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Valentino Logo Belt Review & Complete Buying Guide


If you are looking for a new designer belt and stumbled upon the Valentino Logo Belt and you cannot decide whether you should invest in it. Or you are already eying the Valentino belt, but don’t know which size to buy, then this post is for you. I bought my Valentino belt early spring this year and after using it for so many months I wanted to share my experience and how I have used it throughout this year and whether this belt is worth it or not. 

Now, this year, the Valentino belt was my most exciting designer purchase and it is a bit weird to say that since, every year I like to invest in a new handbag and I get really excited about those. But this year, I just could not justify buying a new bag. I wasn’t going anywhere. So, I thought I would invest in a designer belt instead as that is much more cost effective way and I did not own a lot of them. So, this was a thoughtful decision after looking at a lot of belts and brands, I could justify buying this one. It have been really into bright pink color, and so ended up buying a lot of clothing pieces in that color as well. This belt had both pink and black, yup this belt is reversible and that was my favorite reason for buying it. 

Now, let’s get into the details about the really trending Valentino Logo Belt.

Why should you buy a statement belt?

This is the first question you should ask yourself before you can make a decision in buying any statement belt whether it is a designer or high end belt. You should always evaluate your style and see if you can incorporate adding a belt in it. It is important to love your decision when you make the purchase, otherwise the fashion piece is only going to collect dust. 

I always think before I make any luxury purchase. I have a whole blog post about this where I share how you can be smart about your luxury purchase. I think this will help you make designer purchase in a smarter way because let’s be honest, its our money that we spend on any piece, so it’s really important to maximize the use of it to enjoy your new buy. 

A statement belt always accentuates your personal style. Even if I am wearing a really casual outfit like leggings, or jeans and a T shirt, a belt would immediately elevates the look. A belt is often the most forgotten piece of accessory for women. It’s such a versatile piece that can create wonders to any outfit. I literally wore my Valentino belt throughout spring to summer and now in fall and winter. A belt creates a breaking point for your eyes and accentuates the waist. Whether you are curvy or straight figured like me, a belt creates a waistline and makes you look leaner and have that much sorted curve. I found so much refuge with this trick specially when I was putting on a bit of weight with the pandemic. 

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Why I bought a second designer logo belt?

I already owned a Gucci GG logo belt when I bought this belt. And technically you only need 1 logo belt. But, I was looking for a more modern statement belt that is more versatile and compliments my overall personal style. I also love to add a touch of color and the Valentino logo belt gave me that along with having a neutral side which was black. This was not the case with the Gucci logo belt. Since that was my first designer belt, I went with a neutral belt listening to all the expert stylist, but boy I was wrong. I don’t think so I wore the Gucci logo belt as much as I did the Valentino one. It was mainly because, the Valentino belt was more aligned with my modern, bohemian style.

If you want to know more about the comparison between both belts, I have shared a detailed comparison in this video.

Both these belts are comparable in terms of pricing, the Gucci logo belt retails for about $470 and the Valentino logo belt retails for $525. This was the decision maker because technically I was getting two belts for 1. And I honestly find that, its a great decision when I really don’t want to spend a lot of money on a lot of designer belts and I was looking for a black belt as well.

Colors and Styles Of the Valentino Belt

The Valentino logo belt comes in so many different sizes and colors. So, you can pick what you want to buy. I have a lot of color selections added at the of the post if you are interested. But the belt comes in 5 different thickness level starting from 70mm to 8mm which is a wide range. 

Currently, MyTheresa has the most collection from the brand and the best part is that the store is duty free from most part of the world. I always prefer to save a little money if I can in anyway possible. The belt also comes in a versatile color options which makes it diverse and you can pick two colors among which one can be a fun one and the other will be a basic that you can wear everyday. I got a lot of use out of both the colors.

Sizing Guide of The Valentino Belt

Every brand has a different sizing guide for its products. So when online shopping it’s always important to look at there sizing chart and make the conversion. Since Valentino in a Italian brand, its sizing guide would be a bit different from US, so making that conversion is important.

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For me, I usually go for size 85 in any belt, but with the Valentino belt, I went with size 80. I did not want to have a lot of belt loop hanging and looking unfinished. But, I also had a specific style in mind because of the thickness of the  belt I went with. I wanted it to be worn mostly on my waist and not on my hips, And even if I wear high waisted jeans, it will still land on my waist. Hence, I sized down and now I think my belt size should have always been 80 and not 85.

Value for Price!

Before making the purchase, I went around researching some more belt styles and comparing there prices with the Valentino Logo Belt and comparing to see if the belt is worth the purchase or should I pick another brand for a reversible belt. I found a few other designer brands that are know for their reversible style belts. 

The first one for me was the top of the line Hermes Logo belt, which I have to say is in my wishlist. There was no 40 mm belt available. The one I could find was 32 mm and retailed for about $890. 

The Fendi reversible belt did not have a lot of color options that I was looking for. And it retails for about $630.

If you are starting your designer collection or as a matter of fact, your fashion collection its important to find a balance between expense and cost per wear. When I started my designer collection, I made sure that I buy pieces I can immediately incorporate in my daily styling otherwise, its just going to collect dust and you wont be happy about the decision. And its such a waste of money. 

I have a whole video, where I talk about how you can start a practical designer collection with some items that are under $500 which is most doable and feels good too.

Which Belt to Choose from the Valentino collection?

If you like to wear dresses, skirts or even like to layer up, I would recommend going for the thinner versions of the Valentino logo belt which are the 8 mm or the 20 mm. They will work perfectly on work dresses as well as pants. Thinner belts always look more formal than thicker belts. 

If you have a leaner structure, or are rectangular in shape, which is mostly me, then go for the thicker options because they give you the illusion of a waist, compared to if you already have a natural hourglass shape or apple shaped then going for a thinner belt would accentuate your waist without adding bulk. 

And if you want the belt to be really versatile and can be worn with anything then go for the 20 mm option which will work for dresses and denims. This way you can truly maximize your cost per wear out of the designer belt purchase.

Design of the Belt

I think I deem the Valentino Logo belt my wisest purchase of 2020. The wear and tear of the belt so far has been really good. Since the leather of the belt is more rigid, I haven’t seen much of stretch and de shaping that I experienced with my Gucci belt. Also because of the looping style of the belt, I don’t really use the two detacheable buckles on either side to hold the belt which I havent found in other designer belts I owned. Also the buckle is not really heavy, so it does not make the leather to sag or the belt to feel loose after you have worn it in the same hole. 

I also find that because the design of the belt is so simple and modern, The logo pops out a lot and elevates the overall look of my outfit. This makes it a statement piece in my overall style and sometimes, I don’t even need other accessories like jewelries.

Where To Shop

There are a few different places you can find the Valentino belt other than just on the Valentino website. I do love to shop at the designer store, but that’s usually when I am in the store and not online. If I want to buy online, I love to see if I get some reward points or any other benefits or discount. 

I hope this post was helpful for you in making your first Valentino designer belt purchase. Please feel free to drop me a note if you have any more questions. 


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