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5 Self Care At Home Must Haves Under $50 From Amazon


5 Self Care At Home Must Haves Under $50 From Amazon

These past months have been fun staying home but I definitely missed my manicures, facials, eyebrow appointments because they helped stay groomed. When the lockdown started, I really didnt think about all these key activities that made such an impact on my overall appearance, but as a month went by, I saw the difference and really needed to make a change. I know a lot of you might say, it was not a big deal, but for me it was, it affected my productivity and happiness. Let’s put it this way that I like to feel and look my best in order to stay sane.

So I started shopping for at home self care tools that can help me with that, because let’s face it, even if we are at home all day, we really never get anything done. so, if something can help me do things quickly, I am all for it. 

Sharing some of my favorite at home self care products from Amazon that are under $50 and are really effective, I also have a video at the end sharing how I used it for more details. 


This is my savior guys, I cant tell you how much I love this tiny magician, and my daughter also uses it. I usually get my eyebrow threaded which is also a painful and risque process. But I have been doing it for as long as I could remember. 

If you know how threading works, you know that its not at doable by yourself. I found this eyebrow trimmer which is absolutely painless and so quick to use. The precision tip helps get small hair and angles that I need and the best part is that its rechargeable which is so environmental friendly and for 23 dollars, its a steal. I am also thinking that even after all shops open, I might just continue using this.

If you are missing your mani pedi sessions, this tool would be a big help specially for callus removing. I know its not the most glamorous thing but it gets the job done, And I absolutely love that this is Automatica compared to the hand held scrubbers that we use in the shower.

It comes with an extra scrubbing roll which is awesome, and it gets the job done. All you have to do is sit and let it do its thing, you can use it in dry or wet mode. And I dont feel ticklish (You know what I mean). And again its rechargeable, so you dont have to worry about changing the batteries. 

The foot filer (similar linked here since the one I am sharing is sold out) only costs $19 which is cheaper than a similar product that we see in Target. I highly recommend this if you in general have dry feet. 


The above foot filer is sold out currently, try this one instead.

Black Head remover for Self Care At Home

If you miss facial, you will love this one. This is the most expensive out of all of them, but so worth it. I didnt even know that this would make such a huge difference in my at home facial routine. I call it my face vacuum cleaner because it has the same technology as a vacuum cleaner but for your face. 

Even if you dont have blackheads, if you have slightly opened pores, you will always have some clogs, and this tool helps to get rid of it. If you this every other day, your skin will stay free of any dirt and it will stay clean. Checkout the video where I am showing how to use this product. 

Again, a rechargeable product that always makes me happy compared to having to change the batteries, the blackhead remover costs about $46 because it actually comes with different head sizes based on what kind of precision work you need. 

I prefer the silicone facial brush compared to the bristle style brush because its gentle on my skin. I love how soft this one feels on my skin and does such an amazing job with deep cleaning my skin everyday specially when I dont really have that much time to go clean my face for a long time. 

This is also rechargeable, and it has a cute golden stand that looks pretty on the vanity. I use it in the shower too, because that helps get my facial cleansing done quickly and more importantly efficiently. 

I highly recommend using a facial cleansing brush because it makes a huge difference and honestly, I can skip scrubbing my face because of it. The facial brush is priced for $29 and is so worth it because it rechargeable compared to the Foreo mini brush that is more expensive than this one and not rechargeable.

Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush,Ultrasonic Face / Body Cleanser, 4 Function Modes,Rotating Magnetic Beads,Waterproof /Rechargeable-Portable /Ergonomic Handle-Skin Rejuvenation /Cleansing
Facial Brush for Self Care At Home
LED nail dryer for At Home Manicure

This is not really that important if you like to wait for hours for your nail polish to dry, but no one has that much time in their hand do they. I honestly am always painting my nails in between a chore and really only have a small window of time. Do you do the same? When do you find time to paint your nails?

The UV Nail Drying Light comes in so handy for the times when you dont have time for you nails to dry. This is not a new purchase as you can see by the condition of this product, but this has been helping me for years on the go and I also use it during travel because its so compact. 

The stands are foldable, so its perfect to pack it in your handbag and carry everywhere. Specially for times when we need a quick nail paint work but cant get a full blown mani pedi, this will come in handy and its not even that expensive for just $13. 


Ofcourse, there are plenty of self care products and specially in Amazon, so I will keep you guys posted I discover more, or if you have a cool tool that has helped you with your self care at home, please let us know in the comments section below


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