How to Effortlessly Wear Ankle Boots with Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans have been so popular this year because they look way more stylish and flattering on all of us. But now that fall is here, you must be wondering how to style these straight leg jeans with your favorite fall staples, Ankle Boots.

In this style guide I am sharing some easy ways you can pair ankle boots with straight leg jeans, some DO’s and DONT’S that will help you get rid of all the figuring out while pairing them. These styling tips will help you get more wear out of your ankle boots and your straight leg jeans.

Hopefully after reading this post, you will no longer be sad to put away your favorite pair of straight leg jeans this season or any season.

So, lets begin!

What I am covering in this post:

Picking The Right Straight leg Jeans

Before we can begin, we need make sure that you are wearing the right straight leg jeans. Because even though you want to wear all of them, some of them will not look good with ankle boots. And that’s ok, you can wear them with other footwear. It does not have to be just boots right!

But the key to effortless styling involves that we actually find the right fit of jeans that will work with ankle boots to create flattering outfits. There are two more popular styles of straight leg jeans currently, and lets see which ones we can actually wear.

Wide Straight Leg Jeans

The wide straight leg jeans are wider around the ankle and look straight overall. These jeans look more elevated and also great as a dressed up pair. I personally love these pairs because they look flattering on any body type and also look more stylish in general. And for this very reason they have become really popular. 

But not all of the straight leg styles work the best with ankle boots, and we should not try and fit them as well.

The most flattering style of wider straight leg jeans would be ankle length ones because you can easily wear your boots with them. But at the same time, parts of your boots will still be visible while being under this style of straight leg jeans which will make it flattering.

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Unfortunately because of the wider hem style of these jeans, you won’t be able to fold them and even if you do, they will not look flattering at all. So, if you own any pair that are longer, try it with another footwear. 

Though their might be a way you can wear straight leg jeans that are just touching your ankle which I will get to in a bit, but if your jeans are longer than that, try to resize the length by taking it to the tailor or save them for summer months. 

HERE IS WHY: Boots, no matter how pointy or narrow style will always add a bit of chunkiness to your look. They usually are a statement piece in our everyday looks. So, if you add them to a longer straight leg jeans, the bottom part of your outfit will look bulkier which is not so flattering is it. You can easily avoid this by pairing ankle boots with ankle length straight leg jeans. 

Narrow Straight Leg Jeans

The narrow straight leg jeans were also referred to as cigarette pants or jeans because it is still a narrow. design, but the jeans do not fit you like skinny jeans.

They still have a straight silhouette. I think these were the hybrid version of straight leg jeans which were introduced to give us an exposure to a new style of jeans because let’s face it, all of us were obsessed with skinny jeans and we probably still are. 

These jeans look narrower and compliment a lot of ankle boots. So, its natural easier to wear them with your favorite ankle boots. They balance out the bulkiness of boots.

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But, if you want these jeans to look the most flattering, I would still suggest that you wear ankle length ones because even if you wear slightly taller boots, you won’t have to worry about the hems folding or getting stuck in the boots in weird ways. 

HERE IS WHY: This just does not look as flattering and is definitely uncomfortable when you have to constantly check and fix your jeans to ensure that they don’t look undone. Even if you do fold them, if the jeans are longer, your fold will have to be wider which cuts off the ankle area and makes you look frumpy. And if you do narrow folds, well then you have the lump situation.

Picking The Right Ankle Boots

Just like the straight leg jeans style, if you choose the right ankle boots, your outfits will effortlessly look nice and put together. The formulas are really easy once you figure it out. There are some ankle boots that will just not work with straight leg jeans, but there are some that will look amazing. 

Below are some pairs that will always look flattering:

Pointy Toe Ankle Boots

These will naturally add some length to your legs and will not look as bulky as the square toe or the traditional round toe boots. My favorite pairs are Chelsea boots with a bit of heel which are also easy to put on but look amazing with straight leg jeans as well. 

You should atleast own one pair of pointy toe or narrow toe style ankle boots.

Fitted Ankle Boots

This is really key. If your boots are loose fit around your ankle, they will look chunkier. But, more importantly, there will be a probability that the jeans will get stuck inside the boots which is easier when the boots are loose. 

And its never fun when you are constantly fixing your boots. This would apply to lace up boots, or Lug boots which are really popular this year. If you are planning to wear them, then find a pair that has zip detail which means that they are fitted in style. 

This way you can wear them with ankle boots without any worry.

Heeled Ankle Boots

No matter, how much I love wearing flat boots because they are so comfortable, heeled boots will look way better with straight leg jeans than flat ones.

