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Amazon Facial Massage Tool For Toning And Reducing Puffiness


This Amazon Face massager tool is my magic wand for toning my face and I think I finally found a replacement to my jade roller that actually works. And I had to share it with you all. When jade rollers came to market, I was the first to buy them.

I always wake up with a puffy face and not just puffy eyes. Not sure whether its the cold weather or just me bloating up just on my face at night. 

I found jade rollers helpful in calming my puffiness and it also helps waking my eyes up. But it just felt a lot of work for very minimal effect. I wasn’t seeing as much result as I wanted to. 

And I think I finally found a facial massager tool that works. This particular one is from Amazon. 

I was looking for a massaging tool that is budget friendly and I can use daily as part of my skincare routine. And ofcourse Sephora was my first stop. 

Everything I found there somehow did not meet my requirements, because they were all so expensive and they didn’t feel like something I needed for my skin except for Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpting Bar & The NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device.

Both of these products are extremely expensive.

Why did I Trust Amazon for a Skincare Tool?

While I love to invest on my skin, I hate spending that much money on skincare tools, because I believe we can always find something better but budget friendly as well.

More importantly, being a techie myself, I know that most of these skincare tools get phased out by new technology, so something you buy today, might get outdated in 6 months with a new and improved version. And now, you also want that. 

This has happened to me before with cleansing brushes. And I had already found a good replacement from Amazon last summer which I shared in my 5 Amazon Self care products post.  So, I decided to look for one from Amazon. 

Found a lot of alternatives, but this Electric facial massaging tool comes with red light therapy and more features caught my eye. And after reading all the reviews I wanted to give it a try as well.

Features Of The Facial Massager Tool

The Facial Tool itself is pretty narrow and hence it is also named as a face scraping tool. But it does not scrape your face harshly. The edges are really soft and after using it for over 5 months I can say this is more like a massager.

Quick Cream Absorption

The scraping part or the tool being narrow is quick to glide on my face. And it helps with a quick absorption of all my products. I do use a lot of serums and also eye cream. And all of that gets absorbed pretty quickly compared to before when I used to just apply it without any massaging tool.

Red Light Therapy

The Red Light Therapy that is included in the tool helps with  dark circles. I cannot tell you how glad I am to be able to use this. I used to have really bad dark circles beginning of 2020. And all that have almost disappeared now. I give credit to continual usage of eye cream and this facial massaging tool.

Red light also helps with reducing fine line. Though I have not noticed a lot of fine line to talk about the benefit, I noticed that my skin feels even and a lot of pigmentation that I used to notice earlier is slowly disappearing.

Facial Toning

This was the main reason I bought this facial tool. The narrow style of the tool helps to reach all corners and creases of my face, including near the nose, and under my eye. The tool also has vibration that you can can turn on with the press of the button. This helps with getting a better result in deputing my face compared to the jade roller I used. 

This has helped me tremendously to get rid of the puffiness and make my skin firmer. If you are suffering from that, I highly recommend this product. 

The vibration helps with blood circulation which helps with toning and get the glow on your face. 

Overall Design & Value For Money!

The facial massager is rechargeable, but honestly I cannot remember the last time I charged it. I probably charged it like a few months ago and I use it twice a day on my face and sometimes around my neck for around a minute. Thats a great battery life don’t you think.

This facial massager is priced at $44.99 and they are currently having a $3 discount promotion as well. I think this is the most budget friendly massaging tool I have found so far that worked for me that long.

The charging feature is concealed and so is the massaging section of the tool with a lid, which helps keep the germs out. I wipe it with a clean towel after massaging and cap it and I am done.

How Do I Use It?

The Steps to Follow to Massage

  1. After Cleaning my face, I apply all my skincare products.
  2. Turn it on with the Red light by gently pressing the power button and holding it for a few seconds.
  3. I start from my nose section and massage away from my face. I don’t massage back and forth, its just one way and its always away from my face, this helps with the massaging and circulation of blood to tone my face. 
  4. I use it on my forehead as well. And sometimes, if I am feeling extra bloated on my face, I would massage my neck as well.
  5. I do this for about a minute after my morning and my night time skincare routine.

Something to note here. A lot of people give up on following a regular skincare routine after a month because they didn’t notice a difference just like anything else in life. 

You have to be regular if you want to see any results. It took me months before I significantly noticed a difference. So, if you expect this tool to transform your face and make all your dark circles disappear in like a week, then you are looking for the wrong product. 


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