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RealHer Dream So Big Eyeshadow Palette Review & Try On

Something exciting came in the mail from RealHer makeup and I wanted to share my honest review as well as trying the makeup on to show you all the whether all natural makeup work or not. 

It is really rare for me to change my makeup products. With my specific skin color its really difficult to find foundation shades, lipsticks and eye shadows that would work and give me the natural looking makeup that I thrive for. 

I am in my mid 30s, so, for me putting on makeup is just not for fun or I am not looking to experiment with different styles. I want it to do the job and make me look put together with minimal effort.

I have pretty much used the same shade of lipstick for years. My daughter calls me boring. If you are like me who loves makeup but does not like to over do it and are curious to know whether RealHer makeup products do work then stick around please. 

Now, I had the same curiosity. For years, I have stuck to expensive brands because my skin is really oily, so wishing 30 minutes of foundation application, it gets shiny. So, I want something on my face to stay. 

PS. These products were gifted, but I wasn’t not asked to write this post. And I am trying it out as well for you.

What I am covering in this post


The packaging is really pretty and minimal. I love simple packaging, because you don’t really want a lot of wrapping and all that, and the more wrapping the more problems it will be if you want to return it. But the part that I absolutely loved is the names of each of the products. 

RealHer is founded by Parents who thought about their daughters while designing the line. They wanted to liberate their daughters and make them feel confident in their own skin. And the names of each of the products do that. It was so fun to unbox the palettes, lipsticks and so on. 

It’s not only the products package labeling, but the eyeshadow palettes also have unique and inspiring names for the shades. Isn’t that cool. I got the palette “Dreams So Big”. It’s kind of perfect for me as a newbie blogger don’t you think.

Swatch test

You would typically swatch the eyeshadow on the back of your arm because that matches your skin tone. But this never works for me.

Even though something matches and looks good on the back of my arm, it completely looks different when I try it on. So, for the eye shadow and the highlighter, I used the from of my arm to do a swatch test, also to give you guys and idea as to how light or dark it is. 

And I also decided not to add and filters to any of these photos, so, the only difference might me the daylight time.

Dreams So Big Eyeshadow Palette Test

I was pretty right when I looked at the shades of the Dreams so big eyeshadow palette, the top 3 shades are pretty much not for my skin tone, so if you have a darker skin tone than mine, it will really stand out for you.  

The shade “Aspiration” looks like a transition shade for me and the rest of them look perfect for me. Now, I also noticed how fine the texture of the eyeshadow is. Now, I own the Urban Decay collection and comparing with them, the side powder is finer and helps with better blending for someone my age who might have a bit more of opened pores.

Confidence In My Glow Highlighter Test

I absolutely love the name of the Confidence in my glow highlighter. I feel the same way sometimes, just kidding. Ok, the highlighter is pretty pigmented which is great for me, because otherwise it will not show on my cheeks at all. 

The second swatch is me blending it a little more on my skin to see how it might look. And I am already a bit confident that it will look ok on me. But I am yet to try.

Take On The World Lip Set Test

I was a bit disappointed with the take on the world lip set. The shades of the liquid lipstick is really too light for me. I probably will not wear it at all. Or worst case, I can mix it with a darker shade and wear it. But that is not my shade at all.

The I am Enough lip gloss is still light, but since its a lip gloss, I can use it on top of my lipstick and make it work. 

But I was absolutely sure that I will use the lip pencil whose name is just apt, I am confident.

Persevere Moisturizing Lipstick Test

Swatch test

The only way to find out whether this makeup works on my skin or not is to wear it. I also decided to give it a time test to check whether it will last on my face for the entire day. 

I usually don’t wear a lot of eyeshadow on my eyelids everyday. I limit that to special occasions, but the colors of the palette were pretty neutral, so I gave it a try.

Eye Makeup

I usually apply an eyeshadow primer before I apply my transition color for eyeshadow. I honestly, cant wear eyeshadow without it, otherwise I will have creases, so if you have oily skin and you wear eyeshadows, use a primer.

Step 1: I applied the Aspiration shade as a transition and blended it all over my eyelids. The eyeshadow blended pretty fast.

Step 2: If you have hooded eyes, then you might already be doing, this is a trick I do to make my eyes look little bigger. I used the Empower shade which is the darkest of  all of them to apply in on my eyelid crease, which makes me eyes appear bigger.

Since the shade was a bit shimmery, it took a bit more of the powder to achieve the desired result, this happens because a lot of that shade gets caught in the brush itself.

Step 3: I used the shade inspire to blend everything in (unfortunately, my phone did not click a pic even though I did, but I have a complete shot in the end which you can see). And I applied my eye liner as usual. 

Step 4: I used the shade empower on my bottom lid before applying mascara. This gives my eyes a bit more definition.

This is not something I do everyday, but I wanted to try one more shade and see if I can maximize the use of the palette.

Step 4: With a Narrow pencil brush, I used the shade desire which was a shade I was not going to use at all and applied on the corner of my eyes to wake them up. 

It definitely looked good and I was able to get the desired result, but this is o=not something I will do everyday.



Step 1: I used the I am confident lip liner to line my lips.

I usually don’t do this either but because the shade was so dark, it was the perfect nude that lined my lips. This lip liner is my must buy when I run out of it. It’s more like a lip crayon with a creamy texture which made it easier to apply.

Step 2: I applied the Persevere Moisturizing lipstick.

I felt like both of them together made the perfect nude color for my lips. I usually like some more of a pink tone, so the next time I will add that, but it did not look bad at all. I told you, I just do the same makeup always. It works!

Complete Look

Time Test

I really wanted to see whether this makeup works on my oily skin. So I kept the makeup on including my lipstick for the whole, and went about my daily office work, lunch, drinking water. 

Sharing the pics below. I think the lipstick and the eyeshadow did pretty good looking at how oily my face gets. What do you think. I did not have as much of stain on my glass while drinking which makes me assume that the lipstick is more absorbent and stays on the lips.

Morning 9 AM

Evening 4 PM

Overall Thoughts

The price point of all of these products is pretty reasonable. The brand is also cruelty free and all natural. So for that I absolutely applaud it and will be using this palette and buying more of the products once I run out of mine. For me more than the palette the lip liner and lipstick was a great hit.

Its so difficult to find a perfect shade of lipstick that works for you which is why I never change them. Seeing that the shade of Persevere works perfectly on me. I really want to keep on using it as an everyday color.

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Have you used Realher makeup? what are your thoughts on the product. If you haven’t and have any questions, please drop a note and I will try my best to answer them.



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