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Your Complete Spring Capsule Guide with Colors


This is your complete spring capsule wardrobe with colors that you can use to rock your favorite colors in spring, but you can also extend this capsule wardrobe to summer. I am sharing what exact pieces I have used in this capsule wardrobe and how to put together outfits with them. 

But before building the capsule wardrobe its important to understand what is the purpose of this capsule wardrobe and how it will help your overall wardrobe for the long run. 

It is really important that you think through this before you start shopping for your capsule wardrobe. So, even though my capsule wardrobe plan is not the exact one you want, you can still use this guide to create your own version after reading this post. 

Step 1: Decide Your Color Palette.

Whether you are a color lover or you like neutral shades, you still need to follow this step because if you skip this, you will end up with a wardrobe full of a mismatching clothes that you cannot put together easily. Or it will take you a lot of time to put together the outfits and that is never the goal when you are building a capsule wardrobe. 

This is specially helpful when you  are building a colorful capsule. If you have a specific color that you are leaning on more, you can use your existing pieces to add to that color which will help you to shop for other that is always great for your wallet. 

For my spring capsule, I chose Blue, Pink and Yellow. Blue is also a neutral shade for me, because we wear blue jeans, so I decided to have more blue shade pieces in my wardrobe which could easily be mixed and matched with pink and yellow, both of which are fun spring shades that will brighten up my outfits. 

Step 2: Include Pieces To Complete Your Wardrobe.

This is one of the reasons why most capsule wardrobes don’t work. You should not just shop for tat season or that year. You should be looking for pieces that will complete your wardrobe and not just be a part of the capsule. This way you will end up getting more wear out of them and build a sustainable wardrobe that you will love for years rather than buying something for a season and getting rid of it the next. 

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Practically speaking unless you don’t own any clothes at all, you will be combining pieces from the capsule with other items in your closet. If you decide to invest in missing pieces that will elevate and complete your wardrobe and include in the capsule wardrobe, you will get more out of the money you are spending on any item. 

I did the same thing with the spring capsule as well. I looked for items that I don’t own or am missing from my wardrobe and my style and invested in them. I did not own a black loafer which is an essential and versatile piece for my style, so I bought one. I also analyzed my closet and found that even though I have so many different styles of coats, I was missing a black coat. So I decided to add that to this capsule. 

I was also looking for a good quality trench coat that will elevate my casual as well as work looks and added that to the capsule wardrobe as well.

Step 3: Investing in Quality Pieces

As I have gotten older, I have learnt the benefit of investing in quality pieces for my wardrobe overall. But this is also critical when you are building your seasonal capsule wardrobe because these are the pieces that you will be storing back to wear the next season. 

Now when I say that you need to invest in quality clothes, I do not mean designer clothes. You can still find good quality pieces on a decent budget. Always check the material before you buy and not try to pinch the penny because most of the times its not worth the savings. 

Its important that you love what you shop, because if you are just compromising to stay in a budget and buying something that fits the wallet but not your style, you will never wear it. A lot of coats that I buy, I make sure are made of good quality materials and are made properly. The same goes for my shoes. 

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Step 4: Less Is More

This is the whole reason for building a capsule wardrobe so you can get more wear out of the clothes that you have, but often times I see that getting dismissed completely. This is specially important when you are shopping for a colorful capsule wardrobe because its easy to just but everything in every color and go overboard. 

But you don’t need to. I knew that blue is going to be a base color for my wardrobe, so I did not buy a lot of tops in blue. Keeping something like this in mind so that you have a balance between the colors, so you can enjoy your wardrobe ad not get overwhelmed by it. 

What's Included

Pay attention to the details of the pieces I have included in this capsule wardrobe before you just pick the colors and shop for items. Even better, you can down my free plan with 30 days worth of outfit ideas that will help you look chic and stylish. 


Since its spring season, I decided not to shop for any more sweaters since I can totally wear what I already own. Instead I picked t shirts and tops that I can wear from spring through summer.



Outerwear is key for any season and this is where adding more colors can create an impact in your outfit. So instead of just keeping neutral outerwear, I added some colored ones which you can pair with neutral layers.


This is where I kept everything neutral so I don’t have to add a lot of footwear. If you are building your spring capsule from scratch then all the shoes that I am sharing here will be just enough for you. 


I don’t shop for handbags and sunglasses or any other accessories for a capsule wardrobe as they should be wearable in any season and versatile. This is a way you can invest in quality pieces and wear them over and over again. But in the free guide I have included some if you are starting your capsule wardrobe from scratch.

Cohesive Outfits

Below are a few of the cohesive outfits amongst 30 looks that I have shared in the free guide which will help you to kickstart the capsule wardrobe. 

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