What To Wear & Pack on a Beach Vacation


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What To Wear & Pack on a Beach Vacation

Summer is already on its way and all of us ready to make some awesome trips. A lot of us going to beach destinations including myself. 

In this post, I created your beach vacation capsule wardrobe so you never run out of cute outfits to wear on the trip and also flaunt them. 

This capsule wardrobe is more like a checklist and essentials that you will need and some outfits that you can create through those. 

Being born in the tropics, I love beach vacations, but when it comes to packing, I usually fall flat. I either end up packing way too much or way too less of things I should actually be wearing on the beach or on the vacation. It took me a while to nail the beach vacation vibe correctly. And I am here to share that with you. 

Plan Ahead!

Vacations have become a luxury as we get older and embark more responsibilities. I personally like each of my vacations to be memorable so I can go back refreshed and recharged back to reality. And that happens when I look and feel my best in the trip to snap some awesome pictures! Hahaha

But as I got older, I realized that the more I kept things to the last minute, the more I hated the packing process because I never found anything to wear on the trip, did a lot of last minute shopping and ended up wasting a lot of money on things that I would never wear.


Even if you don’t follow anything else I am sharing here, please follow this. Always plan ahead for the trip. If you really want those instagram worthy pictures or just feel amazing on your trip preparation is key. I used to do a lot of last minute shopping and it just was the worst. I wouldn’t even try them at all and would end up scrambling on the trip. This also led me to pack way more than I need and leaving no room for shopping over there. 

So, if you don’t want to do that, start planning ahead for what you will wear, because if you are a Mom reading this, like me you will have to do it for the entire family. 

Essentials To Pack!

The first and foremost things to check are essentials. Ofcourse, I going to talking about wardrobe essentials here, but if you need other packing essentials, I have another blog post where I am sharing packing list for beach and other vacations. 

Swim Suits

This is the one essential you should not forget. Swim suits are pretty much the most important thing you need for beach vacation. Now, you don’t have to go on shopping spree buy all sorts of swim suits. I always recommend packing bikini sets. If you are headed for a 7 day vacation, at least pack 3 bikini sets. 

While choosing these bikini sets, make sure to think of a color palette so that you can mix and match them. Now you understand why I said just 3 of them, don’t you. Its good to do this, because you need to pack a lot even though they don’t take a lot of space, but if you are a family, you will need all the space you can get. 

If you like one piece, you can still get Tankinis and bikinis which will be pretty much the same thing. Here is what I like to do. I would pack 2 solid colors and 1 set of print. This way I can mix and match them easily. 


Depending on what your style of dressing is, either one of this is really important to pack. You need to at least take 3 bottoms for a 7 Day vacation. But taking an extra won’t hurt. When choosing these bottoms, its good to pack versatile pieces that you can use during day and night. This way when needed you can swap your top and come up with lots of outfits. 

Here is what I will pack if I had to pick both shorts and skirts

1. Black Linen Longer Shorts – This is really versatile and will work for both day and night. You can add a colorful top for day time and a black top for night time.

2. Denim Shorts – This can be for the beach or for a casual look. Denim shorts are so versatile, they work on any look.

3. Mini Skirt – If you are on the beach a cotton skater style mini skirt would be amazing. You can wear it as a beach cover up as well or with any top to create a beach bohemian vibe. 

4. Midi or Maxi Skirt – This is optional, but this is for a more elegant and put together look. You can pair it with crop tops or even a T shirt and still look beach chic.

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Ofcourse they are essentials as well. Here are some tops that I think are essential to get that perfect beach vacation look that you are hoping for. 

1. T shirts – The easiest and absolute essentials are t shirts that look casual and also can be amazing swim cover ups. But these are also really versatile. You can tie them in the front and covert them into crop tops. Or just wear them, it never hurts to pack at least 2-3 of them.

2. Linen Shirts – I cannot tell you enough about the power of a good line shirt. A button down shirt is one of the most versatile piece in any closet, but a linen shirt is the ultimate summer essential. It is comfortable and at the same time because of the button details, it looks chic and put together. You can tie them or wear them over bikini tops and create a jacket style. You can wear just as swim cover ups. I would always go with a White Linen shirt because they look the most luxurious in that material and white is an easy way to elevate any outfit.

3. Cotton Blouse – this would be to dress up your shorts or skirts and create some cute daytime looks. Bohemian cotton tops are my favorite for this season. They are comfortable and also chic with all the embroidery details and colors.

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Beach Accessories

Without these accessories, your beach look would not be complete. And they are just not accessories. They are really essentials you need on the beach to function. But if you pick cute ones, they can elevate your outfit as well. 

