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What to Invest To Upgrade Your Wardrobe In Your 30s


What to Invest To Upgrade Your Wardrobe In Your 30s

As we get older, quality becomes more important than quantity. If you are wondering how to upgrade your personal style then in this post I am sharing investment pieces that you should have in your wardrobe. 

They are called investment because you get a lot more wear out of them and it becomes part of your signature style. 

Now, these are not luxury items, but quality piece that you should focus that you will get a lot of wear out of and will also elevate your everyday style. I had to share this because we often think that expensive products will be good quality, but not all designer or expensive stuff would upgrade your style. 

Nice Pair of Jeans

One of the most basic pair of clothing item that we all own are jeans, but at the same it makes the biggest difference in your overall style. But what makes a good pair of jeans? Is it just buying an expensive pair and call it a day.

Absolutely not! 

I have bought expensive jeans which stretched pretty quickly and you just feel awful for spending so much on just one pair of jeans. So, that is not just the solution.  Here are a few ways you can find a good quality jeans that will enhance your style and would last you a long time.

In your 30s, you want to also look sophisticated and mature in your everyday looks. And owning a pair of high quality denim that will enhance your looks does that. 

  • Stretchy is not always good. Pick a medium stretch style of jeans.
  • Make sure that the denim color does not fade, this is a big reason why people pick expensive jeans.
  • Make sure you don’t have rips and holes or fading, even though you pick an expensive one, it does not look good.
  • Think of the thickness of the jeans. This is actually the most important step that determines the quality of jeans. If the jeans is lightweight, it can be see through, or your panty lines would be visible. 
  • Always pick the right size, which is the right fit. Don’t try to fit into a jeans size because its on sale. You will regret the decision in the long run. 
  • I think we have tried those trendy low waist jeans, and we are definitely over it. Finding a good quality high waisted jeans that will give you tummy support will enhance your confidence and style.
Levis Straight Leg Jeans

I am a big fan of Levis jeans which looks really high quality but without the hefty price tag. But if you want to upgrade your Levis, Agolde is a great alternative that has good quality jeans, but not that expensive. 

Want to upgrade your skinny jeans? Check out the best alternative jeans you can wear.

Agolde Cherie High Rise Straight

Find out what are the best straight leg jeans styles to wear.

Nice Everyday Footwear

We often focus on work shoes or party shoes but never think of investing in a good quality pair of everyday footwear. It could be a different style for each one of us, but its important that it fits your everyday lifestyle and compliments your outfits. As we get older, the basic pair of ballerina flats or the crocs may no longer cut it. 

Find the pair of shoes style that you are most comfortable and looks good with your everyday outfits as well. But the important factor is that it should look elevated. Because you no longer are trying to copy trends, you want your style to be personal.

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I love loafer mules, and you can tell by seeing most of my photos and videos. They are my go to pair of everyday footwear that I can wear with jeans, shorts, skirts, you name it. Loafer mules also look elevated and sophisticated by themselves. And even though I don’t wear designer loafer mules, they look luxurious. 

Crewneck Top with V neck Cardigan

If you want to wear sneakers, pick a good quality white leather sneakers that will compliment and enhance your style. The same goes for Ballerina flats, if that is your style, pick something that does not look basic, but has more details and looks luxurious.

And more importantly, stay away from faux leather if you are going for leather shoes. It shows! Cheap quality shoes are often uncomfortable as well. So why not invest in a good pair and wear them for a long time.

Nice Heels

Maybe in your 20s, you could blend your party or special occasion footwear with your everyday footwear, but now you realize that you want to refine your style and look at the details. Its also time to separate your work footwear, everyday footwear and special occasion one. If you are starting out and don’t have a lot of budget, then go for a single pair of black heels that will go with all of your party outfit. 

If you are picking one, I always prefer a simple black strappy sandals with some sort of tying details so you feel secure in them. Minimalistic shoes are better for night time. But if you don’t really go out that much at night and prefer something versatile, you can pick a white pair as well.

Black Wrap Dress Brunch Outfit

Why Bother? I know you are thinking about it, as women we don’t ever prioritize ourselves, but you deserve it. We all do to take care of this. I always feel like when I put on a nice outfit, I feel different about myself and that difference radiates in my actions.

Checkout my heels guide that will help you find the right pair you can comfortably walk in.

Everyday Bag

You might already be just using your work bag as your everyday bag, and that might be ok. But now that you are thinking of upgrading or changing your bag style altogether, having a go to everyday bag, is really key to your overall style.

For me an everyday bag is more of a neutral shade that can work with any style of looks and has enough room to hold my full size wallet and more everyday necessary items.

