Fur Coat

Outfit 18: Black Faux Leather Leggings + Quilted Jacket + Belt Bag

Outfit 19: Black Straight Leg Jeans + Colored Half Zip Sweater + Black Puffer Coat

Outfit 20: Black Faux Leather Leggings + Black Turtleneck Sweater + Quilted Coat + Black Beanie

Outfit 21: Black Pleated Faux Leather Skirt + Printed Top + White Faux Fur Jacket

Outfit 22: Orange Monochrome Pants and Top + White Wool Coat

Outfit 23: Printed Full Sleeve Mini Dress + White Crossbody Bag

Outfit 24: White T Shirt + Orange Pants

Outfits with White Lug Sole Boots

Outfit 25: Black Skinny Jeans + White Turtleneck + White Wool Coat

Outfit 26: Black Straight Leg Jeans + White Turtleneck + White Wool Coat + Red Scarf + Beanie

Outfit 27: Black Straight Leg Jeans + Black Cashmere Turtleneck + White Wool Coat

Outfit 28: Blue Narrow Jeans + Yellow Sweater + White Sherling Coat

Outfits with White Tall Boots

Outfit 29: Monochrome Top + Midi Skirt + Wool Structured Coat

Outfit 30: Blue Skinny Jeans + Black Crew Neck Sweater + Black Puffer Coat

Outfit 31: White Sweater + Mini Dress + Belt Bag + Beanie

Outfit 32: Blue Faux Leather Leggings + Black Cashmere Turtleneck + White Blazer

Outfit 33: Printed Maxi Dress + Black Faux Leather Puffer Jacket

Outfit 34: Sweater Midi Dress + White Bag

Outfit 35: White Turtleneck Sweater + Colored Pants

Outfit 36: Mini Sweater Dress + Belt + Sleeveless Wool Coat

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