1. Beach Slides – They are an elevated version of beach flip flops which is probably the frumpiest thing to wear now. Don’t worry, I wear them too. But I am changing that. While rubber slides are really popular and everyone probably has one by now, the chunky kinds don’t look really flattering. Don’t go for the obvious Nike ones which pretty much look oversize and not so flattering. Go for a cute summer color or a pair that looks a bit more elevated. I found these cute ones from Seychelles, a footwear brand I swear by. And yes this is the one I am getting.

2. Straw Hat – You don’t need more than 1 hat, but its essential that you take one. There are a lot of styles of hat in the market, but the ones that I absolutely love are the ones which are wide brimmed because they cover a lot of area around your head and hence protecting your face from the sun. And more importantly they look way nicer than shorter hat. These hats are firmer compared to those wobbly hats we used to wear a few years ago, which means you can easily wear it with something nicer other than the beach. 

3. Sunglasses – These are a must, and you probably thinking, Suchi I know this. But I see people not packing the right ones that flatters their face. To look good in photos, you need to invest in a frame style that looks good on your face no matter what you wearing. I usually prefer oversize style because they cover more area and look nice as well.

4. Beach Handbag – A good beach handbag is also key to completing your beach look. But I like to have one which I can easily take from beach to outside as well. So, I prefer to take a bag that is light, has room to carry stuff and looks nice. I recently bought the Loewe Raffia Tote bag and that is coming with me to the beach.


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I see a lot of women just wear flip flops or sneakers to a beach destination. I mean sneakers are great for traveling, but you can also swap them with a summer sandal specially now that its summer everywhere. Here are some of my footwear essentials that you should definitely pack:

1. Strappy Tie Sandals – These are extremely versatile and I cannot say this enough. You can pair them with your denim shorts and still look beach chic. And most of these flats are also really light to pack, so if you don’t like packing them you can also wear them.

2. Leather Slides – These can become your travel shoes for a beach vacation. Most leather slides look so chic and are perfect relaxed and chic footwear that you can pair with any of your outfit to create a chic summer look. I only own these Chloe ones that I have worn to death. Check out the full review. 

3. Open Toe Sandals – This is not for walking at all, but carrying one pair of nice shoes is really really important. These year woven sandals have been extremely popular, but I think this style is here to stay, so definitely something to pick. This footwear would be your dinner at the resort or any other restaurant shoes where you want to look a bit dressed up and elegant. 

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Additional Pieces That Will Elevate Your Style

These are absolutely optional, but I definitely think they would change your whole style game in the next beach vacation. So, if you have space, definitely considering taking them with you. 

Night Out Dress – Whether you are single or have family, there would be one night when you would want to do something fancy. Now if you have absolutely nothing planned then you don’t need to take it. But if you are thinking about it, you definitely should. I am definitely doing it this summer, so I am going to packing one. 

Night Out Footwear – These don’t have to stilettos or shoes that will hurt. I wear by espadrilles which are perfect for elevated night time look which you can wear to a fancy restaurant and not feel like you are under dressed for. I own one black and 1 one white of these Castaner Wedges, and I am all set. Check out my full review of them.

Leather Small Bag – Another essential for the night time look, is a nice small handbag that you can use to complete your outfit. You don’t need a fancy one or anything. Just compact one that looks night time perfect will do. 

Summer Dress – If you look at any beach store, you will find a version of this. And I have to say they make for a great summer beach vacation or you can say resort look in them. But when picking out this dress, make sure you are not going off the rails in terms of color palette. This way your accessories will complete it and you can create a cohesive look.

Beach Earrings – Another fun way of adding some beach vibe to your look is by getting some natural material or colorful earrings that you can rock with your outfit. Most of the time, you will have your hair up in a ponytail or just up because it is too hot. And you might not feel as amazing. But adding these earrings would definitely change that. I usually like to have longer earrings when my hair is up. It balances the whole face. 

Swim Coverup – They are not really essentials but with the right one, your beach outfit can get to the next level. I would always recommend going for something classic and timeless and good quality that can last you a lot of time. This way if you decide to get more, you can easily create a collection and swap them for different beach vacations. This way you won’t be bored of wearing the same look.

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Outfit Inspirations

If you want some beach vacation outfit Inspiration, checkout this video that I posted where I am sharing outfit ideas for other detonations as well.

Do let me know if you liked this capsule wardrobe post and if you have any other destination you want me to create a wardrobe guide for. Don’t forget to subscribe for more posts like these ones.


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