Work Outfit with Joggers

But does not have to be a tote bag. I am not a big fan of tote bags other than for work to hold my laptop. But if you are someone, who has kids events to go to or something where you need a bigger bag, then tote bag might be an option for you.

But its important to not be stingy, and on the other hand, don’t go crazy buying a Chanel bag. You are more than welcome to if you want to. But an everyday bag should be low maintenance and good quality that will enhance your everyday style. The brand does not matter to me honestly as long as its a bag that looks good with my everyday clothes.

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Checkout my review of the Mulberry Bayswater Tote bag.

Evening Bag

This was an obvious one, and I feel like a game changer in my style. When I talk about evening bags, I usually pick smaller size bags that are lightweight and minimalistic, so they compliment my night out, or special occasion outfits. 

Again you don’t have to spend a lot of money on these ones. Brands like Saint Laurent, Burberry. Tory Burch. Jaquemus, Chloe will have great quality bags under $1500. 

Its all about finding the bag that is versatile and gives you the luxe look. Because let’s face it, that is the point of making time for a date night, so we can finally put a nice outfit and feel gorgeous.

Black evening bag Look

Now, if you already have a black bag, but you want to venture out to other shades. I would recommend starting with a white handbag that you can wear for day time events like brunch, day parties or dates. 

A white handbag is versatile and will go with pretty much all your outfits. You will be surprised to see that it will also go with an all black outfit. 

Everyday Jacket

Its time to upgrade your basic denim jacket for spring and summer or puffer jacket for fall and winter. While these jackets are really functional, they are not doing any justice to your overall style. 

As we get older our style should also reflect the refinement we have gone through being a mature women. And nothing feels frumpy that an old faded denim jacket (Sorry, I have never been a big fan of denim jackets).

I love wearing trench coats, or blazers for spring and summer. And a good quality wool structured coat for fall and winter. I cannot tell you how much of a difference that makes. You look much more polished and put together with the least amount of effort. 

Isn’t that all of our goals, its mine for sure. As I have gotten older, I have found out that time is so important and I really cannot waste time in trying to figure out what to wear and what looks good together. I rather spend that time listening to music or meditating. Just saying. 

A good pair of jacket for any season is not only functional, but stylish. You can pick a trench coat or blazer for spring and summer when you just need a lighter layer. 

But in winter instead of just wearing a puffer jacket, picking a structured coat like a wool coat either solid or with some pattern will effortlessly enhance your style. 

Pair Of Boots

 If you want to pick one style of ankle boots, I would go for Chelsea boots because they look sophisticated and minimalist and look great with everything. Most Chelsea boots are flats, but if you prefer heels, there are also plenty of good options out there. 

They key is to pick a good quality one that does not look cheap and if this is your first pair, I recommend white Chelsea boots instead of black ones. They look much more stylish and you will thank me in winter. If you are worried about how you can keep them clean, check out this blog post where I share my cleaning routine.

Flattering Pair of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an absolute essential, but they can also make your break your entire look. Moreover, this is an item, where you can find discounts and deals on designer brands so don’t hold back. Find a pair that really flatters your face and is more suited to your style. 

If you prefer minimalistic look, then go for Simple sunglasses with no logo or bling. But if you prefer something more and it looks good on you, colored sunglasses are also a great option.

Sunglasses can really define your style. 

Nice Wallet

This is not something you will be showing everyday, but its an accessories that you will enjoy yourself. And also a piece that you can find some good options under $500.

This is where you really don’t need to spend a lot of money. You can find good quality ones from Fossil, Michael Kors and so on. Its important that you have enough room in the wallet to keep your stuff and its looks good that you don’t feel awkward taking it out.  

You know what I mean.

Everyday Jewelries

This was something I never paid attention to even in my early 30s. I ended up spending loads of money on fashion jewelries that barely lasted. I don’t want you to make the same mistake. 

Buy some everyday gold jewelry. There are plenty of brands like Mejuri and Macys that will offer great deals on gold jewelry so you won’t spend a fortune on them. 

But what does account for everyday jewelries. While social media is very misleading, my everyday jewelry are gold rings, one of them could be diamond, but I am not showing diamond rings on every finger. I also wear stud earrings on repeat which are my go to style and a simple chain necklace that will go with everything. 

Gold jewelry looks much nicer and elevates your style, but they don’t have to be too flashy for everyday. I like simple designs that I can wear with any style of clothing. Link chain necklaces are one of my favorite and a timeless piece that you can wear casually or dressy. Sharing the best gold link chain necklace that are sturdy to wear everyday.

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