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Sarah Flint Perfect Pump 85 Review & What I Will Buy If I Don’t Wear Heels


I have been wearing these beautiful pumps and wanted to share my honest review and thoughts on the heels. I have to be honest, I had ditched wearing heels for the past 12 years after I had Saanvi. And only recently like 2 years ago, I have started embracing them and was eying these beautiful pumps that I thought of investing on for the holiday season. 

I have been wearing them since then, not regularly but enough to give you all my honest thought about the pumps and whether they are worth it or not. 

As working moms, we often ditch heels because they are not really comfortable at all for day to day lives, but when we look at someone who is rocking them, we instantly want to wear them. 

Why I Picked This Color?

I bought them specially for holiday or special occasion and thought this color would stand out. The color is called pomegranate but its more towards magenta pink. But if you look at it in daylight it looks red as well. So, I felt like it was two colors in one and I had no regrets at all with the color. 

It adds a pop to any of my basic outfits as well as blends with any occasion wear. Last year, I have been loving a lot of pink and this was something that I wanted to add to my collection. I also found it on sale, so I absolutely could justify buying something that is a statement pieces instead of a neutral or basic piece that I could wear with everything. 

First Designer Footwear?

Design & Material


Even though this is designed in America, all of Sarah Flint footwear are hand made in Italy in the same factories as famous designer brands, so the craftsmanship is absolutely gorgeous. I also love that the design is really simple and clean. That makes it perfect for everyday outfits as well as special occasion. 

You can wear them with casual outfits as well as special occasion pieces. This was one of the main reason I decided to go for them. 

Size & Fit

The Sarah Flint Perfect Pump 85 have 3.3 inch heel. They do look taller than that but the heel height is just the perfect height for me. Its kind of in the middle of the super tall and kitten heels. 

The Toe box is more of a wider side which makes it more comfortable even though it looks really pointy. I ordered a size 7.5 which is also 37.5. This is also my normal shoe size. 

Because Sarah Flint is really mindful for American customers, the sizing is clearly displayed in the website as well which makes it easier to shop.


The arch support is something that I haven’t seen in any other pumps, and I have bought a lot of them and given up because they would hurt. But strangely, I can walk a lot in these pumps. I don’t feel the pressure on my toes when my feet are inside it. 

I feel like more and more designers should take this approach. Comfort should be an important factor specially if you are spending so much money. I am glad that Sarah Flint thought of this to value their customers even more. 

Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for a good pair of pumps for work or for everyday wear, I would recommend these compared to any other designer purchase. A lot of designer brands which are also made from the same factories like Prada, Dolce Gabbana are way more expensive when compared to Sarah Flint. 

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I love that the brand is trying to bring their designer pairs to everyday woman making it affordable for them. I feel like their motto is to make every woman feel special.

And the design and comfort speaks for that. these pumps are not made to wear once in a while but they are made to be worn everyday. 

Some Ways I am wearing them this Spring

I wanted to share some ways I am wearing it this spring and if you want to se more ways, check out my Instagram account. 

How to be Comfortable with Heels?

As promised earlier, I wanted to share how I started wearing heels again after ditching them for years. I have to tell you, it did not happen in a day or in a month. I had to practice again and be patient with myself. 

Any doctor would say that wearing heels everyday is not at all good for your legs and they are absolutely correct. But you don’t have to stick to pointed heels at all. Even though Stilettos  look really awesome and pretty, they are not really worth it in the long run. 

So, how do you wear heels. Read on.

Ditch Super High Heels

Wear Block Heels

Whoever invented this did us a huge favor and ll for the right reasons. Block heels would divide the pressure on your sole and make it easier to wear them. There are so many cute options out there. They look retro and stylish. 

Wear Wedges

Another genius style of footwear are wedges that are not only comfortable but look really chic. You can easily transform into chic styles or casual style. 

if you love causal outfits, these would be a great option to choose in terms of heel. The design of the wedges makes them extremely comfortable with the height because the heel is distributed across the foot which helps with the pressure.

My Favorite Sarah Flint Low Heel Shoes

If you are interested in shopping for any pair, I have a $50 discount code that you could use and save some tax dollars on them. Its SARAHFLINT-BASUCHI.

Sarah Flint Perfect Emma has 2 inch block heels which are the perfect everyday height for all of us. The pointy toe looks elegant and you will look taller as well.

Sarah Flint Emma Sling also has 2 inch block heels with pointy toe style. The slingback style makes it perfect for spring and summer.

Sarah Flint Perfect Pump 50 is the kitten heel version of the Perfect Pump 85 I own. These are amazing heel height which are also has 2 inch, so they are very comfortable as well. These would be a great work option if you like wearing a bit of heels to work. 

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Whats your favorite pair of shoes? Drop a note in the comment section.


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