THIS IS WHY: Because of the heel, the boots will be visible more with the straight leg jeans. They will also elongate your leg which always looks way more flattering for anyone. 

You don’t have to go for the 4 inch heels. There are so many variations in the market now with low heel that look equally amazing and are comfortable too. The one I am wearing (you will see the full view below) are from Sarah Flint and are my absolute favorites. With the Block heels they add some height but they are also comfortable. 

Pairing Heeled Boots with Straight Leg Jeans
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Boots to Avoid:

There are some boots you should avoid with straight leg jeans. 

LOW ANKLE BOOTS: These pairs will make your look frumpier. The low ankle style will create yet another line around your ankle which will make you look shorter and it will feel like there is something missing in your outfit. 

SNOW BOOTS: As much as I want to wear them with straight leg jeans, snow boots will not look good at all with these styles of jeans. You might get away with the narrow straight leg, but then you will have the problem of fixing the jeans from riding up and looking weird around your ankle. 

How to Style Straight Leg Jeans with Boots

There are four ways to style straight leg jeans with ankle boots that you can easily put together everyday without all the added stress of figuring it out. And these are the exact ways and styles of ankle boots I pair with my straight leg jeans. 

Going Monochrome

This is not always possible specially if you are wearing blue jeans, because lets face it, even though it sounds amazing, blue boots are not the most practical. But you can do this with black or white jeans as well as tan jeans or pants. If you match the color of the boots with the jeans color and you have a really chic outfit every time. It does not matter what color of top you are wearing, your outfit will look put together and effortless. 

This is my go to way of wearing straight leg jeans with boots. I find myself feeling more confident and I don’t have to worry about whether the boots are actually looking nice with the jeans or not, because they will always. 

And you can use this style rule with wider leg straight leg jeans which are harder to style with boots in general. 

If you have a bit of hardware detail in the boots, it will only elevate the entire look, but nonetheless, your outfit will look put together. And you can also get away with wearing square toe and round toe ankle boots.

Folding Your Jeans

You can use this trick with the narrow straight leg jeans where you are wearing a bit of wider ankle boots, mostly Chelsea style. Chelsea boots are slip on boots, so there ankle style is wider that zipped ones. 

I would only recommend folding it twice, anymore folds will bulk up and not look that good. It will also shorten your height. You can use this trick with flat boots as well. This outfit will usually look much more casual and laidback because of the folding of the jeans.

This style is my favorite when I am in a hurry or have a lot of walking to do and cannot wear heeled boots. Though these days I have gotten way better with them. In this outfit I have matched the jeans with the boots, but that is absolutely not necessary. 

A trick that you can use to avoid the glaring contrasting fold that might look even more casual is either by wearing a light wash jeans or, black and white jeans. These shades of jeans do not have a huge contrasting inner layer, so the folds will not look as contrasting.

Wearing Pointy Heels

This trick works like a charm with blue jeans where you don’t have a choice of matching the shades of the boots. Narrow heeled boots always look dressier and elevated compared to flat boots or block heel boots just because of the feminine design.

And this design balances out the wide leg straight leg jeans where most parts of the boots is hidden under the denim. The pointy heels elongate your legs and the stiletto style of heels dresses up the jeans. 

So if you want to dress up your straight leg jeans for any event, opting for narrow heeled boots will complete the outfit.

On the contrary, if you own a dressier ankle boots and have no where to wear them to, I just gave you an easy way to wear them everyday without looking over the top. 

And this way you can wear your favorite casual straight leg jeans and jeans that are a bit longer or cover your ankles. Isn’t that amazing. Ofcourse the toe style does not have to be pointy here because the narrow heels will create the narrow style.

You can also wear them with narrow straight leg jeans which will create an edgy look. I love pairing my black boots with colored straight leg jeans to create effortless chic fall outfits. 

Wear Boots with Details

If you have a favorite pair of lace up or even combat style boots that have a lot of hardware details, you can absolutely wear them with straight leg jeans. I love pairing lace up boots with wider straight leg jeans where rather than blending in, they add a contrasting touch. This creates a statement outfit and looks more flattering as well. 

But the trick is to wear boots that are narrow around the ankle, so that they are not uncomfortable to wear. 

You can use this styling trick with any style of straight leg jeans as long as your jeans are not coming in the way of the boots. What I meant was that they are not lumping or looking out of the place if the jeans are stuck in them constantly.

I hope this post was helpful in styling you straight leg jeans with ankle boots for any season. I am definitely excited to wear boots now that the weather has finally cooled down. Happy Styling!

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